Episode 5 – Gods and Demons

We begin the episode with a flashback from Himematsu.

The interaction between Himematsu’s coach and Kyouko is interesting to say the least. You can clearly tell that there are some sort of tension with them. Kyouko is particularly rude about it. Emphasizing the term substitute. 

Meaning not the original, a placeholder.

Not the real one.

Either Kyouko has a heavy attachment  to the original coach which we found out has been hospitalized. Or Akasaka is one of the reason that their coach is hospitalized. Or most likely both. ^^

Though, not all is doom and gloom on our team from Osaka.

Just as this scene reveals tension in place between their chief strategist and coach. It also reveals that Kyouko despite the one who punishes Suzu is also the one who believes on her the most; Recommending Suzu in place of herself on the previous tournament.Believing in the power of her explosive streaks.

Unfortunately, Suzu failed to explode at all. ^^

There is actually a good explanation on that.

You see, as stated Suzu’s power has a high chance of triggering the more powerful the opponent is. And in the vanguard match, Jindai woke up early and Yuuki’s power is only active for half of the match.

So yeah…. ^^

Yuuki’s hand.

Its a three sided wait ( the one of circles, three of circles and four of circles). Without the riichi bet, Yuuki should get a menzen tsumon and 1 dora for 2 han and 30 fu aka 500/1000 points.

Pretty cheap. So I don’t blame Yuuki for calling that even if it backfired.

No one could have predicted Jindai would awa— I meant sleep for the final hand.  ^^

Pretty badass shot there — Jindai.



And we also get some Eisui post game discussion.

Apparently, Jindai has never played a public game wherein a god didn’t come down and possess her. Meaning, she’s almost always asleep. Consequently this means that she never have to consciously to call a god.

But, as Kasumi speculates and as we saw, Jindai might have been scared of Yuuki’s riichi that she reached out and this time was voluntarily possessed.

That is a big thing. Considering that each god seemed to have different playstyles. Jindai being able to consciously control some of the possession, even if only the timing of it, is going to be a very scary player indeed.



… I wish I could take this scene seriously. lol

Though, this does explain what the heck are the Shiraitodai members were doing.

If I remember right. Teru and Sumire have a press conference just the night before. And apparently the media wasn’t done with Shiraitodai. Thus, while Side-B quarterfinals is happening they’re doing individual interviews. 

Well, not surprising since the media is hyping them and they are the favorite to win. 



Anyway, the sergeant match begins.

And all eyes is focused on Kiwi— I meant Aislinn from Miyamori. She has an astounding tenpai rate. As Kyouko put it, she has an astounding rate of closed tenpai before the thirteenth turn came up.

And when Miyamori’s pov was given, we know that it isn’t coincidence. As Shiro put it, “Aislinn materializes her own dreams, her ideal tiles onto the table.”

 We even have a demonstration.

And its a doozy.

As a result of Aislinn’s power, she gets to see all what  her end hand will be like and since she sees the discards, she will also know how to get there.

This is kinda like Ryuuka’s Toki fairy in Achiga-hen. Only, more broken. Since in addition from that, Aislinn can also see the final hands and discards of her opponents. AND unlike Ryuuka she can do it all the time! 

I also bet that Aislinn might affect/influence the flow as well to give her desired hand. Since the description is projecting her ideal tiles on the table. lol

Broken power is broken.

On the hand itself, I don’t see anything eye raising on her discards. And the final result itself, its going to be a mangan. 4,000/2000 points.

Her opponents are in a similar state. I don’t see anything wrong with their discards as well.

With this we could see that her teammates confidence in Aislinn is well placed. It really looks  no one will be able to beat her.

Fortunately, Mako isn’t really one to follow any plan.

As Hisa put it, Mako threw away an all simple flat pure double chi hand which is already one tile away from tenpai to go for a double sided wait which btw is also lower in points.

Its unthinkable. Illogical. And far from ideal. 

Which is why its the right choice.

Next hand, Aislinn should get  a tsumo ipeiko with one dora. That is if everything went to plan. 

Which as shown in this episode isn’t happening. lol

If you guys followed the players discards and their final hand as shown by Aislinn. They played really well. All of their discards are logical and efficient. They showed a great basic skill actually.

