Episode 5 – Gods and Demons

We begin the episode with a flashback from Himematsu.

The interaction between Himematsu’s coach and Kyouko is interesting to say the least. You can clearly tell that there are some sort of tension with them. Kyouko is particularly rude about it. Emphasizing the term substitute. 

Meaning not the original, a placeholder.

Not the real one.

Either Kyouko has a heavy attachment  to the original coach which we found out has been hospitalized. Or Akasaka is one of the reason that their coach is hospitalized. Or most likely both. ^^

Though, not all is doom and gloom on our team from Osaka.

Just as this scene reveals tension in place between their chief strategist and coach. It also reveals that Kyouko despite the one who punishes Suzu is also the one who believes on her the most; Recommending Suzu in place of herself on the previous tournament.Believing in the power of her explosive streaks.

Unfortunately, Suzu failed to explode at all. ^^

There is actually a good explanation on that.

You see, as stated Suzu’s power has a high chance of triggering the more powerful the opponent is. And in the vanguard match, Jindai woke up early and Yuuki’s power is only active for half of the match.

So yeah…. ^^

Yuuki’s hand.

Its a three sided wait ( the one of circles, three of circles and four of circles). Without the riichi bet, Yuuki should get a menzen tsumon and 1 dora for 2 han and 30 fu aka 500/1000 points.

Pretty cheap. So I don’t blame Yuuki for calling that even if it backfired.

No one could have predicted Jindai would awa— I meant sleep for the final hand.  ^^

Pretty badass shot there — Jindai.



And we also get some Eisui post game discussion.

Apparently, Jindai has never played a public game wherein a god didn’t come down and possess her. Meaning, she’s almost always asleep. Consequently this means that she never have to consciously to call a god.

But, as Kasumi speculates and as we saw, Jindai might have been scared of Yuuki’s riichi that she reached out and this time was voluntarily possessed.

That is a big thing. Considering that each god seemed to have different playstyles. Jindai being able to consciously control some of the possession, even if only the timing of it, is going to be a very scary player indeed.



… I wish I could take this scene seriously. lol

Though, this does explain what the heck are the Shiraitodai members were doing.

If I remember right. Teru and Sumire have a press conference just the night before. And apparently the media wasn’t done with Shiraitodai. Thus, while Side-B quarterfinals is happening they’re doing individual interviews. 

Well, not surprising since the media is hyping them and they are the favorite to win. 



Anyway, the sergeant match begins.

And all eyes is focused on Kiwi— I meant Aislinn from Miyamori. She has an astounding tenpai rate. As Kyouko put it, she has an astounding rate of closed tenpai before the thirteenth turn came up.

And when Miyamori’s pov was given, we know that it isn’t coincidence. As Shiro put it, “Aislinn materializes her own dreams, her ideal tiles onto the table.”

 We even have a demonstration.

And its a doozy.

As a result of Aislinn’s power, she gets to see all what  her end hand will be like and since she sees the discards, she will also know how to get there.

This is kinda like Ryuuka’s Toki fairy in Achiga-hen. Only, more broken. Since in addition from that, Aislinn can also see the final hands and discards of her opponents. AND unlike Ryuuka she can do it all the time! 

I also bet that Aislinn might affect/influence the flow as well to give her desired hand. Since the description is projecting her ideal tiles on the table. lol

Broken power is broken.

On the hand itself, I don’t see anything eye raising on her discards. And the final result itself, its going to be a mangan. 4,000/2000 points.

Her opponents are in a similar state. I don’t see anything wrong with their discards as well.

With this we could see that her teammates confidence in Aislinn is well placed. It really looks  no one will be able to beat her.

Fortunately, Mako isn’t really one to follow any plan.

As Hisa put it, Mako threw away an all simple flat pure double chi hand which is already one tile away from tenpai to go for a double sided wait which btw is also lower in points.

Its unthinkable. Illogical. And far from ideal. 

Which is why its the right choice.

Next hand, Aislinn should get  a tsumo ipeiko with one dora. That is if everything went to plan. 

Which as shown in this episode isn’t happening. lol

If you guys followed the players discards and their final hand as shown by Aislinn. They played really well. All of their discards are logical and efficient. They showed a great basic skill actually.

But, most importantly, Aislinn’s power showed that they wound’t have won if they keep on doing that. ^^

Aislinn projects her ideal tiles on the table. Thus, as long as the players plays are like that. They are within Aislinn’s projection.  Thus, the key to breaking Aislinn’s power is breaking away from that ideal.  

Mako does this wonderfully.

In here Mako discarded the five of circles. The dora one as well.

… I really don’t have to tell you guys that this is illogical right? ^^

Anyway, I think the reason why Mako discarded that is she needs someone to change the drawing order. Discarding the five dora especially the red one when the ura dora indicator is 4 of circles meant there is a high chance that someone is collecting that tile and will call on it.

And she was right. Himematsu’s is doing so.

But, more importantly for Mako the drawing order is changed. Aislinn’s winning tile isn’t going to come to her anymore. The hand that she imagined is no longer possible. That is why Aislinn’s power break.

And nice.

Also some nice power interaction here. As we could see from Aislinn’s imagination board, most of the hands she imagines or projects on the table is conventional.  

Mako’s power works best the more familiar she is with it. Due to Aislinn’s power everyone is nudged to conventional hands. Making it easier for Mako to read the table.

All in all. Its not surprising that Mako takes this match hard. ^^
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Episode 4 – East Wind

I must be the only person happy that Saki gets a break this week, lol. If only because I need to catch up on my blogging. ^^

We begin this episode with a small sneak peak on Himematsu’s strategy session. They were discussing their strategy for the vanguard match and to our surprise their strategist were wary of Yuuki!

That’s a surprise. To both the team and the watchers of the anime. Sometimes, it is quite easy to dismiss Yuuki as the comic relief but this match reminds us that she’s an awesome player on her own right.

The individuals day 1 of the first season gives us enough proof that at East round Yuuki is unmatched by other players in Nagano on point gain. Though, this of course is probably barring Saki who wasn’t trying on this tournament and Koromo who isn’t in the tournament. And I suppose, I should add Cold! Touka on the list as well.

Still, I feel even with those three out of the way. What Yuuki did was a tremendous accomplishment and I’m glad she’s getting acknowledged for it. Just look at the score difference.

1. Kataoka Yuuki – 436 points 

2. Mihoko Fukuji – 298 points 

Quite a big gap isn’t it? A full 138 points from the Individual Champion of Nagano.

Though, the anime also helpfully reminds us that Yuuki even with the boost on East rounds isn’t invincible. She won 14 out of 20 matches.Meaning she lost 6 matches.

Still, I must reiterate, the fact that she got a whooping 400 points even with those losses, highlights  her ridiculous point gathering abilities.

