Moon Pride! Fangirling edition!

I’m supposed to be working on episode 2 then I saw this.

First thought while watching that? Who the hell animated this and why aren’t they working on CRYSTAL?!

Because seriously, this is simply marvelous. The moment I knew of its existence, I’m a couple thousand yen lighter courtesy of Amazon. It’s just that awesome!

Which is why I’m going to be fangirling on the song.  And bitterly wondering why isn’t the rest of the series animation like this.

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Sailor Moon Crystals 01- Usagi is not Usagi is still Usagi?

Whatever you do, don’t watch this in 1020 definition. You will hate it. On my first watch, I can’t get over how I LOATHED Usagi’s character design that I quit after the first ten minutes of seeing it.

And this is coming from someone who really really wants to like this anime.

Anyway, after sleeping on it and putting it out of my mind, I re-watched it again due to my friends insistence.

. … And what do you know, it wasn’t the horrible abomination that I thought it was. And the only difference I could find was my friend used 720p and I used 1020p. On my entirely subjective interpretation between the two, the 720p is a lot grainier which made all the difference.


Though, I wouldn’t discount that I might have lowered my expectations in the subsequent hours which might account for the improvement ^^

Anyway, enough rambling, time to get on toward the episode.

<Warning heavy nostalgia filter and digression on everything ahead>

P.S. This is spoiler heavy because I assume everyone is already familiar with the plot.

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