Recipe # 6 – Revamped Mackerel Onigiri Chazuke

  Plot Significance:  This is the dish that Souma used to match Isshiki’s dish.  in their informal shokugeki. Also, the first dish introduced that is from Restaurant Yukihira secret menu.

Chapter 190 – Yuuki, Looking Back at Gambling Mathematical Waves

So, the finals are starting and we received some interesting information regarding Yuuki’s ability. As always, TO ANYONE WHO WANTS TO AVOID BEING SPOILED ROTTEN AVOID THIS POST! 

Recipe # 5 – Japanese Spanish Mackerel cooked with Peppers and Garnish of Puree

  Plot Implication:  We meet this dish on Polar Dorm’s Welcoming Party for Soma wherein we meet all the dorm members and have a brief introduction of their specialty. And of course, this is the dish that served as the hint to Isshiki’s specialty and his past. As Souma noticed Seerfish or Japanese Spanish Mackerel cooked with pepper is a traditional Japanese food which led him to ask if Isshiki came from a Japanese restaurant. Two hundred chapters later, this hypothesis would be proven right when we find out that Isshiki hails from a prestigious cooking family that specializes in traditional Japanese cooking (Washoku). Second, this dish serves as Souma’s first introduction to the might of the elite ten. It shows that Souma’s boast of standing on the top of the Totsuki Academy will need Also, we have the talk between Isshiki-sempai and Ibusaki after the match: Isshiki: Fu… Fu… Fu… I can’t wait to see what happens. I mean Souma-kun tied with me. With the 7th seat! He will surely get good results.  Ibuki: Don’t make me laugh…. in that showdown, you weren’t serious at all. You didn’t make one of your specialties. For you that dish, was too much of a safe bet, wasn’t it?  Isshiki: I wonder what you are talking about. I put my best effort in cooking it, you know? We can infer from this talk that Isshiki is the type to hide his power level and his real cooking ability might be higher. Also, even though Souma … Continue reading

Saki : The Conclusion of the Fifth Place Team Match

So after nearly two years, we finally get the conclusion of the fifth stage match. And as you all know, I made two posts regarding how the fights would be like. 1 2   Let’s see how much did I get right? ^^ <ANIME WATCHERS AND THOSE WHO DON’T WANT TO BE SPOILED STAY AWAY FROM THIS POST>

Clannad VN – Fujibayashi Twins Route

  First, let us analyze the technical aspect of the route. Clannad divergence points usually involved  Tomoya meeting a character by chance and choosing to engage with them.  Using the economic concept of opportunity cost, Tomoya continuing to interact with said character usually closes the opportunity to interact with another. After all, Tomoya only has so much time What I’ve noticed is this is not completely true for the Fujibayashi twins route. The divergence point of the route isn’t because Tomoya decide to go to the library or the classroom but Tomoya’s “preference”.  It is also worth noting that there is a subtle sense of priority to the route as well. The developers made the choices in such a way that if you’re not following a walkthrough and just picking what you think is “good”, you will naturally enter and stay with Ryou’s route. Just look, and remember your current girlfriend is RYOU. Choice 1: The game asks if Tomoya likes long hair or short hair while having a picnic with the twins. (Note: Your current girlfriend Ryou has short hair.  Her twin Kyou has short hair. ) Choice 2: Tomoya wants to buy a souvenir for Ryou. The game asks if you want tanzanite or amethyst. (Note:  When you went shopping, Ryou said that her favorite is Tanzanite. Kyou, on the other hand, indicated her favorite is amethyst. If it isn’t enough, the best way to tell the twins apart besides their hairstyle is their eye color. Kyou = Violet (Amethyst) and Ryou = … Continue reading