Toyone vs Awaii! A riichi battle!

Someone once asked me what will happen if Toyone and Awai battle it out. 

And here we will try to find out.

Edit note: to those who read this before, I forgot to count the starting hands so you might need to read it again.


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Oohoshi Awai – Powering the Fading Supernova

Oohoshi Awai has been  a great source of speculation ever since she aired. This is mostly because she has long been suspected to be the “heavy” of the upcoming match in the long awaited finals of the team tournament. The one who will function as the Koromo for Saki in the Nationals. She was to be the second coming of Teru and Saki’s Final boss.

And as we look onto Side-A’s semifinal captain match with expectant eyes. We find that our hopes were sadly betrayed.

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