But, most importantly, Aislinn’s power showed that they wound’t have won if they keep on doing that. ^^

Aislinn projects her ideal tiles on the table. Thus, as long as the players plays are like that. They are within Aislinn’s projection.  Thus, the key to breaking Aislinn’s power is breaking away from that ideal.  

Mako does this wonderfully.

In here Mako discarded the five of circles. The dora one as well.

… I really don’t have to tell you guys that this is illogical right? ^^

Anyway, I think the reason why Mako discarded that is she needs someone to change the drawing order. Discarding the five dora especially the red one when the ura dora indicator is 4 of circles meant there is a high chance that someone is collecting that tile and will call on it.

And she was right. Himematsu’s is doing so.

But, more importantly for Mako the drawing order is changed. Aislinn’s winning tile isn’t going to come to her anymore. The hand that she imagined is no longer possible. That is why Aislinn’s power break.

And nice.

Also some nice power interaction here. As we could see from Aislinn’s imagination board, most of the hands she imagines or projects on the table is conventional.  

Mako’s power works best the more familiar she is with it. Due to Aislinn’s power everyone is nudged to conventional hands. Making it easier for Mako to read the table.

All in all. Its not surprising that Mako takes this match hard. ^^

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4 Responses to Episode 5 – Gods and Demons

  1. Salamander says:

    Great post as usual however, I don't think that Aislinn's power is "broken". Here is what we know about Aislinn's ability: it can only get her relatively low scoring hands and it can be blocked every time with just some creative/unconventional calling by a normal player like Mako. Can we really call this a broken power? I don't think so. In terms of cuteness though, it takes first prize.

    That said, I think that Aislinn's ability holds great potential for the future. If she could find a way to quickly re-imagine her hand or even anticipate any potential call by the other players then it could become a very powerful ability. Since Aislinn does not have much experience at Mahjong, maybe she just needs more time and practice to develop her ability to the fullest.

    • Perhaps, I misspoke. Aislinn's ability is not broken, in the unstoppable sense.
      It is broken by the unfair amount of information it gives her.

      On my count, Aislinn knows the her last hand, her opponent's last hand, their discard till then. And if you work backward Aislinn will also know their starting hands.

      In sheer information power, Aislinn has one of the best ones introduced.

  2. Katreus says:

    RE: But, as Kasumi speculates and as we saw, Jindai might have been scared of Yuuki’s riichi that she reached out and this time was voluntarily possessed.

    Are you sure she said Yuuki's riichi specifically? As mentioned, Yuuki's hand would have been pretty cheap even with the riichi. I think it's more what Yuuki represented. Going into that hand, Eisui was distinctly behind at around 3rd or so and IIRC, she hadn't really won a hand. It was the last hand, Jindai had been expected to get a large bank of points for her team, and Jindai hadn't. After her teammates / family spec. joined to ease the burden on her, Jindai ended up not just doing anything but increasing the burden on her teammates. So she desperately wanted to win a hand / points to at least get back to 'neutral' (no point gain but not really point loss either), which she did.

    RE: Aislinn's power vs. Ryuuka

    Aislinn's power has more utility but IMO, there's a difference between information awareness and basically precog Path to Victory. Ryuuka reminds me of a much more limited (mahjong) Contessa actually…

    RE: Mako and Aislinn

    Aislinn stymies the other 2 players and Mako just sideswipes Aislinn at the end, which ends up meaning that Mako masterstrokes all 3 at the table over and over. Sometimes those field debuffs end up backfiring if there's 1 player who can escape it.

    • On Komaki:

      It might not be Yuuki's riichi specifically. I was emphasizing that due to it, Komaki for the first time voluntarily got possessed something that hasn't happened before. But, then again, it seemed that there is lack of opportunity till now.

      The implication that this is possible is going to be a headache for her next opponent. ^^

      Aislinn vs. Ryuuka.

      Probably. But, as I've said in the other forum we have no way to know for sure. Until the individuals that is… sigh…

      On Mako and Aislinn.

      Yeah. It kinda worked like that. Debuffs has a nasty habit of backfiring if even one player is immune to it.

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