Captain Quarterfinals Part VI – Saki Strikes Back!

When we last left the game, Kasumi is dominating using her god mode! Which wouldn’t do for our brown haired protagonist for Kasumi has reached the point where any wins from her will make it significantly harder for Saki to get +/- zero and first place.

Though, stopping Kasumi was easier said than done. As we have noted in our previous analysis, Saki may or may not have tried to do so in the last hand; only for Kasumi to win before her.

And it looked like Kasumi wasn’t obliging again this time.

Holly Molly isn’t getting that sort of hand regularly kinda cheating?! 

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Captain Quarterfinals Part V – Kasumi invokes Godmode! Literally!

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When we left of.

Toyone’s dazzling display of her second ability has left her opponents  pressured. This goes double for Kasumi since Eisui is now last. Her fantastic defense isn’t going to help them win now if she didn’t get any points.

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Captain Quarterfinals Part IV – Toyone Attacks! And Attacks some more!

Hello guys, we are finally in the half time of this match. And the next few chapters is dedicated to the cutest Alucard clone TOYONE!

Anyway, before we dive back into the analysis.


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Prediction for Saki Season 2!

Ok. The manga is still ongoing for the semifinals of Side-B. And in this post,  I’m going to try and  predict what will happen. I’m putting it here for future posterity so I can laugh myself silly for being so far off the mark.

On the tiny probability that  I’m right  though, I’m treating myself to a new mahjong set. The glass one that I saw online. So everybody wins.^^

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Looking ahead to the Climax of the Tournament!

The dust has settled on Side-A and we now know who will be waiting for Kiyosumi on the final round. And of course, the preview on Season 1 has already spoiled that Kiyosumi will be going as well.

This essentially meant that we know 3/4 of the finalist and make our prediction

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The Captain Quarterfinals Part 3 – In which Toyone Pursues Kyouko

This is the continuation of my analysis of Side-B Captain Quarterfinal match.

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咲 (Saki) – Meaning behind the Name (Part 1)

Lately, I’ve developed a keen interest in etymology and I thought let’s go look at the meaning of the names for fun . I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a beginner here and I will probably make a lot of mistakes feel free to point it out in the comment section.

First would be Saki (咲). The title of our show and of course the protagonist. ^^

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To Richer Soil (Prologue)


Where the forgotten gathers…

In front of a suburban house, a tearful goodbye was taking place.

“Saki, this is temporary. We’re not actually leaving you. You can always call us on the phone. I got one installed yesterday remember. Besides, we’re just a few train rides away. I’m expecting several visits.” At this the elder woman’s face twisted, “Even if you have to be accompanied by that useless man.”

For Saki, her mother’s soothing words did nothing to dispel her torrent of tears. It just made her try to bury herself in her warm embrace, not knowing if it will be the last time she can do so. “… This is my fault…” The younger girl sniffled.

“No, its not.” Her mother’s stern voice rebuked. “That man and I just can’t keep living with each other anymore. This is just the consequence of that. It is not your fault.”

“But, Onee-chan…”

“Teru was just stressed honey. I’m sure she didn’t mean it. She loves you.”



That was the first night Saki dreamt of the space wherein there was no light.

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Oohoshi Awai – Powering the Fading Supernova

Oohoshi Awai has been  a great source of speculation ever since she aired. This is mostly because she has long been suspected to be the “heavy” of the upcoming match in the long awaited finals of the team tournament. The one who will function as the Koromo for Saki in the Nationals. She was to be the second coming of Teru and Saki’s Final boss.

And as we look onto Side-A’s semifinal captain match with expectant eyes. We find that our hopes were sadly betrayed.

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When I play the original Saki psp – part 1

I was struck by inspiration and freetime yesterday. So I recorded one of my game in the Saki psp.

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