Saki : The Conclusion of the Fifth Place Team Match

So after nearly two years, we finally get the conclusion of the fifth stage match. And as you all know, I made two posts regarding how the fights would be like. 1 2   Let’s see how much did I get right? ^^ <ANIME WATCHERS AND THOSE WHO DON’T WANT TO BE SPOILED STAY AWAY FROM THIS POST>

Clannad VN – Fujibayashi Twins Route

  First, let us analyze the technical aspect of the route. Clannad divergence points usually involved  Tomoya meeting a character by chance and choosing to engage with them.  Using the economic concept of opportunity cost, Tomoya continuing to interact with said character usually closes the opportunity to interact with another. After all, Tomoya only has so much time What I’ve noticed is this is not completely true for the Fujibayashi twins route. The divergence point of the route isn’t because Tomoya decide to go to the library or the classroom but Tomoya’s “preference”.  It is also worth noting that there is a subtle sense of priority to the route as well. The developers made the choices in such a way that if you’re not following a walkthrough and just picking what you think is “good”, you will naturally enter and stay with Ryou’s route. Just look, and remember your current girlfriend is RYOU. Choice 1: The game asks if Tomoya likes long hair or short hair while having a picnic with the twins. (Note: Your current girlfriend Ryou has short hair.  Her twin Kyou has short hair. ) Choice 2: Tomoya wants to buy a souvenir for Ryou. The game asks if you want tanzanite or amethyst. (Note:  When you went shopping, Ryou said that her favorite is Tanzanite. Kyou, on the other hand, indicated her favorite is amethyst. If it isn’t enough, the best way to tell the twins apart besides their hairstyle is their eye color. Kyou = Violet (Amethyst) and Ryou = … Continue reading

Recipe # 4 – Takadoro Special Three Types of Onigiri

Haven’t posted in a while… Thus, in honor of the currently airing third season of Shokugeki no Soma and end of the match for Megumi in the manga have a recipe!

Princess Principal 11 Reaction: Xanatos Gambit Pile-up

I was planning to make a review post for Episode 2 but seeing the newest episode made me change my mind. Not that it is bad; Episode 11 does a good job of setting up things up for the Finale. But, like the first part of a detective/mystery novel, I believe said episode cannot be judged on its merit until we see the solution/key to the mystery. Until now, the cases are episodic; we were presented the problem, the clues and the solution within the same episode. This time though, what we have are problems and some of the clues – the resolution still lies next week unaired. This does provide a unique opportunity to truly guess and not rely on hindsight. Let us see how much we’ll get right on the next episode! For those who are reading this post, here is a simple legend: Normal text= Fact or something that I believe is 100% true Italic text = Speculation/Guesses/Wishful thinking 

Recipe # 3 – Yukihira Style Chaliapin Steak Don

The thing I appreciate with Shokugeki no Soma is its recipes. It is nice to have a cooking manga wherein you can bring the creations back to life.  More than that, I love how cheap and easy most of the recipes are. As this shokugeki will tell you, “You don’t need expensive ingredients to have a nice meal.”