And now is the time to display those abilities!

Dealer Riichi on the third turn!


Yuuki is scary when she’s on a roll. lol

The response of her opponents to this is very interesting.

Jindai discarded the eight of characters. If you guys noticed Yuuki also has that same tile on her discard pool. Thus, the conclusion that Suzu has drawn was Jindai is in the process of bailing. Which truthfully is the proper course of action when faced with a dealer’s richii.

Still a bit of letdown for the much hyped National Class Monster. Until, you look closely at Suzu’s hand.

Quite curious. Especially in regards to Jindai’s discard and purpose.

Take note. Suzu has the two 8  of characters. She also have the 6,7 and 9.

Suzu could easily call a pon and chi on Jindai’s 8 of characters. 

Lol. I think Suzu missed the call there. No wonder Shiro sighed. ^^

Also explains Shiro’s lines,  when her turn came. “I’m tired. How about this?” [Translation: Sigh. The other player missed the call. Now I have to do something] And proceeded to discard the five of bamboo to help Jindai change the drawing order.

Suzu finally got a clue when she got the two of circles. that was supposed to belong to Yuuki without the change in order.  And Yuuki’s winning hand…

A mangan (4,000 all ) for a total of 12,000 points total. But, as Suzu has surmised without the call, Yuuki should rightfully have a baiman (8,000 all).

Its also worth noting the reaction before Yuuki even drew her tile.

Jindai closed her eyes as if admitting defeat for this hand.And Shiro slouched more on her chair.

Yeah. The anime is subtly telling us that this two have some supernatural sense. ^^



Suzu on the other hand is feeling a bit overwhelmed. Already imagining, her forehead getting branded by the “shame” kanji. After all, its her job to keep the gap between the top place and them to 30,000 points and it looked like it is going to be more than difficult ^^. 

Himematsu’s strategy for the vanguard is interesting to say the least. Considering that the vanguard’s job is to bank points for the team, expecting an automatic point deficit is very counterproductive.

But, as revealed in Episode 5 it is not without some thought. Suzu has an ability. She has some sort of “explosion streak”  wherein it is not rare for her to have 60,000 points and above. <whistles>

And this has a higher chance of triggering the stronger the opponent is. 

And guess what the vanguard match is? Where most teams put their aces guaranteeing strong players which would of course increases the probability of Suzu triggering.

Of course, Himematsu and Kyouko, who I’m assuming is the strategist of the team do know that there is also a chance wherein it won’t trigger hence the ballpark of points that they’re prepared to lose. ^^

Anyway, while Suzu is inwardly panicking.  Yuuki is reflecting on her improvement from the training camp. Normally, all it took to distract and disrupt her is for someone to call tiles. Now, even calling won’t disrupt her.

… Okay, won’t disrupt her completely. She still wins and that’s what counts. ^^

Koromo’s advice is a lol.

Just end the match on East round. 

Good advice. Even if  lacking in perspective. Not everyone is  a National Class Monster, you cute kodomo! ^^


East Hand 1 Bonus Round 1 

Good starting hand.

And normally, I won’t fault Suzu for trying to get a fast win to stop Yuuki’s dealer streak. But, really. She should have not relied on data that much especially when Yuuki is being very obvious and telegraphing to anyone that can read a little of body language that she is in tenpai.

See here:

Yuuki really need to work on hiding her facial expressions.  ^^

Though she might have not noticed since “Yuuki always calls riichi whenever she can according to records“. Fortunately, Yuuki got cured of that. ^^

Back on Kiyosumi’s restroom….

Nodoka is surprisingly tsundere about Yuuki. But, then again, Nodoka seemed to be quite the stern type toward her friends. (See: Maho, Achiga girls, etc).

East 1 Bonus Round 3

We get a bit of info about Shiro next turn.

“Whenever she hesitates, her hand becomes expensive.” 

Pretty simplified. But, quite an apt description of her power if a tad incomplete

Unfortunately, before we can explore Shiro’s ability. Jindai decided to wake up.

 The sequence here is quite funny.

Jindai said that she was sorry that she fell asleep, she will try her best from now on. lol

Her opponents understandably have %?! reaction to that. As noted earlier, Jindai is being too quiet. Her opponents probably interpreted that they’re going to see Jindai moving soon.

But, spectators with highly tuned senses like Kainou-pro and heck Saki here feels that something is off. It feels that a power is fading away than growing stronger. 

And speaking of things to work on, Saki needs to work on communicating what she feels to her friends.Not only in the personal sense but what she observes in the game. Even if it sounds like illogical meaningless babbles, it would be really helpful.

…. Remembers upcoming game.

… Ok. Maybe not…. ^^

Back in the game, everyone is apprehensive.

I did take note of Yuuki’s comment here. On the normal manga run, I was also trolled into thinking that Jindai was about to unleash her powers. And after I got the explanation on why, I thought that this was the competitors also reading too much on Jindai’s statement and getting the wrong conclusion.

Yuuki’s sensing statements sounds odd though.

… Until you guys realized that out of the monsters, she’s comparing Jindai to Saki, and not Koromo. Saki who’s presence is out of whack with what she could do at the table.  Yeah, I can believe that Saki gets more dangerous if her presence seems to disaapear <winks> ^^

Anyway back to the game:

Yuuki’s hand.

A probable mangan waiting for four of bamboo, seven of bamboo and eight of bamboo.


Shiro on the other hand is waiting for the three of bamboo, six of bamboo and the nine of bamboo. 

At this point, your probably wondering. Wow that’s a lot of bamboo.

Guess who is hoarding them?

Damn that sucks.

Yuuki’s only wait that isn’t on her opponent’s hand is the eight of bamboo. And there is only copy that is unaccounted for.

Shiro is marginally better with the nine of bamboo, I believe there are two copies unaccounted for.

This will be a bad situation to be stuck into for those two. If Jindai was playing with her God mode that is. ^^

(Though truthfully its still bad, since Jindai is unlikely to discard anything that is a set which her bamboos are; unless she’s a really bad player when not possessed.)

Luckily for Suzu, luck seemed to be on her side. She got the only non-bamboo wait. A two of circles, a five of circles and eight of circles. I suppose this is a way of reminding us that if one player is stopped it doesn’t mean it will benefit the strongest.



And speaking of confidence. Eisui has it in spades. Hopefully they can back it up. Saying that they’ll be okay even with 90,000 point difference.

And Miyamori isn’t lacking on it either. lol



And now, we move on to East Hand 2. Dealer streaks really makes a match long, doesn’t it?

Now this is interesting. Shiro’s ability is connected to the legend of “Mayoiga”. Which is a nice treat since it isn’t on the manga. In fact, I was so interested, I researched it a bit. ^^

Here is a copy of the legend.

