Lets have some Tanoshi!

Index of content of Saki related topics

Episode Review


(no spoiler for un-aired manga content, spoiler for original Saki and Achiga-hen)

Episode 1 – To Tokyo 

Episode 2- Support 

Episode 3 – Start

( 3.1 – Meaning behind the shape) 

( 3.2 – End of Preparation) 

( 3.3 – First Impressions) 

Episode 4 – East Wind

Episode 5 – Gods and Demons 

Episode 6 – Withering

Episode 7 – Attention 

Episode 8 -Fortress (1st Hanchan) 

Companion piece to Episode 8: Hatsumi (Rock) vs. Sae (Paper) vs. Nodoka (Scissors) 

Episode 8.5 – The Devil’s Gate Opens (2nd Hanchan) 

Episode 9 – Captain Match

Episode 11 – Threat 

Episode 12 – Truth


The most epic hand in the Nagano Tournament

The Seeded Team of the 71st National Team Competition 

Main Saki and Achiga Timeline 

Professional Mahjong Cards

Character Discussion

Saki – Drama CD and its implications 

Saki – What does she see while playing Mahjong? 

Saki – What do you see (Part II – A comparison with Onee-chan) 

Saki – Meaning of the name 

Part II – On Saki and Kyouko 

Amae Koromo – The Killer Bunny Rabbit of the Moon 

Oohoshi Awai – Powering up the fading Supernova! 

Match Discussion

Captain Quarterfinals 

Part I – Why is Saki afraid of Kyouko? 

Part III – In which Toyone pursues 

Part IV – Toyone attacks! And Attacks some more! 

Part V – Kasumi invokes Godmode! Literally! 

Part VI – Saki strikes back! 


Toyone vs. Awai! A riichi battle!


Saki Hax Mahjong music – Miyanaga Theme 

Zankoku na Negai no Nake de (Inside a Cruel Wish)  

Post with Spoilers for Unaired manga content

Looking ahead to the climax of the tournament. 

Prediction for Saki season 2 


Saki Fantasy Mahjong 

00 – Prologue

01 – The Mahjong Club 

02 – Erroneous beginnings

03 – Misunderstood Skirmish 

04 – Plus Minus Zero 

Side story

01 – The champions aftermath

To Richer Soil



Saki vs, Koromo vs. Yumi vs. Mihoko? 

7 thoughts on “Lets have some Tanoshi!

    • I would like to know that answer myself. Currently asking the website staff to know what happened to it.

      Sigh. Depressing.

      • Just read all of your post on your blog. I love it so I hope you will have an answer soon about the episode 12 analysis. And any hope to see the episode 10 one day :) ?

      • Kiukun. I’m glad you found this blog. ^^
        As for episode 10, its 3/4 Toyone/Miyamori flashback. So I’m going to fold it into the post regarding them. I’m planning to make a team post for each of the team in the Quarterfinals after the next episode. That is if the spoiler in the next one didn’t blow my brains out.

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