Saki and Achiga Timeline

This is an attempt to consolidate our timeline and help our understanding of the Saki universe. This will mainly focus on the national tournament wherein our grasp of the timeline is a bit confused.

I even made a summary for you guys: Click the image!

Notes on how I arranged the timeline:

To anime only watchers. Stay away from this. CONTAINS SPOILERS AND SOME SPECULATIONS. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!!!

1. Achiga challenging Ryuumonbuchi

    Nagano  Combined Training Camp

This is a tough one to guess which comes first.  From Achiga’s side, all we know is Ryuumonbuuchi is the first team they challenged. From Kiyosumi’s side, we know that the training camp came a bit later. There was still time for a festival and Yuuki’s mock exam.

Still, the one thing that definitely sold me about the sequence of event is Koromo.

This happens before the Training camp: 

Take note, before the training camp. Koromo consistently called Saki – Rinshan user.

After the training camp: 

Note, after the training camp, Koromo consistently consistently calls Saki without a single honorific. You can check this in Achiga. All the scenes with Koromo has her calling Saki and not rinshan user.

This is also mirrors a change in how Saki calls Koromo post training camp. Saki now uses Koromo-chan. They even have cute interaction regarding the name change. Koromo who doesn’t like the -chan honorific on her name continues to object to it. And Saki keep tries to correct herself using a -san but as we see Saki keep slipping to -chan.

This leads me to believe that there is something that happened during the training camp regarding Saki and Koromo. Saki doesn’t exactly change honorific in a flash. Remember it took her a very long time just to change Haramura-san to Nodoka-chan. So, I wouldn’t be surprised if Saki has a nice flashback sequence regarding Koromo.

Heck, Saki should get a flashback sequence regardless. Remember, we still haven’t seen Saki’s improvement after the training camp due to her inadvertent limiting of herself.  Quarterfinal match was Saki handicapped, it was actually even a downgraded version of what she showed in the Koromo match and not just limiting herself to what we know she can do.  ^^

2. The dates

As depicted in the manga page, Kiyosumi’s first match happens in the third day. Side-A Elimination matches as the 2nd day. And the seeded teams will appear in the 5th day during the quarterfinals.

3. The date of the Finals

As depicted by Awai’s declaration of war. The finals will happen the day after tomorrow from Side-A semifinals.Meaning right after, Side-B semi-finals. Just 2 days away.

4. The Day the Individual Tournament Starts 

And last, the date when the individual tournament will start. From the Kiyosumi Quarterfinal match it will take 5 days. This meant that the Individual tournament will take place, 2 days after the team tournament finals. There is 1 day of rest between both tournaments.

And that ends the Saki National tournament timeline for now.

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2 Responses to Saki and Achiga Timeline

  1. FdRstar says:

    I think you are wrong regarding days. Kiyosumi first match is on third days because it is as follow :
    1st day : 1st half of side A
    2nd day : 2nd half of side A
    3rd day : 1st half of side B
    4th day : 2nd half of side B
    Proof here :
    (It is the first match of Achiga in the nationals)

  2. Technically, its still right if we go by that. But, after checking it over the seeded teams appeared in the 5th day. So yeah. Editing it right now. Thanks for seeing the error. 😀

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