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  1. Kiukun-Nadralexe says:

    So to be the first to inaugurate this random chatting …… who here is also frustrated by Ritz revealing a little about Saki and Teru past and then go do a flashback about Usuzan.
    Not I don't like knowing about the past of the other school but not after learning that Teru maybe doesn't hate her sister or at least don't deny her existence. Bah not like we are going to learn the full story anytime soon T-T

    • ME! ME! ME!!!

      … I know that it was unlikely but I was actually beginning to hope. 🙁

      Anyway, I actually re-watched Teru's denying of Saki after that little scene. It was interesting that the two times she does that Teru will always pause before she answer and she never looks at the questioner.

      The effect is twofold for me. It makes Teru look "blatantly lying". Which is weird because we know that Teru has a magnificent media face and she's probably the most stoic person around.

      And now she confirmed to Awai, and not just confirming in Japanese she used very strong language (relatively) which I picture is a rarity for Teru. And then there is the freaking teaser at the end of Zenkoku-hen.

      Sigh… Frustration does't cover how I feel about this considering we won't be getting our answer in the future anytime soon.

      *cough* On the other hand, I do wonder when this revelation is going to come up. Because the timing is *crucial*. Considering if the media found out in the current tournament I can easily see it affecting the performance of Saki and perhaps Teru as well.

      • Kiukun-Nadralexe says:

        True true … I never thought about it like that but now you said it I will have to agree with you about Teru lying to the journalist. But why did she lie if she doesn't hate Saki? To protect her from the journalist maybe ? Not really convinced about it but why not …

        But I would think they had contact with each other and not a total separation … So she denies her existence but doesn't like doing it ??? Going to stay a mystery for a long time I think.

        I always thought the revelation would be either during a match between Saki and Teru but they don't meet each other in the team tournament (the team does but not them directly) so it would be during the individual but the regional individual tournament doesn't appear in the manga, it only exists in the anime so we probably not see the revelation in the invidual.

        So the revelation will probably be during the final of the team tournament, with the journalist looking for clue at their primary school or middle school. Now the question is when during the final, before, in the middle or after ???

        Just a small thing I was wondering too, do we have a time frame for the separation of Teru and Saki? I mean it was probably at least two or three years ago, before Teru join Shiraitodai but was it just sometimes before going there or some years before that?

        • I didn't mean that Teru is lying to the reporter in the sense that she didn't mean her "I have no sister" comment, that she didn't mean to disown Saki and just getting the media to back-of.(though this is a possible theory, can you imagine the media fiasco if this got out?)

          I meant that in the sense that Teru is lying as in not telling the truth (because Saki exists) and "being obvious about it". The being obvious is the important part because Teru if we look at her media interview is a fantastic liar and considering her reaction on her team nearly losing (none whatsoever ^^), she has nerves of steel. And yet, anyone who heard her answer the question "Is Miyanaga Saki your sister?" on the two times she was asked is not going to believe her. Teru visibly closes off, once that question is asked.

          Anyway, whatever feelings Teru has for Saki, its deep and intense to make her react that way.

          As for contact, way back on s1, Saki mentioned that she visited her mother and Teru. And not a single thing get through her sister and Teru's still angry at her. This is from memory so the quote maybe inexact. ^^

          As for timeline, this is my only attempt at establishing a timeline. https://randomwalloftext.com/2013/03/04/saki-and-t… And its muddy as hell considering I don't know the canonity of the drama CD.

          No exact dates were given yet on any sources. Though, if we find when Saki cuts her hair we might be able to narrow it down. lol… Wait… this is a trope isn't it? Cutting ones hair after an important event? Did this happen to Saki? sigh… tabs it under question 1,000 to ask Ritz. ^^

      • Kiukun-Nadralexe says:

        Okay I didn't understand it like that though it makes more sense. Teru feel very strong emotion towards Saki, whether it is anger, guilt, or anything else …. yes it fit more her personality.

        My personal theory, since we had some glimpse of Saki past, though I do not think it is 100% true was :

        First, their mysterious friend (or family member, after all it could be a cousin we don't really know) died in the hospital fire (unknown cause though maybe if there is guilt from either Teru or Saki, maybe their power heightened during a game of mahjong and was the cause of the fire ?? I mean Koromo can apparently short circuit the electricity of an entire building so why not a fire !!!).

