Selector Spread Wixoss 04.1 – Meeting Tama Again

Well, now that the site is mostly fixed. Its time to do some blogging. Because I’m behind by miles again. But, what else is new? lol

Anyway,  for those who are waiting for it.

Finally, TAMA IS HERE! And she can  meet Ruu!

Though, she isn’t very happy about it.  (Mayu, you suck. ><)

[su_label]The only reason to feel guilty about shipping RuuxIona (Ignoring mental sanity of course) [/su_label]

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Selector Spread Wixoss 03 – Setting the Stage

This episode is quite slow. But, it doesn’t mean it isn’t interesting. Quite a lot of the character motivation was explored, plus few teaser hints; as well as the awaited reunion at the end.

So let’s start with the most exploration and one that was eagerly anticipated. The question that was on everyone’s mind at the end of S1.

I. What the heck happened to Tama? 


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Selector Spread 02 – Ambivalent Pairings

We begin this episode with talking about a “MASTERMIND”.

Naturally, they meant Mayu, the mysterious girl in the white room. Unfortunately, the only known way of corresponding to Mayu is to become an LRIG. Something which is kinda a no-go. (unless your wish is to be an LRIG in the first place, then please do so and give us the juicy hints.)

As for me, I think there is an easier solution to their problem. WIXOSS is a card game right? It even have an official novel guide which is suspiciously true to life. Why don’t you girls  investigate the company making this cards. A simple google will at least get you the higher-ups. And if you’re lucky you gals might even be able to pull some publicly available information regarding said higher-ups.

<psst> Remember, be on the look-out for trips to foreign locales such as Egypt or some tragic event in their background.

…. Oh wait. Wrong series. ^^

Still, I’m suspicious of the company making these cards. And some of the dropped information in the novel is starting to look ominous. Like the seven loses bursting-thing due to WIXOSS factor that has been stated.  Considering the fact that failed Selectors can become Selectors again. I won’t discount that.



This game is looking more rigged by the minute. Fortunately, Ruuko is aware of this as well as we can see from her monologue.

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Selector Spread Wixoss 01 – Black and White Shadows

When people dared you to do a make some posts about the one of the show that you are anticipating this season but is embarrassed to let people know, the right answer is to say no.


Sure, why not?

But, of course, my impulse control sucks so there we go.

Not that I believe Wixoss is embarrassing. Its one of the interesting TCG anime out there (Though, I suppose, it’s not really a TCG anime since the card battle appear to be superfluous …. which may or may not be the reason why I like it.) Still, I do believe, I’ll enjoy blogging it solely for the pathos and the atmosphere.

Plus, I think I threw my pride out of the window a long time ago when I publicly admitted to watching Saki and Sailor Moon. But, between Psycho Pass, Log Horizon and Unlimited Blade Works, this is probably the odd one out of the bunch. ^^

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