(Not made or translated by me – All credits go to this blog which seemed to be a collection of japanese folk tales) ^^

Anyway here it is “Legend of the House of the Lost” 

Mr. Miura of Oguni is the richest man in the village. 


Two or three generations earlier, the household was poor and the master’s wife rather stupid.

One day the wife went gathering butterbur along the small stream that flowed in front of the gate.

Because there were not many good plants there, she gradually went back deeper into the valley.

All of a sudden she looked up, and there was a house with a fine black gate.

She entered the gate hesitantly.

She saw a large garden with red and white flowers blooming and many hens running about.

In the back of the garden there was a shed with many cows and a stable with many horses. There were no people anywhere.

Finally she entered the house through the main entrance.

In the adjoining room she found many red and black serving trays and bowls.

A charcoal brazier and a tea kettle, with the water boiling briskly, could be seen in the inner room. Nevertheless, there was not a trace of anyone.

Suddenly she became frightened. Thinking that this might be the home of a mountain man she ran off and returned home. もしや山男の家ではないかと急に恐ろしくなり、掛けだして家に帰りたり。

She told people about what she had seen, but no one would believe it.

Again, another day while she was washing things at the bank of the stream in front of the gate, a red bowl came floating down from up-stream.

Because it was so beautiful she lifted it out of the water.

Since she thought she would be scolded if she used this unclean bowl as tableware she put into the grain box and used it to measure rice.

As soon as she began to measure grain with this bowl, the grain never decrease in volume.

The family thought this phenomenon strange, and when they asked her the reason, she told them for the first time how she picked the bowl out of the stream.

From then on the household had good fortune and it became the Miura household of today.

In Tono a strange house in the mountain is called a mayoi-ga (a house hound when one loses his way).  遠野にては山中の不思議なる家をマヨヒガといふ。

Anyone who finds a mayoi-ga is to take anything he likes from among the household objects and domestic animals. 

The house is shown to the person only in order to give him fortune.

It is believe that because the woman was not greedy and did not steal anything from the house, the bowl came floating to her of its own accord.

Tale #63, from “Tono Monogatari (The Legends of Tono)”.

Nice huh? Anyway, tune in for next episode review. Where we are going to watch the Mako smackdown!

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Episode 3.3 – First Impressions

And now flashback time is over. Time to get on with the mahjong.

Btw, wow on the guy announcer. He sounds  GAR. ^^

We begin by Hiroe calling a kan and failing to get a rinshan kaihou. lol. (Subtle reminder that despite Saki making it look easy, Rinshan is a really really rare yaku.)

Anyway, we were given some background information on the match. Namely the scores:

Karouta High School : 168,800

Himematsu High School : 111,300

Hida Business School : 47,900

Kuratsuki High School : 71, 000

When I first saw this,  I was taken aback. I expected Himematsu who was being touted as the top school to be leading. And yet, they were down by 57,500 points.

This coupled with the announcer’s helpful exposition. That Karouta High School gained those points at the vanguard match already hints that the vanguard of Himematsu is less stellar.

The dealer (Hida High school) has called a riichi. Thus, the situation demands some caution.

Pretty nice hand.

She just needs to discard the nine of bamboo and she’ll get an expensive hand. To those who want to know, her yaku is menzen tsumo, honitsu and yakuhai for a total of 5 han. She’s ridiculously lucky with the dora as well. Beside the obvious red five of bamboo on her hand. A brief glimpse of the table shows that the the eight of bamboo (which she has three) and red dragon (she has two). Thus, at the minimum her hand should net her a a sanbaiman (6,000/12,000 points).

She’s also waiting on a white dragon or a red dragon. Which are pretty good waits in my experience. People usually drop honor tiles after all. ^^

All in all. The reward for going for her hand and dropping the nine of bamboo is high.

As for the risks. If you look at the dealer’s discard pictured above. The nine of bamboo is in her discard pool meaning its safe.

The only problem is Himematsu. But, you could see in Hiroe’s discard pile, the eight of bamboo. Usually this is an indicator that the nine of bamboo is safe as the sequence 7-8-9 is out. Though, there is still toitoi (2 han)  and open chanta (1 han).

Really. Even as I look around this. I see that discarding the nine of bamboo is the right choice. Ichigo played well.

No one expects a freaking yakuman.

Chinroutou (A hand composed entirely of terminal tiles) 

I swear Hiroe is really brilliant here.

That rinshan bluff. (Unless, you’re  name is Saki) You simply do not call a rinshan on a yakuman hand. Kan will open doras but due to the fact you have the highest possible hand, it can only benefit your opponents.

Thus, her rinshan declaration at the start was really a bluff/bait. Remember, to her opponent eyes Hiroe’s open pon shows that there are only three yakus she could reasonably aim for toitoi, chanta and chinrouto. 

With her Rinshan, Hiroe managed to mentally eliminate chinrouto (the yaku that she was aiming for) in the equation. You just have to listen to Ichigo’s monologue to see how effective it is. Ichigo did not even consider chinrouto. After all, not only is it a rare hand, Hiroe called a kan and no one does that when they have a yakuman. Even further, Ichigo thought that Hiroe might not be in tenpai. Remember calling kan recklessly can wreck a hand as shown ala Maho in the trainng camp. ^^


We get some characterization for Hiroe at the end of it.

For one, Hiroe… let’s just say that she isn’t lacking in confidence. ^^

I do like her teammates response to her antics. They just nod and says welcome back. lol. Sounds like they’re pretty used to their captain eccentricities.

And I guess, my guess that Suzu dropped the ball on the vanguard match was right. As you can see by the writing on her forehead. ^^

We also get some update on Kiyosumi.

“Nagano is amazing” 

“The dealer is on a renchan streak with crazy wins.”

It seemed like they’re doing really well. ^^

Eisui is also watching Kiyosumi’s matches.

… I am now insanely curious of what shenanigans the first three player of Kiyosumi  namely – Hisa, Mako and Yuuki- were up to in their first interhigh match. Two of their rivals schools are watching them play.  Okay, it may be because they will be their opponents but this is a live match. Shouldn’t Eisui be concerned about Himematsu first?

Of course judging by Eisui’s ensuing conversation. They might be concerned about the school that beat Ryuumonbuuchi. ^^

Especially Amae Koromo. As a recent poster has reminded me, its a bit ridiculous that she managed to put two schools down to zero on her opening match. And then put three schools meaning all her opponents in negative points on the second. Then, you factor that she did this without the full moon. Yeah… Koromo is a pretty badass moon rabbit. ^^


Komaki really shined in her scene here. There is this aura of quiet nobility around her.

Jindai: Even if another region has twenty school, that means they won just as many games as the team we played at the Kagoshima finals. And among those three finals schools in the prefecture tournament, were there any we could afford to underestimate?

