Professional Mahjong Cards

Mahjong being the big game that it is in the Saki-verse has collectible pro cards in-universe. They came in with the extra DVD of the Achiga episode and contain nice worldbuilding information.

Here are the cards for the pros that has appeared on the anime so far.

  • Team: Saku Ferreters
  • Age 25
  • H 170 cm W 57 Kg
  • Birthday June 25 in Nagano Prefecture
  • Yumifuri – Okayama – Toyama – Saku

Became Pro after success in Intercollegiate and Business Leagues. Oftentimes sortied as a Captain when her team is losing.





  • Yokohama Lodestars
  • Age 24
  • H 145 cm W 37 Kg 
  • Birthday February 23 in Kanagawa Prefecture
  • Myoukouji – Yokohama

“The RBI King that led the team to first place with overwhelming firepower and gamebreaking Golden Hands. Currently the Vanguard of the All-Japan Team”





  • Age 27
  • Birthday: November 7
  • 153 cm 43kg
 Undefeated in the country. Winner of seven titles. Formally ranked second in the world. Was League MVP every year when she played for Ebisu. 

  • Team: Nobeoka Spangles
  • Age 72, Born Oct 21st
  • Born in Kumamoto
  • Managura, Tokyo, Toyama, Noveoka

A former star player. 著書多数. He has held the highest rating since 1868 for 5 consecutive years.. Currently enrolled in a senior league team. 





The Spook
Kainou Yoshiko
Matsuyama Flotilla
Age 20
Born in Nagano Prefecture

Known for winning last year’s “Rookie of the Year” and “Silver Shooter” Titles. Hopes to show her phantasmagoric play.


(Translation not made by me)

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