Moon Pride! Fangirling edition!

I’m supposed to be working on episode 2 then I saw this.

First thought while watching that? Who the hell animated this and why aren’t they working on CRYSTAL?!

Because seriously, this is simply marvelous. The moment I knew of its existence, I’m a couple thousand yen lighter courtesy of Amazon. It’s just that awesome!

Which is why I’m going to be fangirling on the song.  And bitterly wondering why isn’t the rest of the series animation like this.


There are currently two version of moon pride, one is the TV version and of course the other one is the recently released MV. Of the two, I like the direction of the TV version better while I like the shiny graphics of the MV.

Anyway, while I’m waiting for someone to fully translate the full lyric of the MV. I’ll tackle Moon pride tv version in the meantime.

 Moon Pride!

[I want to stand by your side]

This line has been  translated in multiple ways. Variation includes ~ I want to support you (CR) I want to be your strength (other). We are using Commie’s translation primarily because I watched the official sub in CR and even with my abysmal understanding of Japanese, I felt that they flubbed some lines. That and they missed some lyric cues in the OP.

Anyway, first lyric, the singer wants to be of help to the unnamed person. The clue here lies on the fact that both version panned to Sailor Moon for the lyrics meaning she’s central to it.

For me there are two ways to interpret this. One, the singer are the guardian senshi (Ami, Rei, Makoto and Minako) and the person they want to help is of course Usagi.

Two, the singer is Usagi herself and she wants to be at her protectors side, helping them instead of just being protected.  ^^


[As tears roll down my cheeks]


[My eyes burn with red]

nazuma no you ni hageshiku

[With the force of lightning]

Dareka ga ai wo sakebu

[Someone screams their love out loud]

Each senshi gets a line each. For bonus points, it also corresponds to their power. ^^

More seriously, the lyrics are depressing if you think the singer is the point of view. Two senshi (Mercury and Mars) depicts what they are feeling.

“As tears roll down my cheeks” comes from Ami and she is depicted silently crying in sorrow. Of all the guardian soldier (barring Usagi), Ami is probably the most emotionally sensitive and the one likely to express it. And even then, that’s silent tears that she cannot control.

Rei gets “Eyes burning scarlet” or “As my eyes burn with red”. I interpret this is an idiom for seeing red which is synonymous for being very very angry.  Combined with the fierce look she’s sporting. It’s safe to say that our dear Mars is glaring at something.

The question now is what is the cause?

Makoto and Minako fittingly gave us the answer. While the other two namely Ami and Rei has the tendency to internalize whatever happened to them. I always thought Makoto and Minako have the tendency to externalize meaning the moment it happened they’re off to pound the threat in the face

Fitting it together, someone intensely shouting out their love and the puzzling thing is this event is bad judging by the reaction.

Tatoe donna (Kurayami demo hitori ja nai yo ne?)

[No matter how dark  it is I know I’m not alone, am I?]

Watashitachi wo terasu Moonlight

[Moonlight shines upon us all.]

Thankfully, there is a silver lining. Basically, its saying no matter how awful the circumstance, everything is alright because she isn’t alone.  And I believe that Usagi means that. She’s one of the few heroines who probably think that is applicable in any situation (and yes I meant any).

It also neatly segues to the first lyric of the song. “I want to support you,” which naturally implies non-aloneness.

But this isn’t just Usagi, careful listening of the track shows that it’s a duet.

“No matter how dark it is, I know I’m not alone.”

Minako echoed the lines which is particularly poignant given that Crystal is following the manga storyline. Minako due to Sailor V gig is quite alone. Except not really, her comrades is there even if they are suffering from post-death amnesia.

Beside that, Minako is the first one to be awakened. Even if she isn’t present, by being Sailor V there is always the assurance to the other senshi that they aren’t alone. Someone somewhere is fighting the same fight as they are.

Moonlight shines upon us all.

 And I’m getting good at seiyu recognition. This line is sung by Ami and Usagi. Together.

Its kinda sweet especially since the “moonlight” on Ami’s part can only be Usagi. And as episode 2 aptly demonstrates for us, Ami is quite friendless until Usagi decided to barge into her life. It also neatly  foreshadows how Usagi is going to find the other senshi and metaphorically bring “light” to their life.

Aww… I really love this group shot.  They look so happy. ^^

嗚呼 女の子にも譲れぬ矜持がある

[We girls, too, have our radiant pride]


[Because we won’t wait for some prince to save us]

More seiyuu recognition challenge.

I’m pretty sure the “We girls, too, have our radiant pride” is from Mars. And it suits her.. If there is someone on the guardian senshi team who has pride to spare its Rei. I often think of her as the one who will never unbent. Rei will break first before she ever thinks of bending.

And of course, the last one,”Because we won’t wait for some prince to save us”, is from Jupiter. And its in character as well. She’s the senshi of protection, of course she’s going to do the saving. Heck, Makoto’s introduction on the series is pretty much saving Usagi from getting ran over by a truck. ^^

Btw, on the op sequence, I’m tickled that they actually have Usagi looking at Mamoru when the lyric is saying that they don’t need a prince charming. And then the senshi practically grabs her attention, surrounding her.

Way to hammer  the lyrics, guys! ^^


[We’ll fight on and shape our destiny]

Shiny Make up 輝くよ 星空を集めて

[Shiny Make up! We shall glow bold and bright under the starry sky]

ただ護られるだけの か弱い存在じゃないわ

[We are not helpless girls who needs to be protected]

Shiny Make up 戦うよ 星空を護って

[So shiny make-up, we’ll draw power from the starry sky and fight on]

新しい伝説が 今ここから始まる

[A new legend begins right here, right now.]

 La La Pretty Guardian SAILOR MOON


And starting here, it’s all of them, a chorus.

To be honest, there isn’t anything more to say. It’s really straightforward.  So, I’m going to talk about theme. While watching the OP and ED, I’ve felt that the two songs are representative of the two important relationship that make up Sailor Moon.

The ED is obviously the miracle romance of Serenity and Endymion and the OP is for me the bond between the senshi. For me, the OP is not just a feminist power ballad showing that yeah! this girls are awesome!. It’s also an affirmation of “pride”.

And the pride that the song spoke of?  It’s not just some feminist pride. Its pride of standing, fighting and supporting one another. Even in the darkest night, countless years when they don’t remember, they will be there for each other.

I believe that is their moon pride.

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