Pretty quotable too.




Anyway, while this te-a-te is happening, Hisa is being badass. And managed to unleash a haneman on the sixth bonus turn. Putting a school below to zero. And of course, ending the match.

.I must say that is a pretty bold and eye-catching opening match. Kiyosumi just managed to win their first round in the Interhigh without needing Nodoka and Saki. ^^


Hiroe’s reaction here is pretty interesting as well.

Hiroe: Now this is interesting. I’m going to have to teach them a lesson.

It says quite a lot about Hiroe’s personality. The first is her boundless confidence. And the other is well… Hiroe is quite a trash talker. ^^

Its really quite a contrast to Komaki Jindai’s quiet dignity.

Jindai: Let us meet all of our opponents with respect.

Stark difference isn’t it? ^^




Fast forward a little. And we are now on Day 5. Side A Quarter finals are starting. And Kiyosumi is watching Shiraitodai’s match specifically Takami’s.

It also means they are not watching the Achiga and Senriyama showdown that happened at the same time.

You know… I wonder about the comments. Yuuki and Kana mentioned all the other schools that are fighting Shiraitodai and said they are good. There is a conspicuous absence of Shiraitodai on their comment…




Notice that Saki didn’t watch the match. She’s really avoiding Teru. Even cable version of Teru. ^^

Saki looked a bit melancholy in this shot…





And Yuuki is really learning her lessons. Take note: she ate Tacos in the waiting room. In the prefectural tournament she took them in the match room which caused it to get eaten by Jun. ^^

Notice the commentators billing of this match. “The compelling match-up of Eisui High School and Himematsu High School.” 

Most probably think the same. That the match would be a showdown between the two schools. Consequently, the two winner is already decided in their mind as well. And the commentator for the match is a surprise as well.


Interesting choice for the quarterfinals. Though quite worrying considering what will happen next.

But, enough about that.

More factoid. Kainou-pro alma mater is Oujou High School. I took the liberty of checking the tournament brackets for you guys and the team that they lost to.

Remember them?

That’s right. The Tea ceremony/Mahjong club. ^^

Anyway, time to introduce the competitors.

First is of course, Jindai Komaki.

… I’ve gotta say. There is something weird about the bridge there. I know its Shinto maiden thingy but its weird. Why is there something like the in the tournament venue? lol Either Jindai’s family spruce it up (their probably rich enough) or its some sort of prayer room in the tournament, that was probably given since well… Eisui team are shinto maidens.



Shiro from Miyamori.

Another unknown school like Kiyosumi.

My first impression. Lazy. ^^



Next is Suzu from Himematsu.

According to the announcer, she used to be the vice-captain but now she is playing the vanguard. Quite a position change. And harder on Suzu in general. The vice-captain is usually easier than the vanguard round right now. The current school of thought is putting your ace as the opening.




And of course, Yuuki!

Notice the cape!

Looking pretty heroic and powerful there, Yuuki!

Exhibit A: Media in Saki-verse are idiots. Take everything especially if it isn’t a pro commentator with a grain of salt.

Just kidding. ^^

To be honest, its probably expected. Though, the amazing performance of Kiyosumi in Nagano leaves no doubt to their strength to those who watched it. I don’t think the media is one of the watchers. After all, there are like 52 simultaneous qualifying tournaments going on. And Nagano being small and less famous is probably not the most covered prefecture.

Thus, Kiyosumi’s fame is probably exclusive in Nagano. And that’s true, we could see they have a lot of fans in the previous part of the episode.

The small memo does show that someone took note of them. Just not the current field reporters. sigh…

Yuuki is understandably upset. Saying that Nagano’s level went down meant that the reporters are looking down on them. Her team and her new friends from the training camp.

… And its something that she can’t allow.

Meta-wise, its also a very absurd statement. Nagano prefecture is a hell hole. The difficulty level there is just insane. Half of the National teams if they decided to transfer in Nagano won’t make it to the final round.

Just remember that Achiga. A team which effortlessly breezed through their prefecture. Which made it to the final round of the interhigh, can’t beat Ryuumonbuuchi. And if anime sequence is right. They also lost to the top tier players of Nagano when they practiced.

So Yuuki! Fighto! Show those stupid reporters whos the boss!
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Episode 3.2 – End of Preparation

I’m seriously behind the Saki episodes. Anyway, here is part 2.

Part 1 is here.

We begin with a short scene between Fujita-pro and our favorite congress President which is very nice.  It really showed the familiarity between the two. It feels like the two are long time friends.

And while, I’m insanely curious about how that came to be. This scene also set-up some foreshadowing of something beyond the Interhigh. They  name-dropped two tournaments – World Junior Championship and the National Tournament. It seemed that Fujita was scouting for the one or both mentioned tournament and asked Hisa to arrange the camp.

I have a feeling that this is connected to the change in the tournament rules as well. As Hisa guessed they are looking for player’s you wouldn’t find in normal qualifying tournaments. Which understandably lead to some  speculation that the tournament is set-up to favor occult style.

I disagree  with the above assumption btw.

Personally, making the rules favorable for one type player irks me. It will also make me want to question the result of the tournament. And I want to assume whoever planned this Interhigh which is probably the Mahjong Association of Japan or something like that has some sort of integrity. Thankfully, its not the case here.

I think that in many ways the tournament rules is a compromise. Its true that the rule set favor some type of occult power. But, it actually nerfs the monsters. Just think of what happens if you allow double yakuman or give Teru/Koromo longer matches. ^^

… If you’re thinking of unmitigated disaster with one player deciding the whole match. You’re probably on the right track. ^^ Anyway, this scenario is bad considering this is supposed to be a TEAM tournament so even though I’m against nerfing in general. I can understand the thought that went to it.

I personally believe that whoever made the tournament rules is aware of both sides and is catering to them. The normal players gets a chance to strike at the monsters while the occult players gets a chance to demonstrate their skills. The monsters get to contribute meaningfully as well but not on the level of singlehandedly deciding a match. ^^


I went off tangent….

Let’s go back to the training camp. ^^

We get the results here.

Maho is in last place for the 3 sets of hanchan. That’s to be expected. Outside of her power, Maho was seen to be pretty terrible.

The last three is more interesting and unexpected. ^^

  • As shown, Nodoka is pretty steady, she didn’t get a minus score even if she doesn’t win a match. This is the reason why she does well in the individual. She may not win big but she won’t be getting big loses. Thus, little by little her score adds up.On the other hand, it also shows that Nodoka is capable of getting big scores as well. +42 and +66 is a blowout. ^^
  • I’m actually surprised that Muro won a match. Its a pretty big win too. +41. On the other hand, its also the most suspicious match score wise. -41/ +41/ +10/ -10 really? The numbers match-up a little too well. ^^  … Either I’m underrating Muro or a certain someone did something. Considering this is probably the round that she does that earnestly I feel I have a right to that feeling. ^^
  • I don’t need to mention the third interesting thing right? (Hint: Saki’s score) ^^

And with that done, you might be wondering what is the point of it all.


