Hibike Euphonium 9.1 – Music Comparisons

The auditions went as expected.

And if you guys are watching the OP, they might have already spoiled it a bit for us.  ^^

But, I’m a bit curious how does the result holds on the  actual musical reality?   Thus, I kinda extracted some of the musical snippets so we can see clearly.

Also, I have a small report incoming so I can’t make my episode review. So yeah. ^^

First, stop a comparison between Reina and Kaori.

I chose this one because while we have several musical snippets from both trumpeter. This is the one time wherein they are playing the same piece.

Taking the scene at it is, without any musical background, the studio did a good job at making Reina sound better if only because of where the supposed “listener”  is. Kaori trumpet sound soft and muted while Reina’s trumpet is very sharp and alive.

Listening more closely, we would also note that Kaori fumbled some notes in her piece. Also,  think that Kaori had some trouble while coming down from the high notes as well. On the other hand, I don’t think Reina made a  single mistake and she appeared to have held the high note longer and sharper.

So yeah, Reina is the stronger player here. No question.


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Next, we have a Kumiko and Natsuki comparison.

Before the audition, I think Kumiko and Natsuki’s sound pretty on par with each other.  Considering that Kumiko compared the sound to Asuka (who is recognized as the best player in their section if not the whole band); then that is high praise for both Kumiko and Natsuki.

On the  audition though, the sound that Natsuki made when she was probably asked  to play the the part that they didn’t think was going to be used for the audition  is very cringe worthy. Natsuki would probably have been dropped for that alone.

As for the comparison between the auditioned part of both Natsuki and Kumiko.

Did both of them sound worse than when they were practicing alone or is it just me?

Natsuki seemed to have lost some tonguing/fluttering/whatever you wind instrument call it. Its noticeably less smooth and energetic than before.  Its not bad though, every note is still in place.

As for Kumiko, while the start seems to have a faster tempo than necessary, her end  or the long notes seemed to have gotten better? It also seemed to have more emotion than I first heard it even if its just nervous energy.

So probably even for the auditioned part, I would pick Kumiko.

*Not that this is strictly competition like the solo part. I have a feeling if Natsuki nailed the pieces like the one she have the specific lick we heard, there would be three euphoniums instead of two.

Also, feel free to correct if there is anything wrong. ^^

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Want to have a mini-euphonium? Click the picture below.

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2 Responses to Hibike Euphonium 9.1 – Music Comparisons

  1. kiangs12 says:

    To be honest, I want Kaori to get the solo part. Because you know she's a senior. But Reina's better trumpet player and if Taki-sensei really wants to win, it's no question that he'll choose the better trumpet player.

    The OP is kinda spoilerish but I'm still sad that Natsuki didn't make it.

    • nightsentinel09 says:

      I haven't noticed this comment. A bit busy last week. Sorry. ^^

      I'm a bit torn myself on who I want to get the solo part. Its Kaori's last chance but its Reina's chance to prove herself. As for, the latest episode though, I really want Reina to win. Just because its the only way that the band can move on.

      That and in my scale of hate I really hate rumor and malicious slander than egoism.

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