Saki Nationals: Fifth Place Match-up Prediction Part 1


The latest chapter of the main manga is up, with the Fifth  Place match officially starting… Which I guess answers our previous question if we will see it in the upcoming Toki spin-off or not. I expect the finals to be delayed by at least a year. Sigh… On the positive side, Ritz appears to be setting plot hooks (Nishida  is investigating the Miyanaga connection, Awai practicing with Teru in the dark; it looks like my last post have some merit after all ^^). So long as the Fifth Match follows in this vein, I’m finding myself not despising the latest chapter.  After all, if we are going to have this match, it better be good and have a connection to the main plot. Anyway,  here are my two cents regarding the match-ups. Think of it as  an estimated powerlevel thing. Mahjong is a four way battle, even if a player is clearly stronger than the other three –  ganging up, making a temporary alliance, or even a stronger one helping a weaker player to eliminate a troublesome team may shake the results. Like what is happening in the latest chapter. ^^

Girls und Panzer der Film Part I: Exhibition Match Cold Open


One of my friends sold this franchise to me years ago as Saki with tanks.   And while at first glance, *cough* first three episodes*  cough it seemed like a worst and more boring attempt at that. I’m eternally grateful that I didn’t drop this because, wow,  am I wrong about my first impression. GuP is an amazing and fun anime series and despite the initial sounding premise, its a very different beast from Saki. This post would be my attempt to review the GuP movie. So please click the back button if you don’t want to be spoiled. Ok. With that customary warning out of the way. Panzer Vor!

Saki The Battle for Fifth Place: Why are you happening in the first place?!

Super Mario Secret Level

One of the things I like about this series is the fact that I could go away for a quarter of a year and still be able to catch up to the series in under an hour.  The fact that Saki moves  at the pace of a particularly lazy snail is something to be expected by now. Still I do admit , its freaking useful especially when I went MIA for a good chunk of the year. Anyway, if the title of this post didn’t clue you in. I’m going to be talking about the incoming “Battle for the Fifth Place” So spoilers galore for anime only viewers. Continue only if you want to be spoiled. 

Strategic Victory – A Partial Analysis of Kiyosumi’s Strategy with some Semifinal Commentary


Long time, no post guys! Sorry for my long absence but work has gotten very busy for me.  That and the semifinals kinda lost some of its mystique when I realized that Ritz is setting Kiyosumi for their “darkest hour”. (Metaphorically speaking, of course.) Not that I’m against that decision. Kiyosumi came out too strong in the quarterfinals that everyone wanted them as the “final boss”. It was made worse by the fact that Side A was too rushed, it made the opposition came out looking like chumps. Something has to give in order to generate the tension in the tournament back. And that meant, something has to happen in the semifinal. Here is just some brief thoughts about what happened to get my feet wet on the new year. Hopefully, a full commentary will on the way somewhere in the future with some mahjong analysis. <Warning below this are spoilers. Read at your own risk. I highly would recommend to avoid this post until you are completely spoiled about the Side-B semfinals.>

Zenkoku OST: Himematsu (Or not really. Just comments about the team in general)

Sorry for my long absence but unfortunately work is quite soul sucking in the past few months that I barely have any time for myself. In any case, I’m back and now going to start working on the Zenkoku OST series that I should have finished ages ago. And since the Saki main manga is currently focusing on Himematsu. Might as well get this one out of the way.