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New from online games win money: CorporateSight is our all-in-one tax compliance and provision platform that recognizes the tax department is at the heart of corporate business intelligence

See your tax department in a whole online games win money light with CorporateSight

Large multinational corporations have significant tax obligations for both tax provision and tax compliance. Complex rules and regulations put tax professionals in the difficult position of making tough judgment calls on tight deadlines—and more calculations and more spreadsheets mean more room for error. 

online games win money’s CorporateSight is the all-in-one tax compliance and provision platform that recognizes the tax department is at the heart of business intelligence. Quickly visualize what’s driving your effective tax rate, understand your return and provision variances, track foreign data collection packages, manage projects and share insights with your internal tax team and your online games win money tax service providers simultaneously. Easy-to-read dashboards keep you out of spreadsheets and reduce manual tasks, minimizing risk and potentially saving you hundreds of hours.

CorporateSight empowers tax executives to:

  • Collaborate across all levels of your organization
  • Share, view and comment on documentation in real time
  • Consolidate tax workbooks and state NOLs
  • Check federal and state e-file status in real time
  • Customize the services and tools you utilize most

CorporateSight frees up tax department resources so staff can focus on high-level planning and financial leadership to drive your organization forward. Paired with our tax compliance and provision services, CorporateSight provides unparalleled insight and convenience to the SEC middle market.

online games win money’s co-sourcing and outsourcing services powered by CorporateSight meet the unique needs of industry

Regardless of your industry’s outlook, CorporateSight is built to withstand the tests that large corporations face now and in the future—and ensure your tax function comes out on top.

online games win money helps consumer product companies develop a broader perspective of supply chain strategy with tax technology solutions that support modelling and forecasting of tax effected landed costs including VAT, customs duties, transfer pricing and more.

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Reimagine your corporate tax function for the world we’re in now.

To understand how completely online games win money outsourcing and co-sourcing can optimize your tax department, improving efficiency and saving money, download our online games win money e-book. It tells you how to get the most from the outsourcing revolution.

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