Oohoshi Awai – Powering the Fading Supernova

Oohoshi Awai has been  a great source of speculation ever since she aired. This is mostly because she has long been suspected to be the “heavy” of the upcoming match in the long awaited finals of the team tournament. The one who will function as the Koromo for Saki in the Nationals. She was to be the second coming of Teru and Saki’s Final boss.

And as we look onto Side-A’s semifinal captain match with expectant eyes. We find that our hopes were sadly betrayed.

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The Captain Quarterfinals Match (Part II) – On Saki and Kyouko

This post is dedicated to Sol Falling and Fantasy Magician regarding their comments on Saki vs. Kyouko.

This tournament gives rise to many interesting dynamics between the teams. This is because a team can fight another team twice. How will the loser feel about the winning team? How will the winning team feel about the team they beat? Simply, put it allows something resembling a relationship to form between the opponents even before they fought. A history to speak. And I actually like the one that potential conflict that managed to form between Saki and Kyouko.

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Saki – What do you see? (Part II – A comparison with Onee-chan)

This is in response to a question posed by kappa145 about Saki’s senses. And yes, she does have a sensing power. Its blatantly obvious by now in the manga. Of course no one actually notices or they look at it as unimportant because hey! look a this! Flashy amazing lightning spewing flower blooming Rinshan!

So yeah, Saki’s other abilities often went unnoticed. This will be an exploration of her sensing ability. 😀

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The Seeded Team of the 71st National Tournament – A Look into the Past

Well, if you’re a fan of Saki. You know that we are in the National Tournament and will probably stay in this arc for some years to come. *sweatdrop*   In this tournament, there are 4 seeded teams. These teams has a free pass for the first round of the tournament and they are chosen from the finalist in the previous interhigh. In order, the seeded teams are Shiraitodai, Rinkai, Eisui and Senriyama.

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The Nagano Individual Tournament Part 1 – What does Saki sees while Playing Mahjong?

This would be my first post and the start of my analysis of the individual matches. I I will starts with one of the most contentious things that are debated… why can Saki see Momo in her stealth setting?

Warning: WMG ahead (or Night just took a psychology unit which is why she is a little crazy… ) 


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Saki Fantasy Mahjong – Chapter 3

Saki Fantasy Mahjong

Chapter III

Misunderstood Skirmish

What did I do now?

Saki blinked as Haramura-san turned red and looked away.

The bookworm knew that a few of her thoughts were liable to cause an awkward pause if she blurted it out aloud. Her time in middle school gave plenty of evidence to that. But, she was pretty sure that complimenting the illusion that Haramura-san wove was not unusual. People praised other people when they did amazing stuff, right? They do, in the books she read. Continue reading

Saki and Achiga Timeline

This is an attempt to consolidate our timeline and help our understanding of the Saki universe. This will mainly focus on the national tournament wherein our grasp of the timeline is a bit confused.

I even made a summary for you guys: Click the image!

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Saki Fantasy Mahjong – Erroneous Beginnings

Disclaimer : I don’t own Saki. Nor am I making any money in writing this story. Now, that is out of the way let’s get on with this.

Saki Fantasy Mahjong

Chapter II

Erroneous Beginnings

When the door opened and the Kiyosumi mahjong club’s battleground was revealed, Saki didn’t know what she expected but certainly not this. Continue reading

Girl und Panzer Quest!

In case you guys were wondering what I’m up to. I’m GM’ing a Girl und Panzer quest. Yey!

Go! Kampfgruppe Miho!

Go! Kampfgruppe Miho!

To those who are interested, whether joining the quest or just lurking.

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To all the Saki fans out there. I’ll still be posting articles on it. Don’t worry GuP has not replaced you.