        Second, either Teru blamed Saki for the fire (if the fire is caused by mahjong) or both of them are emotionally weak from the death of the girl.

        Third, their parents are separating from each other (divorce or not is unknown) and Teru chose to stay with her mother but decided to stay with her father because she didn't want him to stay alone (or for any other reason which could be Saki-esque). Teru, at the moment still reeling from the girl's death, feel betrayed by her sister for "abandoning" her and decide to deny her existence, after all if she has no sister she can't be hurt by her …

        Possibly, after a time she felt guilty about that but keep forcing herself to reject Saki because otherwise she would have to live with the guilt of hurting her sister.

        ….. Or maybe I'm completely wrong (which is very possible, it is my first theory I had and I like it even if sometimes some elements seems contrary to it) and Ritz is going to completely surprise me.

        Maybe I should have written in the drama CD section …. oh well.

        I still also wonder what that noisy journalist is going to find (something we all want to know) and, more importantly, how is she going to deliver it? Is she just going to publish the information she has or going to ask more either to Teru or Saki? Though I need to stop wondering about that, it's not like we are going to have the answer anytime soon, sigh ……

        Oh, a very small thing too, I'm sad Ritz is apparently taking a break for august, and the next chapter will only come out September 5th. I got used to one chapter every two weeks ….

  2. Aster says:

    Woah! Awesome!

    Teru's feelings perhaps it is… *eyes twinkling* incest? Kidding!(Nope, not really)
    I think that the relationship between the sisters will be revealed before the finals or Saki's match. It will literally cause a ruckus. Saki's determination will be either destroyed or will be stronger depending on Teru's reaction, that's the only thing that I'm sure of.
    I can understand that Ritz needed a break because Mahjong will never be easy to come up with especially with every players' abilities and restrictions. But I am sad too and my brain is currently seeking for its dose of Saki.
    PS. Can you believe that the reporter act as one? Like really?! I just know her as a stalker of Nodoka!

    • Kiukun-Nadralexe says:

      Yeah I need my dose of Saki too …… unfortunately it means for me a reviewing of the entire anime and rereading of every fanfiction I like and every post of this blog :).

      I agree with you about the revelation being before the final, it is what makes the more sense. But will the journalist (what's her name?), who I was also surprised to see do her job on someone else other than Nodoka, will find the information necessary in a day? Will she have the time to publish it before the final? Oh well I suppose she will find a way …..

      • Aster says:

        I've been doing the same! I even read forums, that's what desperation will do to you. Ritz is really killing us.
        Well, that reporter should never been one if she can't even do that. (Yeah, I forgot her name, my brain registered her as Nodoka's stalker so…) Though, since she's a reporter who forgets that she needs to turn the voice rec. for an interview, I doubt her.

        • There is finally a new chapter of Saki. Still, new development though. ARRRRRRRRRRRRRG!!!
          Wake me up after the captain match starts. (On the other hand, there is a biyori anime coming… sigh…)

          Also, sorry Aster. I know I promised that I will blog Sailor Moon and magnify the Yuri but Crystal is disappointing me so badly that I dropped it. The best thing about Crystal is the Opening song. Nothing else interest me despite my optimistic outlook at first.

      • Kiukun-Nadralexe says:

        Yes finally a new chapter of Saki …… and now I have to wait another month for the next T-T. Too bad Ritz apparently went back to monthly chapters. I would like to just ignore Saki until, at least, the vice-captain match is finished but I was never successful in ignoring them.
        I see a new chapter and I'm like : "A new chapter … no I don't want to read it now, I want to wait for a few more …. but I will need to wait one month for the next one!! Can I survive that time knowing I have an unread chapter of Saki ??? Oh fine I'm going to read it !!!" or something like that …. kinda annoying in fact.
        I didn't know about the biyori anime …. at least it will help pass the time

        • I'm a bit meh about the Biyori anime though. I actually like Saki for the crazy mahjong. I wonder if I should just rewatch the first season and cover that in my blog. Or I could finish the season 2 blogging. I really need to do that.

    • Kiukun-Nadralexe says:

      yeah you really need to finish the season 2 blogging 🙂 and if you decide to make a complete season 1 blogging I'm all for it.
      For Biyori, well I don't expect it to interest me as much as the proper Saki anime but at least I will see some new Saki anime image even if there is no mahjong -_-

  3. Aster says:

    No worries, Night! I actually dropped it after a few eps. I don't want my childhood fantasies ruined. About the latest chapter of Saki, it seems like Ritz had fun and still will for a couple more chaps. Oh! The Biyori anime might be interesting for me, I like the Shiraitodai, Tsuruga, and Kiyosumi parts.

