Zenkoku OST: Team Eisui

Anyway, still listening to SAKI ZENKOKU HEN SOUNDTRACK.

And there is nothing like the Captain Match going in the manga in order to motivate me into posting Saki stuff.

In the break that Ritz is taking, I’m planning on making a series of posts related to Zenkoku-OST.  Mostly because I bought one from Amazon and its kinda the only CD on my car thus I keep hearing it.  And since Alex asked me if I would do some newer BGM…. sure why not?

The other reason is because I don’t think I’m going to be doing an episode analysis of the last two episodes. Thus, this will serve as a closure to the Quarterfinals Zenkoku anime so I can move on to other matters.  Beside, showing some pretty sweet instrumental; the goal of this planned series of posts  would be to give an in-depth look at the teams participating in the Side-B quarterfinals.

Starting with Team Eisui!

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Track 01-14

Princess of Kirishima Shrine

Of all the Eisui BGM, this might be my least favorite.

Note that this doesn’t mean that the track is bad. Its just overshadowed by the other more “boisterous” tracks that can be attributed to Eisui. (Much like Jindai has been overshadowed by her other members).

The BGM is also a bit schizophrenic. The beginning is particularly jarring with its discontinuity with the rest of the track.

That said, I do recognize that it has some point. I believe that whomever is composting this track wanted to show the change within Jindai so the beginning shouldn’t be that coherent with the rest. The way that they submerged the shrill sound within the ancient stringed woodwind instrument is very well done.  I felt that the shrill static hanging in the air corresponded to the filling of an open vessel and the quick piano followed by the woodwind, a change in status quo meaning Jindai’s BGM as she is being possessed.

Speaking of said woodwind, the slow repeated strokes really gave an ancient dignified flavor.You could just feel the history being conveyed which is  just perfect. Because from the small sampling of Jindai’s interaction that we have received while it is true that she is very much doted upon by the rest of her team members; on serious matters, like when the other members were discussing that Kiyosumi might be weaker due to coming from  a prefecture which has few participating teams, her argument and commanding aura is very much noble like

Beside that, said BGM just lends itself to recitation of Japanese mythology.

How does Toshi put it?

Pushing through the many layers of cloud to make his way down from the heavens,  the god descended from upon the Kushifuru peak of the Mountain Takachiho of Himuka in Tsukushi. 

It really gives a mystical edge when you retell an incomprehensible japanese legend while this BGM is playing. ^^

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Track 01-16

The Akuseki’s Priestess

The track that plays during Hatsumi’s iconic Gates of Evil.   Also one of the tracks that convinced me to buy the CD. It’s certainly one of the best rendition of powers in the anime. (Note, while this track did play for Kasumi as well, its very obvious by the title that its made for Hatsumi).

So what can I say about this?

One, the drums are awesome; combined with the intermittent flute it really gives the impression of something is slowly being summoned/opened.  But, more than that, this track is something completely different from the rest of Eisui. While the Eisui tracks ooze noble sophistication and tradition without trying, the Akuseki’s Priestess has a frank savage and tribal feel.

And in some ways this define Hatsumi.

Because really while Hatsumi does have the priestess motif, its a far different miko archetype that the other Eisui girls stands for. Most of the Eisui priestess archetype hail from the japanese miko –  all manners and grace.

And Hatsumi with her  loud and carefree demeanor is like a stone that disturbs that image. If you guys noticed,  most of her teammates hold their long sleeves back with one hand whenever they draw a tile.  They even have a nice manner on how to hold their tile which is a bit reminiscent of tea ceremonies.

…. And then look at Hatsumi wearing her miko garb – delicious chest exposed and long sleeves trailing on the floor…

…. Yeah ^^

Its like Hatsumi was  raised far from civilization which might not be far from the truth – Akuseki is an island that is only reachable by boat (travel time is 11 hours) and has a total population of 59 people.

Thus, more than the civilized miko, Hatsumi is like the savage tropical witch doctors.

And this track magnificently captures this especially in contrast with the rest of Eisui’s BGM.

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Track 01-05

Eisui Girls

The last track that I wanted to discuss is the school track itself  It follows the variation with all the other woodwind that is predominant on the Eisui tracks – very mythical and dignified.

….Truthfully most Eisui tracks exempting Akuseki’s priestess  were so similar that it feels like they were different variation of the same BGM namely “Princess of Kirishima”. This makes sense, Eisui at its very heart was a team made solely for Jindai.

Of course there are some difference on the track. They are not carbon clones of one another. For example, Princess of Kirishima has the lone woodwind threading toward most of its track giving it the spotlight.  On the other hand,  play of the fairies introduce other instrument to accompany the woodwind. Thus, while the flute appear to dominates the track, its less stuffy tradition and high standing  and more relaxed and carefree. As if the lone woodwind is unwinding in the presence of friends

Eisui girls follow the same structure as the last two. But, notably the pitch is softer here which makes it the most relaxed of all the themes presented. It really gives the impression of a mountain retreat wherein one meditates to know deeper truth, unhurried by the demands of city life and other worldly concerns.

In some ways, this befit the serene mikos.   In particular, I am struck by their reaction or more accurately non-reaction to their loss. Most teams would cry a bit at the very least …. but Eisui took it their defeat in a stride leading me to think that unlike some teams who are very invested in the tournament, they are mostly doing this tournament gig for fun and probably to train their powers. lol

It gives them a very different atmosphere at the very least. ^^

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Extraneous Note: 

So, with this, we finish looking at the Eisui OST. My personal favorite of them is Akuseki’s Priestess. ^^

… Also, I just realized that they didn’t give Kasumi a personal OST which is a big downer. At first, I thought Yamahime was hers but checking things out that was for TOYONE. Heh.

Miyamori OST would be quite interesting once I get to it.

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7 Responses to Zenkoku OST: Team Eisui

  1. Chaos says:

    Yeah. I feel for you man!
    Why didn't they give Kasumi a BGM. Boob Monster Power side, she's one of the most understated Eisui and my personal favorite.

    • nightsentinel09 says:

      Kasumi is truly the unsung hero of Eisui. As one of the few truly defensive player in this series. She is a favorite of mine as well. ^^

  2. Alex says:

    Wow not only one more post but a series thanks you went beyond expectations

    • nightsentinel09 says:

      Heh. I'm planning to give a BGM and Strategy analysis for each team that went into the quarterfinals. As a sort of apology for never making the episode review for the last two episode of Saki Zenkoku-hen. And to be honest, I've already said most of what I want to say for those in other posts….

      Now, if only I can have more free time so I can post more…

  3. Alex says:

    Problems with link here two

    • Alex says:

      Oh one more thing forgot to mention this but for any small fixes I suggest if it's just small things that don't need an analysis to justify please remove the post
      without analysis its only taking up space

      • nightsentinel09 says:

        Like reports with the link and stuff? Yeah, I suppose I can remove those after a week or so. Just so the people know I replied or something. .

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