Hibike! Euphonium

OP – Dream Solister

Episode 1 – Everyone’s Little Histories

Episode 2 – Are you destined for a musical instrument?

Episode 2 – The Main Cast and Choices

Episode 3 – Musical Instruments of Kitauji High School

Episode 3- Band Dynamics

Episode 8.1 – Or how hard is Shuichi in the Friendzone?

Episode 4 – Turning Point

Episode 9.1 – Music Comparison

Episode 5.1 – Proving Grounds (Or why having a terrible personality is a good thing)

Episode 5.2 – Breaking New Grounds on Character Interaction

Episode 6 – Motivation Problems

Episode 7 – The Band’s Tattered Past

Episode 8.2 – Reina ( The silent fourth point in the visible triangle) 

Episode 8.3 – The Most Romantic Supposedly Friendly Date Ever Part I (Clothes)

Episode 8.4 – Getting to know Each Other

Episode 8.5 – The Framing of the Agata Festival

Episode 9.2 – The Bass Section After the Agata Festival

Episode 9.3 – Kumiko on Hazuki and Midori

Episode 9.4 – On not knowing ones Feelings

Hibike Euphonium Concert Band Incomplete: Implications with a dash of Wishful Thinking

Episode 10.1 – Natsuki-sempai and Kumiko-kouhai

2 Responses to Hibike! Euphonium

  1. Kiukun-Nadralexe says:

    Hello it has been a long time since I posted anything on your website. I suddenly discovered you made an analysis of "Hibike ! Euphonium", something my mail was telling me but ignored, something I quite regret since I love all your posts here. I will resume my impression of all of them with a single sentence : I thought I loved Hibike! but now I worship it !!! …. well something like that ^^.

    All of your analysis allowed me to put words on feelings I had about this anime. Why Kumiko acted like that, why Reina did that, etc … It clarified to me the small thing you subconsciously notice but don't really realise you did. So much that I'm going to re watch all of them right now with this new vision and probably going to enjoy it even more :).

    Continue the good work !

    • nightsentinel09 says:

      Welcome back Kiukun! Glad that you like them!

      To be honest, I just resumed writing in my blog a while ago and I'm terribly late in covering the running s2. Though, that is probably for the best considering the many moving pieces in the new season and how Asuka is still being a confusing puzzle. At least, if I ever decided to go through it I'll be able to have the benefit of hindsight. (Though, s2 itself isn't impressing me that much. But, then again Hibike S1 took the later episodes to fully come into its own so I'm perfectly fine with waiting for the payoff.)

      Anyway, thanks for letting to know. Its comments like this that makes me feel like writing. ^^

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