    • You're telling me. Its like whoever is directing Crystal wasn't even trying! Plus the "improvements" or "change" in the script like the Shintennou surviving? (Did they? I dropped it somewhere at episode 3 but I think they will.)

      Anyway, I don't think its a good move since I have a feeling they are setting them up as romantic pairing for the senshi with the way that Jadeite reacted to Rei. And I'm never fond of the senshi-shintennou pairing to be honest. On a personal level, I kinda like pairing them with each other. lol. That and it feels quite irresponsible considering the backstory.

      Its one thing for Serenity and Endymion to have a forbidden romance. Its a different matter for all their guardians to be also involved with each other. That is just irresponsible. Serenity/Usagi I can take that. She's shown to be somewhat flighty. But, the other senshi from that manga? Being irresponsible? Especially freaking Venus?

      When she gets brainwashed maybe… Anytime and its out of character.

      • Aster says:

        I dropped it around episode 3, because I kind of have the rule of dropping anime after the third ep. if I do think that it is not interesting and also, because of the possibility that you mentioned. I also like to pair them myself. It is indeed irresponsible that Nodoka will even say the line 'preposterous' more than she do to Hisa for every freaking fans that agrees with us. Haha!

        The director and the screen writer is playing a risky gamble here and they are undoubtedly losing. The wage for this project is too high, I guess.

        You're right, Venus and others being irresponsible is near the border of impossible but…nope, nevermind.

        Yeah brainwash, ugh, can't freaking think any other possibilities aside from brainwash, drugs, or any method that includes altering the brain that will not make her out of char.

  4. Aster says:

    So I visited this blog again and I was surprised by the new look. Nice job to it! I have a futuristic vibe to it, you know… sci-fi. Easier access too, though I admit that I miss Saki's picture. I like it. Your blog is very creative and innovative.

    • nightsentinel09 says:

      I'm glad you like it. I just changed server and thought a new theme would be nicer. And I'm still debating on putting some background in some pages. Its really bare at the moment. If you have some pictures you think would be a nice background let me know. ^^

      Still, priority is getting the posts reconfigured and up. A lot of the links are pointing at the wrong direction. That and a lot of the pictures are missing. So yeah. I should be able to do get the posts all nice and happy by Monday though.

      … That and I need to do something with the new comment box. I don't want to approve every comment. T_T (It does have a nice thumbs up bottom now though. So baby-steps. ^^

      • Aster says:

        The pictures that I have are not suited… hehe. (Let's leave it at that.) I have a suggestion though and I hope you don't mind, how about putting a gallery? I kind of think that that's cool.
        I don't have any idea how you this stuff but it sounds tough so hang in there, Night.
        Speaking of thumbs ups button, I have another suggestion, what do you think about putting something similar to every post you create? Baby steps. Baby steps indeed. Keep it up, Night. You can do it. I'll cheer you here in the side lines.

        • nightsentinel09 says:

          And yey finally finished moving. It took a while though.
          Note to self. Night's estimate is way optimistic. Add ten times the amount to any time she quotes. lol

          And put up likes in all the post that I created. ^^ Though, the gallery seems to take so much site resources. And I don't have much picture to display so didn't implement that. Btw, have you seen the latest Saki raws? It appears that vice-captain match is of in a good start.

          • Aster says:

            Congrats… seems tough really.

            Better check things out then. I have very little time for things like internet recently because college is tough especially if it is in medical field. I haven't thought about such hurdle in making a gallery… so yeah, sorry about that, I have mention this before but I have no idea how this works.
            I saw it and well, I am actually looking forward to the Vice-Captain match this time, that is surprising.

  5. Alex says:

    Finally some hope on the Saki-Teru front onee-chan is watching her sisters match

    • nightsentinel09 says:

      Thank god. ^^
      Though, the Captain match curse is back. I expect a lot of breaks from now on.

      …. And is it just me or did this chapter basically confirmed that Ritz would continue past the nationals? The National Tournament would be awesome if we ever go into it a gazillion years from now lol. This is probably the tournament that Fujita is scouting for….