Maho served as some sort of reference for Mako. If you guys remember, she was in trouble with Kaori of Tsuruga because her database doesn’t have much beginner plays stored in there.

With Maho, a eternal beginner around, she can collect and expand her data.


And another point of bringing Maho is to “frighten” Saki.

Unlike Mako, this move by Hisa is pretty controversial.

On one hand, I’ve always thought that anything that adds to Saki’s mental instability is automatically a bad thing. Saki being not serious but happy is good.  She actually plays better when on that mood compared when she is a nervous wreak. (See: Nagano Captain Prefecture Match) 

In fact, a friend of mine suggested the best way to prepare Saki for a match is overdose her with Prozac. lol

On the face of this, Hisa’s coaching decision is strange, downright counterproductive. But, as I’ve mentioned in the post before, Hisa’s ability is to feel the significance about a particular tile and I’ve thought that this segues nicely to her high coaching ability.

Thus, I hypothesize that maybe Hisa thought that there is something amiss with Saki’s generally happy mood. After all, Hisa used the word unsteady to describe Saki right now. And considering what little we know about Saki’s past that may fit Saki’s disposition post-prefecture tournament.

After all, Saki’s big goal in this tournament is to “talk” to Teru. Winning the prefecture tournament means one step closer to her goal. Happy Saki is to be expected. But, that is only in the surface.

We now know that Teru is… err… not welcoming of her sister to put it mildly. And Saki is aware of that. To put it bluntly, Saki’s current happy state may be a result in Saki ignoring/repressing this tiny detail.

Thus, unsteady. 

In light of this, Hisa’s decision make more sense. Hisa may be able to feel significance of that tile that comes to her. But, acting on that feeling almost always put her in a bad position than if she ignored it.

Thus, even if Hisa metaphorically popped Saki’s happy bubble causing her to play worse  initially than if Hisa didn’t do so. It might pay off in the end. After all, better pop that bubble now when in a controlled environment than in a life and death match. This has the added bonus of making Saki ready if someone pulled a rinshan on her or something similar to it.

Anyway, this sort of coaching fits Hisa’s character. She is really the type to pick the worst odds that have a potential large pay-off a the end. ^^ 



As for Saki, as we could see she’s thinking of what happened.

I’ve thought that while this move is necessary, Saki seeing someone else use Rinshan Kaihou other than her  is perhaps more than a bit painful.

Rinshan Kaihou is undoubtedly something precious to Saki. And I’m 90% sure that its related to Teru.

Imagine then, Saki seeing such a move replicated, copied effortlessly. Made worse, that Maho used the same exact way that Saki does. Imagine what could she be feeling then. That something she considered unique isn’t so. That it can copied That it might have no special meaning.

And consider the implications that it will have on what it mean regarding Teru and Saki’s relationship with her.

As I’ve said.


But, its probably something that Saki will need to face in the future.



We have here Yuuki and Nodoka clowning around. lol

I really liked this sequence because though Yuuki and Nodoka will probably stronger just by facing stronger opponents. Hisa hasn’t forgotten them and is brainstorming a method to help them.

As for Hisa herself, she prepared by fighting the strongest opponents she could.

On the list is of course:


It just warms my heart how happy Koromo is compared to before the prefecture tournament. Right now, in the training camp a lot of people are happy to play with her. ^^





Momo’s jealousy is amusing. lol

And I swear Hisa is a troll. Did she have to say it that way. ^^



And of course, Mihoko.

The BGM change on this part is a nice touch. Subtle in shipping this anime is not.

And I’m sure that there have been many speculation on Kana pushing Mihoko to Hisa. From the romantic to the pragmatic. I say its both. lol

As a romantic speculation, I think Kana’s motion is trying to make Mihoko happy. I’m pretty sure Mihoko’s obvious *crush* on Hisa is hard to miss especially by Kana.

For practical purposes, I’m with Cytrus. Mihoko need all the experience she can get to succeed in the individual



 Pretty nice scene here.

Hisa is showing her tsundereness at the direct support. Once again. ^^


And this one is a nice touch showing that this is truly a 4 team training camp. Its true that Kiyosumi was the host. But the other  schools have mingled and interacted as well. ^^

And with this scene ends the training camp flashback.

Tune in for part III.
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Episode 3.1 – The Meaning behind the Shape

Episode 2 is here 

Episode 3 is pretty jam packed with goodies. So it gets more posts ^^

I. Nodoka’s middle school years

We begin with a flashback from Nodoka.

Take note of the Achiga uniform. Nodoka hasn’t transferred yet. But, she’s already drifting away from Shizuno. We know that Ako  has went  for another school so yeah…

Though, this does  make one wonder if Shizuno and Nodoka aren’t that close.  After all, Shizuno and Nodoka even if they aren’t classmates were still in the same school, I would have thought they had more contact. Or since this happened after  Ako went away. Perhaps, Ako was the bonding glue and without her the friendship collapsed apart?

… Or I’m thinking too much about this. Its a bit depressing but this sort of thing happens all the time.

We get a bit of introspection with Nodoka alone in her computer to highlight her loneliness and perhaps regrets.

Everyone drift bit by bit…

If I knew it would feel like this. I would have ….

Remember, the picture dramas implied that the only reason that Nodoka picked Kiyosumi was because Yuuki, her friend, will be there. (Yuuki of course picked Kiyosumi because its the only school that sells tacos in the cafeteria ^^)

We also know that Nodoka opposed the decision to transfer out to Kiyosumi despite her father’s rather sensible objections. And we know how much Nodoka values “logic”.

I think this shows how much Nodoka want to avoid what happened at Achiga. Friends drifting away, losing contact.  Nodoka doesn’t want that to happen with her team, her friends. She was given a brand new chance and she’s not going to waste it. This time, she will hold onto them as long as she could.


Yuuki and Nodoka meeting was fun though. Btw, want to guess which friend Yuuki reminded Nodoka of?


That’s right. Not Shizu. Don’t believe me watch the early parts of Achiga. ^^

We also meet the rest of Nodoka and Yuuki’s teammate.  Most notable is SUBARA! The wonderful vanguard for Shindouji in the current tournament.

And I swear Muro and Maho is being shipped as a couple. Its a bit weird though that Maho is the one who pick up Muro considering Maho is younger and looked like the less responsible of the two. But, as they say don’t judge a book by its cover. ^^

And with this the flashback ends and we resume the match which was left the following episode.

