Lets have some Tanoshi!

(no spoiler for un-aired manga content, spoiler for original Saki and Achiga-hen)

Episode 1 – To Tokyo 

Episode 2- Support 

Episode 3 – Start

( 3.1 – Meaning behind the shape) 

( 3.2 – End of Preparation) 

( 3.3 – First Impressions) 

Episode 4 – East Wind

Episode 5 – Gods and Demons 

Episode 6 – Withering

Episode 7 – Attention 

Episode 8 -Fortress (1st Hanchan) 

Companion piece to Episode 8: Hatsumi (Rock) vs. Sae (Paper) vs. Nodoka (Scissors) 

Episode 8.5 – The Devil’s Gate Opens (2nd Hanchan) 

Episode 9 – Captain Match

Episode 11 – Threat 

Episode 12 – Truth


The most epic hand in the Nagano Tournament

The Seeded Team of the 71st National Team Competition 

Main Saki and Achiga Timeline 

Professional Mahjong Cards

Character Discussion

Saki – Drama CD and its implications 

Saki – What does she see while playing Mahjong? 

Saki – What do you see (Part II – A comparison with Onee-chan) 

Saki – Meaning of the name 

Part II – On Saki and Kyouko 

Amae Koromo – The Killer Bunny Rabbit of the Moon 

Oohoshi Awai – Powering up the fading Supernova! 

Kasumi Iwato  – Eisui’s Most Dangerous Player?

Team Analysis Eisui: Playing your tiles too close to your chest

Match Discussion

Captain Quarterfinals 

Part I – Why is Saki afraid of Kyouko? 

Part III – In which Toyone pursues 

Part IV – Toyone attacks! And Attacks some more! 

Part V – Kasumi invokes Godmode! Literally! 

Part VI – Saki strikes back! 


Toyone vs. Awai! A riichi battle!


Saki Hax Mahjong music – Miyanaga Theme 

Zankoku na Negai no Nake de (Inside a Cruel Wish)  

Zenkoku OST – Saki

Zenkoku OST – Eisui 

Zenkoku OST – Himematsu (Or not really. When, I just comment on the team in general)

Review of Fanmade Visual Novel

Memories of Summer- Saki Route 

Memories of Summer – Toki Route

Post with Spoilers for Unaired manga content

Looking ahead to the climax of the tournament. 

Prediction for Saki season 2 

Strategic Victory – A partial Analysis of the Semifinal Match

Battle for Fifth Place: Why are you happening in the first place? 

Saki Nationals: Fifth Place Match-up Prediction Part 1 

Saki Nationals Fifth Place Match-up Prediction Part II: Final Ranking Bet

Saki Manga 160 – Miyanaga Family Mystery

Saki Manga 160 – World Cup Toshi Pick

Saki Manga 167 – In which our preconception about Teru is shattered

Saki Manga 168-169: Miyanaga Sibling Reintroduction to Mahjong in Parallel

Rewatch Saki Episode 1 – Miyanaga Siblings Reintroduction to Mahjong in Parallel Part II

Rewatch Saki Episode 1 – Miyanaga Siblings Reintroduction to Mahjong in Parallel Part III

Saki – Miyanaga names, irony, themes and playstyles 

Saki – Conclusion of the Fifth Stage Match  

Saki Manga 190 – Looking back at Gambling Mathematical Waves 

Saki Semifinal Side A Vanguard Match Analysis Part 1 – Shenanigan and Some Setting Exploration  

1st Half of the Vanguard Finals – Mysterious Cousins and Rare Yakumans 


Saki Fantasy Mahjong 

00 – Prologue

01 – The Mahjong Club 

02 – Erroneous beginnings

03 – Misunderstood Skirmish 

04 – Plus Minus Zero 

Side story

01 – The champions aftermath

To Richer Soil



Saki vs, Koromo vs. Yumi vs. Mihoko? 


11 Responses to Lets have some Tanoshi!

  1. Dinurs says:

    You should check the links, a lot of them leads to the wrong place.

  2. dangerism says:

    What happened to the episode 12 analysis?

    • I would like to know that answer myself. Currently asking the website staff to know what happened to it.

      Sigh. Depressing.

      • Kiukun-Nadralexe says:

        Just read all of your post on your blog. I love it so I hope you will have an answer soon about the episode 12 analysis. And any hope to see the episode 10 one day 🙂 ?

        • Kiukun. I'm glad you found this blog. ^^
          As for episode 10, its 3/4 Toyone/Miyamori flashback. So I'm going to fold it into the post regarding them. I'm planning to make a team post for each of the team in the Quarterfinals after the next episode. That is if the spoiler in the next one didn't blow my brains out.

  3. Alex says:

    Seriously episode 12 is still missing?

  4. kjacket09 says:

    Yeah, no episode12? 🙁

    I went and read almost ALL your saki posts in one go, they were amazing, YOU are amazing and terribly interesting. I love your analysis stuff, hopefully you decide to write a few more posts someday.

    • nightsentinel09 says:

      Sorry about that. I don't think I want to make an episode 12 and 13 post. The fact that my episode 12 post got eaten by the internet still depresses me.

      Anyway, in exchange, I'm slowly writing Team OST and Team Strategy analysis for each of the quarterfinals team. Its technically what you'll get anyway when I write my episode 12 and 13 analysis so its win-win!

  5. anon says:

    Are you going to ever continue the Saki Fantasy Mahjong story?

    • nightsentinel09 says:

      Probably. I have a few unpublished chapter drafts for that story still, I just need the main plot of the manga to advance a little on the subject of Saki-Teru and wth! is their relationship on the girl on the pier so I can decide a few plot elements.

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