      • Alex says:

        With most manga authors I would say it is a definite indication of plans for more for Saki considering how long it takes to update i give it 50-50 that it continues or goes on infinite hiatus. Also did you hear Awai's declaration to be more technical more of the same or character development?

        • nightsentinel09 says:

          Yeah. With Ritz-sensei pace we would be lucky to finish the individuals in 5 years. Though, its a nice enough worldbuilding, at least we now know what the fall tournament that the manga keep talking about.

          Nagano's team members are pretty set I think
          Team A should have Koromo, Touka, Hisa, Mihoko and Yumi
          Team B would probably be Saki, Nodoka, Momo, Nanpo and Yuuki.

          Another region that would be good to look for is Osaka. Assuming that the prefecture isn't going to be divided there might be a combined Himematsu + Senriyama + Kei team. Tokyo would also have a nice Satoha and Teru combination….

        • nightsentinel09 says:

          … I don't know how much of Awai's arrogance is cured by her defeat. She seemed to be underestimating her opponents still. I could only hope that she managed to learn some tactic. Shouldn't be too hard, don't double riichi everytime is a very easy instruction to follow.

  6. Alex says:

    Megan as we have seen is a skilled player by Saki verse high school standards and I have to say in her match with Toka she made the correct decision. Her duels as strong as they are run the inherent risk of being ronned by your target. Also any action that prevents Koromo from ending up as your opponent in a match not solely for the sake of challenging yourself is a logically sound option.

    • nightsentinel09 says:

      It is the right decision.
      Though, since now we know about Megan's power, I wonder if Cold! Touka has some weakness against fast players? Since to target for the duel she needs her opponent to be in tenpai as well.Since Megan managed to snipe someone,…

      • Alex says:

        As far as Cold Touka being weak against fast player I think it was more of a matter of point distribution. I one player was low enough to go out in a single hit Touka would be forced to go for a high hand to close the point gap and make it to second before said player went bust. Of course i would need to see a snippet of the actual match to be sure. The main reason I think this is while I do believe that Saki, and Fujita were holding back in their match, and well Koromo was during the day and never was a fast player, actually only specializing in narashi manga would be slower.
        Playing fast hands done without flow manipulation probably would not have hurt Touka all that much so long as it was not something supernatural or stupidly high scoring, in fact a quick finish would have probably been better for Touka's health.
        All of this is of course speculation based on flow manipulation being a power which as far as offense and defense are concerned does not have any major weaknesses save perhaps a match with Nodoka

        • nightsentinel09 says:

          That scenario did occur to me. And its very possible….
          Though, i do remember something that implied that Megan is still bound by her duel rules even when she normally wins or something in the Vice-Captain match.
          ….. Or I might be misremembering things. I'll check once I finished making the Eisui post for the Weekend.

          I do think that Cold! Touka is a checkov gun for Nelly though. As for flow controllers, if Jun is a representative they might be a bit vulnerable to sudden changes in the game tempo. I think.

          • Alex says:

            Well the no real weaknesses part may have been an exaggeration.
            Ignoring the few who's very presence seems to change the flow most flow controllers seem to do so by calling tiles or letting tiles be called. This calling as far as I can tell is more for disrupting the flow and does not honestly advance the hand. So perhaps that could be said as a weakness since calling non essential tiles does restrict ones own hand and letting someone else call can advance your opponents hand.

          • nightsentinel09 says:

            Another weakness might be is the need to "call". Such action needs some luck and cooperation with other players. Sometimes, even if you want to, your opponents are not just dropping any useful tiles .

  7. Yomie says:

    I have a theory you might want to think about if you ever do a review of Himematsu.
    I think Suzu has the potential to be the most powerful character in the series. With her explosion chance based on the power of her opponents, if she went up against THE INTERHIGH CHAMPION Teru and Kuro in the finals she might have the potential to keep winning with big hands putting a stop to TeruTime. If we also consider the fact that Teru's mirror will tell her that Suzu likes Terminals and Honors and combine that with Kuro hoarding all the Dora, Teru would have a very difficult time getting her momentum wins. Also in this impossible scenario where Rinkai doesn't pass to the finals, there also wouldn't be anyone who can defuse Suzu's bomb.
    But say she was up against Saki, Teru and Koromo there would be non-stop atomic bombs going off at the mahjong table.
    So, am I overestimating Suzu or what?

