Shokugeki no Souma 183 and 184 – Secret Weapon and of Course its Jun!


It has been two weeks of preparation chapters with not much happening, so I just combined them. Good news for those who want male fan service though!

Shokugeki no Soma 182 – Birth of a New Elite 10


So while on the camping trip, Kuga shares some juicy gossip with Soma, namely how the hell Hayama became an elite ten member. Its basically a sneak peak on what is happening behind the enemy lines…

Shokugeki no Soma Manga 181 – Be Ingenious with Bear Meat!


This would hopefully be the start of a new section of my blog dedicated to a newly discovered manga series – Shokugeki no Soma. The goal of the series is to try to follow it weekly, mostly to develop some good writing habit. That and I found myself looking up the freaking recipes and trying to cook the food while reading the manga. Might as well put the research into good use. ^^

Akihabara – First Trip to Animeland


Hello guys. Long time no see.  I haven’t been updating for quite a  while. That’s because I went to Tokyo with my family (And therefore accumulated an enormous work backlog). Its so worth it though. Even if my bank account will be crying for a little while. Of course, since I’m in Tokyo I visited the Holy land of Anime Otaku – Akihabara – if only for a few hours.I wish I could have stayed longer but we are on a tight schedule. Still, even from my brief visit I think its a pretty nice place. But, then again, the whole district is filled with anime. What’s there not to love? ^^ Anyway this post is just a brief run down of things you guys might find interesting if you guys ever go there.  

Saki Nationals: Fifth Place Match-up Prediction Part 1


The latest chapter of the main manga is up, with the Fifth  Place match officially starting… Which I guess answers our previous question if we will see it in the upcoming Toki spin-off or not. I expect the finals to be delayed by at least a year. Sigh… On the positive side, Ritz appears to be setting plot hooks (Nishida  is investigating the Miyanaga connection, Awai practicing with Teru in the dark; it looks like my last post have some merit after all ^^). So long as the Fifth Match follows in this vein, I’m finding myself not despising the latest chapter.  After all, if we are going to have this match, it better be good and have a connection to the main plot. Anyway,  here are my two cents regarding the match-ups. Think of it as  an estimated powerlevel thing. Mahjong is a four way battle, even if a player is clearly stronger than the other three –  ganging up, making a temporary alliance, or even a stronger one helping a weaker player to eliminate a troublesome team may shake the results. Like what is happening in the latest chapter. ^^