II. vs. Maho 


Maho’s starting hand. Nothing abnormal here. Her discard is also in line with a digital player.

That’s because Maho is copying Nodoka. She even plays online and have a digital avatar. But, as Muro explains “Super Mahocchi” is pretty weak and has a rating of R1200.

… That’s frankly terrible. If online mahjong in Sakiverse mirror our rating in the real world for this sort of games, a 1200 rating is for a beginner player. For comparison, I remember that Nodoka has a rating of 2300 or somewhere in that range when she plays.  And last time I checked, there is like 3 people in tenhou with that rank. ^^



Anyway, take a look at Maho’s hand. Its not a bad hand. Has lots of waits. Two tiles away from winning. A bit cheap though. Its also no-brainer which tile you should discard if you want to pursue a win. (The 2 of circles)

Of course since she’s playing like Nodocchi. You guys know what she picked. The more logical one. Getting a cheap hand isn’t really worth the danger of getting hit with Nodoka’s probable expensive hand. So she discarded her seven of bamboo and bailed.


If you look at Maho’s discards her defensive ability is quite good. She discarded the seven of bamboo because its in Nodoka’s discard pool. Her subsequent discards follows the same pattern using safe tiles or tiles that were reasonably safe


And here things gets interesting since we can actually hear Maho’s thoughts. She’s using Hisa’s power giving us a window to how it works.

Take note of that hand:

If Maho went for the logical route discarding the 3 of circles she would have three waits: (assuming she picked it up herself)

  • four of bamboo  which would probably give something like a menzen tsumo + sanshoku doujun for 3 han 40 fu = 1,300/2,600 points
  • seven of bamboo has no additional yaku beside the probable tsumo 1 han40 fu =400/700 points
  • eight of bamboo is probably 1 han 30 fu = 300/500 points

If Maho kept the 3 of circles though. She would have a probable mangan. 8,000 points. But, it would probably be a hell wait.

If Maho aims to play like Nodoka she would have picked the win with more option cheaper as it was. But, since she’s playing like Hisa.

…She picked the 3 of circles and consequently won. ^^

In any case, it shows that Hisa’s power isn’t really hell wait. She has certain special feeling about some tiles that come in her hand which she interprets. In this case, keeping the dora which resulted into her win. The hell waits is the consequence of her special intuition for certain tiles, not the power itself.

Its pretty versatile all things considered. Come to think of it, it may be one of the reason why Hisa is good at advising.


Next hand, Maho is using Saki’s power. ^^

We see a typical Saki hand, one with a ready kan. Its also a hand that is waiting for 5 of characters.


 We were also shown Saki’s hand herself. Its waiting on the 5 of character and 8 of character for a two sided wait. ^^

Its pretty intriguing that Maho realized that Saki was waiting on the 5 of characters  I wonder if its because she could sense what her opponents hand was. Or just realized that because they have the same power, they’ll probably waiting on the same thing. Or both.



Anyway, Maho got her rinshan which showed that her power is the genuine article.

But, by now you’re wondering what power is it?

Yesterday, I’ll probably answer with this.

Maho copies powers from people near her.

But, after making further analysis. I think that this is oversimplified. It implies that Maho can use the copied power as a tool. And with more experience and skill she can use them better. I don’t think Maho can actually do that.

For Maho doesn’t  just copy powers.  I think that Maho becomes the person that she is emulating. (If for just 1 hand) 

Let’s take a look at Nodoka’s “power”. She has a great analytic mind capable of discerning the most beneficial path possible from all the variables available to her. But, Maho  in Mahocchi mode didn’t just copy Nodoka’s analytic mind. Maho took on Nodoka’s mannerism, her values and perhaps even her personality as if its her own.

This can be seen with Hisa’s and Saki’s as well. Take note of the way that Maho won and moved. The way that she announced her score. The way she literally thought. Its markedly different each time she used a different  power.

I suppose we should have expected this. In this verse, the powers that the players wield usually embodied and symbolized something important to them. It should no surprise then that to copy the powers successfully, Maho should become the player in question. For its the players biases, judgement, values, those are the reasons why a player pick and discard a tile and thus is the foundation of their playing style.

And since we’re on that subject of player’s powers reflecting something important to them. Maho’s power itself arose from admiration of the powerful players that surround her. She admired them so much that she can’t help but copy them. After all, copying is the sincerest form of admiration.^^

Before we leave this sequence though, its also worth noting that Maho didn’t copy MAKO’S power.

I have three theories on why this happened.

Theory 1: Maho’s power stem from her admiration of a player.Since Maho hasn’t seen Mako displaying her power and making it look desirable as compared to Hisa and Saki. Maho doesn’t admire Mako enough to emulate her powers. (isn’t it sad, Mako?)

Theory 2:  Mako’s power stem from watching and remembering thousands of games played. Maho can’t copy it because even if she imitated Mako’s mindset, she doesn’t have any thousands of plays to draw the experience from. Just like Maho still needs tacos to activate taco power.

Theory 3: The manga ran out of page time. (Just kidding ^^)

I favor theory 2 though. Theory 1 and theory 3 feels like bullying. ^^

Last but definitely not the least, Saki’s reaction to Maho getting a rinshan.


Some have interpreted that Saki became fearful of Maho when she used her Rinshan and I won’t deny that there were elements of fear and surprise there. But, the most surprising reaction for me was the ANGER or perhaps FRUSTRATION
that Saki displayed.

Because that clenched fist cannot be anything else.

And that is intriguing because Saki is a pretty laid-back person. She doesn’t anger or frustrate often. (Actually amend that, we haven’t seen a peep of it on the entire run of the show. ^^ )

Until now, that is.

And quite a surprising trigger too.

Doing a Rinshan Kaihou. 

And its even more interesting when you take note of her reaction to cold! Touka just a while ago. If you remember Cold! Touka stopped her kan dead in the water and she didn’t mind. In fact, Saki was excited at the prospect.

Both times consequently, someone has interfered with her territory. And both times Saki has a differing reaction. And thus, I want to ask what makes stopping Saki’s kans and copying Rinshan different? What drew the different reaction?

For now, the clue we have is the brief flashback we have of Teru and Saki regarding said yaku. And what I’m reiterating in my post for a sometime. That is  “powers represent something important about the user.” 

The main question is then, what? What does the yaku symbolized for Saki?

I leave it for you readers to decide.

But, best bet is probably something about Teru. ^^

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Episode 2 – Support

Episode 1 is here. 

Anyway, Episode 2 is another set-up episode.

To be honest, I kinda expected this. Being a manga reader, I know that Saki won’t be getting to the good stuff (i.e. the mahjong battles) until the  third episode (And this is the most optimistic prediction). But, once its there though, it will be non-stop mahjong so I’m pretty forgiving. ^^

Anyway, enough on my ramblings. Time to review the episode itself.