    • nightsentinel09 says:

      That's a very interesting theory and I will check it out when I analyze Himematsu or the semifinal vanguard match. Whichever comes first. ^^

      Edit. I was intrigued enough that I reread that part again.
      And while your interpretation is plausible, I think that you're overestimating Suzu a bit. (This is tentative because I just scanned the chapters and haven't analyzed each hand). But, I believe that Suzu's chance of doing the explosion thing isn't really tied to the strength of the opponent. But, she triggers it more whenever there is a higher opponent around. Like you must have powerlevel 1000 to trigger Suzu's explosion. But, beyond that beside giving her some higher scoring buff it doesn't seem to do much good.

      Beside that, having a requirement : must have a high "strength" opponent meant that there would always be someone around to at least challenge Suzu whenever she explodes. And its not guaranteed that Suzu's explosion even when triggered can overcome said higher level opponent i.e Suzu vs. Satoha.

      Also, could you please explain why Teru would have a harder time around if Suzu favors terminals and honors? If its excluding tiles, it would just make her score faster… I think. Not to mention with Teru's mirror that is just basically asking Teru to take advantage of that predilection.

      • Alex says:

        Honestly with Teru's point gains does it really matter score a yakuman and chances are Teru will still be ten's of thousands of points ahead of you, plus you just took enough points from the other that their is a greater chance the others go bust. for the team setting of course. For individuals their is another major problem Teru is to fast at the beginning so you would have to wait for her to start scoring higher hands and if you do let Teru score that high chances are someone is going to go bust. Also, if you go for a high hand chances are the other players won't be as willing to help you out. Thus Suzu loses hands down strong consistent power or good ability and teamwork you need to posses one or both of those to have a chance of beating Teru and while this may be a bit harsh I do not think Suzu has any of those qualities except maybe around her teammates.

  8. nope says:

    quick test to see if its true

  9. Alex says:

    Night you still around?

  10. Alex says:

    Anyone still here?

    just got back into majong really strange forgot the order of one of suits yet , ithin like a hundred hands got a three bimans with a winning percent of 7 so apparently forgot tthe yaku for everything except biaman what are the odds

    • nightsentinel09 says:

      Still around. Just changed jobs and relocated so haven't have time to write anything. And biaman? Do you mean baiman? lol

      • Alex says:

        Yah i do really sucking right now only advancing through calling so reckless i actually got a rishan

        • Alex says:

          Oh right forgot good luck with the new job.

        • nightsentinel09 says:

          Heh. I never got rinshan kaihou ever irl. I got two online but that's because I play recklessly there. So that's awesome!

          I'll probably have regular posting for a given version of REGULAR back in May or sooner.

  11. Alex says:

    Hi Night do you know a good free site to play majong online?

    • nightsentinel09 says:

      Sorry it took so long to reply Alex. I was having a week long vacation in Tokyo as a treat to myself.
      As for places where you can play online.

      Tenhou – if you must play mahjong online, this is probably the number 1 place to go. It supports the riichi variant which is what Saki mahjong is based on which is a nice bonus. Also has a matchmaking system and an anon system which is great for casual games.

      Second would probably be Mahjong Time which is good for other rulesets. Though, its a bit complicated to use at least there is an english client!

      There are other not that popular mahjong clients out there as well. Like Viwawa for Hongkong Mahjong and Singaporean Mahjong. As well as, Dragonkong Mahiong for straight up gambling ( I recommend that you DONT DO THIS. I've heard that its susceptible to skype cheating and the like)

      For playing against an AI. This site is decent enough http://www.gamedesign.jp/flash/mahjong/mahjong_e….

  12. Alex says:

    AH! chapter 166 the ending and the next release date another hiatus an a huge cliff.

    • nightsentinel09 says:

      Yeah. Its kinda annoying that Ritz did a hiatus at such a pivotal scene. I'm going to wonder for two months what the hell can happen. Even if realistically. I know that there is a very high chance that Teru is just going to ignore Saki. (That would kill me a little T_T)

      • Alex says:

        Unfortunately you were right and wow was that a short chapter.

        • nightsentinel09 says:

          Just read it. Was hoping I would have a double chapter to read this Christmas but Ritz seems to have skipped an issue. Oh well, even if its short at least its advancing the plot. Crossing my fingers for the rest of Teru's flashback next chapter.

  13. ashsingh10 says:

    Keep this series going on

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