Hibike Euphonium 5.2 – Breaking New Grounds on Character Interaction

As I type this, I just watched episode 10 which confirmed one thing that many have been suspecting for awhile. That Reina does know Taki-sensei and he’s the reason why she went to this unknown school.

Which sounds right given all the foreshadowing involved in it.

As much as I love the Kumiko-Reina relationship (and still do ^^ ), Reina is a bit too blase in the early episodes to Kumiko for her to  be the reason she chose Kitauji.  Not to mention that Reina has no way of knowing what school Kumiko is going in the first place. Remember a much closer friend/acquaintance – Azusa – in this episode didn’t know Kumiko went to Kitauji.

If you read some of my past posts, you’d know that I’m of the proponent of the theory that Reina’s “intense” fascination with Kumiko is a “new” thing and I have been attempting to track its development  while keeping in mind the new information brought by  episode 8.

While I’m sure that Reina’s interest is piqued by Kumiko’s innocently insensitive remark on the prologue and it may even have caused a  worldview shakedown similar to what happened to Kumiko. Its the events in episode 4 and 5 which will make Reina want to aggressively pursue a relationship with our cute MC.

So yeah, nothing really has changed for me due to episode 10 except some more character insight which I’ll get to once I managed to reach that episode.

Now onward to more late Sunfes comment!

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Hibike Euphonium 5.1 – Proving Grounds (Or why having a terrible personality is a good thing)

Finally finished the project, time to start my very late episodic review again. lol

As we all know the last  four episodes involve getting the mess that is the band into something that resembles “good”. This episode is about proving if its “good” enough.

This happens with the band as they enter their first serious performance together – the Sunfest.

Also, is it just me? Or does the band plot thread seem to mirror/relate a lot to the  Kumiko-Reina relationship? Granted, this might just be because I just made a review of episode 4 wherein both the band and the pair made a breakthrough at the same time.

But, its doing it again in this episode.

Its truly wonderful what nuggets one can get when one rewatch the scenes after episode 8. (Mostly because we now have some idea about Reina now, while when the early episodes are airing she’s pretty much a cipher).

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Hibike Euphonium 9.1 – Music Comparisons

The auditions went as expected.

And if you guys are watching the OP, they might have already spoiled it a bit for us.  ^^

But, I’m a bit curious how does the result holds on the  actual musical reality?   Thus, I kinda extracted some of the musical snippets so we can see clearly.

Also, I have a small report incoming so I can’t make my episode review. So yeah. ^^

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Hibike Euphonium 4 – Turning Point

The fourth episode is really the turning point of change for the series.  (And since, I’ve watched episode 8 before making this due to laziness, I’ll be including some observations from the future episodes)

Anyway, on this episode  by the power of hate of Taki-sensei, the  band of unmotivated slackers are slowly transformed into hard working ones.  But, on a personal and more important level, this episode is one of the turning points of Kumiko’s character.  The time when Kumiko grabbed the courage and called out and reached beyond herself.

One to Kousaka Reina and two to Natsuki Nakagawa.

A gesture that I believe will ripple toward the rest of the series.

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Hibike Euphonium 8.1 – Or How Hard is Shuichi in the Friendzone?

This is really a beautiful episode. Probably the best one from all that I’ve watched this season.  In a sense, its also a perspective shaking one as Kumiko finally interacted with Reina Kousaka.

And it was glorious. So glorious that I can’t concentrate on any other thing. So I might as well gush about it for catharsis.

And while it is billed as HazukixShuichixKumiko, it  won’t be what I will be talking about. Truthfully, if there is a triangle  in this episode its more likely to be on the ReinaxKumikoxShuichi angle.

Not that its much of a triangle. <snort> This one is looking so lopsided until further notice.

The first half basically destroyed my belief in KumikoxShuichi. (Not that I’m much of a believer in that)  Poor Shuichi but he is really out of his league. Not to mention that Kumiko appears to not consider him a competitor.

He’s so deep into the friendzone that the episode hammered it not once,twice but THRICE.

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Hibike Euphonium 3 – Band Dynamics

Before I go to the meat of the episode, I would like to touch on the reconciliation of Reina and Kumiko.  A terribly understated event given the hurricane that is Taki-sensei’s entrance on episode 2.

But, perhaps reconciled isn’t the right word. Because  its apparent that all of Reina’s perceived “animosity” is just Kumiko blowing things up out of proportion. On the previous episodes, you have to wonder if Reina actually remembered Kumiko at all.

Still, at the end of the last episode, we get this scene which I believe is important for Kumiko (if only for herself).

Reina: You’re still playing Euph in high school? 

Kumiko: Yeah…. 

Reina: I see. 

Narration(Kumiko) : That was all we said to each other. But, somehow, I was relieved. 

As I’ve said understated but I believe that this is Kumiko’s answer to  – Taki-sensei’s question – to Reina’s tears of frustration at the beginning.

Kumiko might not know on which side she is leaning on the “fun” or “nationals” side.  But, Kumiko  is playing the euphonium still. 

And perhaps that answer is enough.

I also think that its important that Reina is the one who asked this of Kumiko. Not only because sort of acknowledgement that Reina noticed Kumiko at all. But, because Reina’s opinion matters a lot to Kumiko. Heck most of Kumiko’s major decisions are being influenced by Reina one way or another.

A bit too much if you ask me.

And then there is this.

Seriously, Kumiko?

…. That dope look just for being asked to move a chair…..

How exactly am I supposed to read this any other way except:  KUMIKO DEVELOPING A HUMONGOUS CRUSH ON REINA

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