The episode begins with an anime original of  Eisui. They are frolicking on some sort of temple designed onsen. (This show. lol) They were conversing pretty leisurely. There were some lines that grabbed my attention here and there.


This question in particular.

To recap. Jindai was sleeping and the first thing that one of her teammate asked was, “Did you see anything?”  That in my book  was pretty unusual. It immediately aroused my suspicion. Does Jindai “see” the future or something supernatural while she sleep?

SPOILER:Its specially interesting because in the manga chapter that we were shown Jindai’s point of view we could clearly see her imagining the beach along with everyone. Something that has yet to happen at that point. I wonder if she has some sort of “precognition” power, she’s supposed to have a bunch of Gods right? And foretelling the future is a standard Miko power. ^^

Anyway, her answer to this was a bit tame. She remembered what happened the year before. When Hatsumi (the almost naked loli) volunteered herself to join the team.

On that note, I would like to make several observation about Eisui.


They’re rich!

If the branch houses and the customized bathhouse didn’t clue you guys in. Have a look at this Japanese style mansion!

They’re also pretty easy going and chill as Jindai’s reaction to her last year lost shows. There is no vowing of revenge nor any sense of bitterness due to her defeat. Just the fun memories of facing many strong opponents.

Another thing to note, is the BGM that plays during this scene. The combination of wind instrument and bells gives rise to an image of an archaic Japan. For me, it feels slow, peaceful and a tad mythical which is quite fitting for the Eisui team.

But, enough about Eisui, as the show subtly tells us. Time has passed and its the third day. Meaning its Kiyosumi’s first match in the Interhigh.



Back to our errant protagonists. Hisa is contemplating the closet filled with uniforms. I feel that our dear buchou is being more random than usual. Could she be nervous? Even Mako doesn’t understand Hisa’s ramblings.

Time to wake up the first years.


Aren’t they adorable? ^^

No separate rooms, for the first years huh?  I suppose this illustrate the lack of funds of Kiyosumi in general compared to other Mahjong clubs. Even Achiga has a double room for their members and their room was more grander looking. Kiyosumi in contrast looked like a cheap dorm room.

I suppose this illustrate in some ways that Kiyosumi despite their impressive roster is still the underdog in this tournament. Considering apart from that they don’t have anything else like a coach or even funding.

The small scene of the first years waking up was pretty fun, though.


Saki, a morning person, you are not. Wake up sleepy head!



Yuuki, on the other hand, wakes up pretty easily. I could already feel her energy.




Nodoka wakes up pretty easily as well.

On a minor note, I’ve noticed that Nodoka’s nodokas aren’t as offensive to my sensibilities as it did on Season 1. I might come to like them now.

The improvement? the shirt doesn’t make a perfect silhouette which is against gravity. *sweatdrop*

Anyway, next scene is Saki-Nodoka conversation. The scene is mostly from Nodoka’s point of view. But, I really liked how worried she was for Saki in here. She visibly clenched her plushy doll, Etopen, a telltale sign.

As for Saki, the scene really shows that she internalize a lot of things. Saki isn’t really very expressive. She doesn’t raise her voice nor emote apart from some cues here and there. In fact, the way she causally mentioned the rift between her and Teru make it seem as she was talking about the weather.  But, the way she answered Nodoka’s question to me spoke of  “resignation” and perhaps “determination”.

Resignation in a way that she has accepted that Teru is not going to talk to her. And determination…  

Extraneous note: I really love Saki’s eyes. They’re a nice intense blood red. Pretty intimidating even without the flame, actually. )

Saki will do anything to meet Teru through mahjong. Even if she has to plow through the competition all the way to the top.

Anyway, I think this is the perfect to ramble about the bracket. Please look at this translation made by Marina2.



The tournament was divided by 4 blocks. Each of this block takes 1 day to finish. Block A would be on the first day. Block B second day. Block C which is where Kiyosumi is would on the third day.

The seeded teams are given a free pass on the first round of the tournament. That’s why Eisui is lazing around on the third day. Beside this, the first round is single type elimination meaning only one team will go up to join the quarterfinals round.

From the quarterfinals round, the seeded team would join the tournament bracket. From here as well, two teams will pass from each match and join the semi-final (the 1st and the 2nd).

If you guys noticed, Saki’s comment stems from Shiraitodai (Teru’s school) being on the other side of the bracket. Meaning the only way for Kiyosumi and Shiraitodai to fight is in the finals. This is also true with Achiga.

And now we get the meat of the episode.

Remember the title card: “Support”


First, Ryuumonbuuchi shows up to offer this.

If you guys noticed there is a short skit regarding names in this. Koromo used Nonoka and Saki. I’m sure you guys remembered the incident with etopen and why Koromo used Nonoka. Saki though is an entirely new development. Especially when prior to the training camp and even at the early phase of it Koromo uses Rinshan user.

Saki also has something going on with Koromo. She kept lapsing on what honorific to use. Saki instinctively used -chan instead of the -san that Koromo insist. On Koromo’s end, it must be because -chan is diminutive and she doesn’t like being called or talked as a child.  (Koromo isn’t a Kodomo, anyone? ^^) That and Saki is technically a year younger than Koromo.

Saki though, probably used it as a sign of intimacy. She is actually fond of using -chan on her close friends. Kyou-chan, Yuuki-chan, Nodo-chan and now Koromo-chan. I admit that I’m curious about what caused this change. I’m going to wait for a flashback on this one. ^^

Anyway, there is also a little punishment game regarding Touka making Nodoka a maid. lol. What took my attention on this one, is Hajime’s objection. It could be that she’s being sensible as usual. But, if you guys remembered S1, Hajime takes pride on being Touka’s maid and wearing chains because it signified them getting closer to one another. Is this jealousy we’re seeing?


Speaking of without honorific, there seems to be some closeness developed with Hisa and Yumi. Take note at the honorific that Yumi used.



I wonder how Momo is taking this. lol.



They also brought message of support from the entire prefecture.

… Wow. I don’t think I have ever seen a sport this popular. I don’t think even soccer does this. Just reminds me how insanely popular Mahjong is. And of course, how far Kiyosumi has come.

They might not have fans in the national venue itself as shown when Hisa was drawing lots, but a lot of people in their prefecture has become a believer. But, then again, the Nagano Prefecture Finals is THAT good.



But, it isn’t just their prefecture, their school is of course doing things to support them too. And apparently, the vice-president is a lolicon. lol.

But, the more important thing is how… umm… how should I put this? How tsundere Hisa is about the support she was being given.

As the montage shows, Hisa was used to tough times. She started the club with just herself. And then next year, she got Mako which gave her a ray of hope. But, now…  ^^

In some ways, its a pretty nice characterization for our buchou.Just like the hell waits she is fond of, Hisa is used to tough times, expected it, thrived in it. But, this support she was getting is something that she isn’t used to.

