Prediction for Saki Season 2!

Ok. The manga is still ongoing for the semifinals of Side-B. And in this post,  I’m going to try and  predict what will happen. I’m putting it here for future posterity so I can laugh myself silly for being so far off the mark.

On the tiny probability that  I’m right  though, I’m treating myself to a new mahjong set. The glass one that I saw online. So everybody wins.^^

As I’ve mentioned on my recent post, I’m rooting for Kiyosumi-Rinkai win. And this will be written with that assumption in mind. So without further ado. Here is my  unsubstantiated speculation.


I am going to go against the grain and predict that a second round of Hisa vs. Hiroe will not happen or if it does, it will not happen completely. That is because the first monster player of Rinkai will be making an appearance. If she is good as her subtle billing says she is then, Hisa and Hiroe will need to make an unholy alliance to beat her.

This will of course set up the finals better as well. Since even if the Hisa-Hiroe alliance prevails over the Rinkai monster player, it would leave a question mark of what will happen in the finals. Since there won’t be Hiroe around there, Hisa might need to face the monster player alone with Ako as a sidekick.

Of course, there is also Takami to consider at the tail end of the round. She might get the last dealer. ^^


The round where Usuzan start getting dangerous. It also has Megan around who should be dangerous as well. She did get beat Cold Touka even if it is a roundabout way.

I predict that Nodoka could get her first negative in the tournament here. Her SOA is already being put to the limits on her last match. She did say that “it might not be a coincidence anymore.”  Further push might help her see the light.


Ok. The hardest round to predict anything. Usuzan supposedly have a monster player. Rinkai has another monster. And Himematsu has Kyouko who is cooking up an anti-Saki strategy.

And of course this round has SAKI, which makes it hard to predict by default. She’s one of the most unstable player as it is. A lot of what will happen will probably depend on how she is feeling at that time of the match.

Even the future set-up yields no clues for it.  Awai and Shizu has their own independent plot thread against Saki. I’m pretty sure whoever will be the coming Captain is going to develop their own as well. So… sigh.

Its also hard to predict if Saki will get a first or a second here.  A friend of mine have said that it will be good for her to lose .A period of reflection if you will. And it follows the usual win-lose-win that is typical sport manga storyline.

But,  I don’t hold that opinion. That sort of development will only work if the one losing actually care which to be fair  the MC usually does. Saki is a bit  unique that she  doesn’t. Oh. She’ll probably be pensive or scared of the one that beat her, respecting their strength and the like. But, guess what,  she’ll do that if she wins anyway. (See: Quarterfinals match)

So yeah, as much of Saki matches. It will be focused on the process of getting there. The only thing that I can predict is Kiyosumi will go on  which is a no brainer. Its also the only thing that Saki will fight tooth and nails to happen as well. Whether first and second … that is the question.

I’m also putting Rinkai as the school that will go through with them. Simply because if my prospective speculation paid off. They should have a very nice lead to start with in the captain round. That and they supposedly have a flow controller for a captain. And I’ve noticed that Ritz is assembling a collection of powers that are aimed at Saki’s specific weakpoints for the finals.

End Notes: 

Ok. I’ve done shooting myself on the foot. ^^

If Rinkai won’t go through, I’m quite okay with Himematsu as well. I could also see a nice storyline shaping up there. Usuzan… needs to try harder. I’m hoping their Vice-Captain and Captain will really make up for it.

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2 Responses to Prediction for Saki Season 2!

  1. purelove says:

    I agree with your theory on Hisa 100% and have been thinking the same for a long time. Everyone's looking to that match with the expectation that it will be Hisa trying to get revenge on Hiroe, and that seems to be the way it's being built up as well. Hisa might even make the mistake of tunnel visioning on Hiroe and getting burned as a consequence, and even Usuzan's lieutenant is supposed to be a drastic step up from their first two players. It's really looking bad for Kiyosumi now. Their only guarenteed +points player comes one round later than Usuzan's, as well.

    • I'm glad that someone agrees with me. ^^
      Hopefully our theory bears fruit…

      Anyway, I don't know why but I'm not really worried about Kiyosumi. Meta knowledge aside, their players didn't really don't have that defeated tone with them…

      Its more like they're being given a "bloody but unbowed" tone to them. With the Kiyosumi players even when they were receiving a drubbing, I can also logically see that they have done their best in the current situation and they are learning their homework . They will do better next time.

      I think it really mitigates their defeat making it look more like a setback. ^^

      But, yeah. Outlook is looking bad for Kiyosumi here. I'm still rooting for them though. 😀

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