Anyway, we get flashback of training camp and sergeant round 2.


 Beginner’s luck strikes again!

Hehehe! Its worth noting another nugget of information buried around the conversation. Mako revealed that “All green” is her favorite yakuman. I would take it as just an interesting trivia if I didn’t remember who is Mako’s opponent for the finals.

Remember Yuu from Achiga likes warm tiles. Thus, tiles with red on it is more than likely to be drawn by Yuu. But, the opposite corollary is also true. If Yuu gets the tiles with red in it, it means her opponents have a higher chance of getting tiles which has no red. 

Now look at the “all green” yakuman. ^^



Anyway, on this training camp we also get the appearance of Professional Mahjong Cards. They were distributed in Achiga DVD extra. And I have made a post about it here. 

But, now we get to the interesting part.

The appearance of Cold Touka!.

Btw, this has been referenced before.


See above conversation with the bystander. During the vice-captain match, they were quite confident about Touka. And they even mentioned the match against Rinkai!

Its really too bad though. But, if I’m getting it right the activation of Cold Touka is the presence of powerful players. Err… vice-captain S1 is lacking on that. Its well known that Nodoka doesn’t emit supernatural mahjong energy. She’s a bit of anti-magic in a sense. Momo…. is defined by her lack of presence. And I can’t remember Kazekoshi’s name outside universe, that’s how forgettable she is….

There is very little chance for Cold! Touka to awaken in that game. <sweatdrop>

But, Saki, Koromo, Fujita?

Well, if Touka doesn’t awaken in her cold form in that match she’ll never awaken.


And more interesting conversation.

The boy that married into Ryuumonbuchi. 

With that single line we get some insight on the Ryuumonbuchi family. For one its Touka’s mother that has the name Ryuumonbuchi and it is prestigious enough that her husband left his family’s register and took his wife’s name.

Second, there is a high chance that Koromo doesn’t think well of her uncle. I can imagine that maybe because according to S1, it was her uncle who isolated her in another mansion and called her a monster saying it was her fault that her parents died.

Third, Koromo’s uncle/Touka’s father may not be such a bad guy.Considering his disdain and low opinion for monster players.  He might just be looking out for Touka. Considering that Touka’s trigger for cold mode is strong player then separating Koromo and Touka might be good in his eyes. That and Koromo is a breathing living example of monster player doesn’t hurt.


Anyway, Cold Touka’s playstyle is interesting. Well, not really.

At first it seems logical at first glance. Getting rid of the honor tiles. But, if I’m not wrong, she’s in tenpai earlier in the hand with two waits and she didn’t declare riichi. Though, considering who she is up against, announcing that she is near to winning probably isn’t a good idea.

More than Touka’s playstyle, its her opponents that has interesting hands. In the sense that they are not.

Saki usually have some sort of kan by now. But, her hand says that she doesn’t. They are also not in tenpai.

Hmmm… I wished we saw more of this match. But, I suppose this is a set-up to introduce Megan. The opponent that “beat” Cold Touka even if its cowardly. Its still beating.


The aftermath is also interesting. Here we get a shot of what Saki’s reaction to getting her kan nullified for basically three matches.

Saki rolled in the floor in happiness. 

I wonder if I should take this as evidence that Saki doesn’t mind if you someone stopped her kans. That and her level of seriousness during the training camp.


Anyway next episode! The Star of the Training Camp Arrives!

Episode 3 – START! 

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Have a Teru figure?

Professional Mahjong Cards

Mahjong being the big game that it is in the Saki-verse has collectible pro cards in-universe. They came in with the extra DVD of the Achiga episode and contain nice worldbuilding information.

Here are the cards for the pros that has appeared on the anime so far.

  • Team: Saku Ferreters
  • Age 25
  • H 170 cm W 57 Kg
  • Birthday June 25 in Nagano Prefecture
  • Yumifuri – Okayama – Toyama – Saku

Became Pro after success in Intercollegiate and Business Leagues. Oftentimes sortied as a Captain when her team is losing.





  • Yokohama Lodestars
  • Age 24
  • H 145 cm W 37 Kg 
  • Birthday February 23 in Kanagawa Prefecture
  • Myoukouji – Yokohama

“The RBI King that led the team to first place with overwhelming firepower and gamebreaking Golden Hands. Currently the Vanguard of the All-Japan Team”





  • Age 27
  • Birthday: November 7
  • 153 cm 43kg
 Undefeated in the country. Winner of seven titles. Formally ranked second in the world. Was League MVP every year when she played for Ebisu. 

  • Team: Nobeoka Spangles
  • Age 72, Born Oct 21st
  • Born in Kumamoto
  • Managura, Tokyo, Toyama, Noveoka

A former star player. 著書多数. He has held the highest rating since 1868 for 5 consecutive years.. Currently enrolled in a senior league team. 





The Spook
Kainou Yoshiko
Matsuyama Flotilla
Age 20
Born in Nagano Prefecture

Known for winning last year’s “Rookie of the Year” and “Silver Shooter” Titles. Hopes to show her phantasmagoric play.


(Translation not made by me)

Episode 1 – To Tokyo (Team Introductions)

And now the moment that we are waiting for has finally arrived! Saki Zenkoku-hen is here!

And I loved every second of the first episode. Just watching the old cast and the new ones receiving voices and animation is enough to make me satisfied. ^^

Still, though, I’m not blind to its fault. Namely, its a terrible first episode for those who are unfamiliar with the Saki franchise. Heck, judging from comments I read on some forums even anime only viewers would feel lost here.

Don’t worry though.

This is why I’m making this post! Here, I’ll try to give you guys background of the characters as non-spoiler as possible so you’ll enjoy the show better. (Except if you highlight the text which says spoiler of course)  ^^

Continue reading

Captain Quarterfinals Part VI – Saki Strikes Back!

When we last left the game, Kasumi is dominating using her god mode! Which wouldn’t do for our brown haired protagonist for Kasumi has reached the point where any wins from her will make it significantly harder for Saki to get +/- zero and first place.

Though, stopping Kasumi was easier said than done. As we have noted in our previous analysis, Saki may or may not have tried to do so in the last hand; only for Kasumi to win before her.

And it looked like Kasumi wasn’t obliging again this time.

Holly Molly isn’t getting that sort of hand regularly kinda cheating?! 

Continue reading

Captain Quarterfinals Part V – Kasumi invokes Godmode! Literally!

Previous post here:


When we left of.

Toyone’s dazzling display of her second ability has left her opponents  pressured. This goes double for Kasumi since Eisui is now last. Her fantastic defense isn’t going to help them win now if she didn’t get any points.

Continue reading