Zenkoku-hen OST – Saki

I have been listening to Saki Zenkoku-hen OST (Check it out! It rocks!)

When, I had the urge to blog. So sure why not?

If there is one thing I unconditionally love about the Saki, it is  their soundtrack. Normally, reading the manga first and then watching the anime makes it feel less thrilling. I have to say that I haven’t felt this on the Saki franchise, simply because the music makes the anime worthwhile. (That and the flashy special effect).

I really believe that the music in Saki should have a special place in a fan’s heart. And this blog post is dedicated to it.

First up is the title character ost of course.  ^^


(upload courtesy of yunochi)

Saki only have two new pieces that I can attribute to her personally for this season.  One of them is her new monster ost called 脅威  or “threat”/ “menace”.

A quick look at the dictionary defines threat as:

  1. a declaration of an intention or determination to inflict punishment, injury, etc., in retaliation for, or conditionally upon, some action or course;
  2. an indication or warning of probable trouble:
  3. A person or thing that causes menace or threaten

I found this quite fitting considering this OST plays on one of the best mahjong play on the manga yet. When Saki used Toyone’s power to allow her to bypass Kasumi’s single suit magnet. It is also the time wherein Saki began to move actively. Prior to this, she was mostly passive – nudging things along, like giving Kyouko the tile she needed to call and so on. But, from here on out, it would be not an exaggeration that Saki dominated the match.

The threat has fully manifested to say the least. (Poor Toshi, her fears are confirmed. I was very amused when Miyamori’s coach was stressing Saki to her team saying that she was quiet. With the emphasis on the fact that Kiyosumi’s captain is too quiet.)  ^^

And this OST is appropriately for Saki for this match.  Menacing but in a subtle way. Not full blown like other monster music but frightening all the same.  Really. It reminds me of Castlevania music more than anything else. What’s with the creepy piano and everything else.

At the very beginning, there is a very pronounced silent dread on this particular music. The slow start with the intermittent piano make one feels that one that someone is watching is you – stalking your footstep. And that someone is “playing you”.

But, beyond that there is also a technical beauty in this piece of music which gets more pronounced the more that you go to the ending.  While the dread never truly goes away, at the end when everything unfolded, you can detect a sense of awe being conveyed on the last piano notes.

When the last note faded, one could say, “Sugoi! This is Wonderful!”  Not despite the  menace invoked but because of it.  Truly, if  there is music one should play if one would like to admire the technical proficiency of the blow that will kill you, this would be it.  ^^

Because while Saki is scary was solidified by this match. There is also a sense of wonder and amazement at the play. In-game and outside universe, because really who would have guessed all of it?

And this is coming from someone who analyzed every freaking chapter of the captain match as it came out.

Extraneous note:  Wanna guess what the OST that played before this?  Lol. Its Kami ka Akuma ka. The producers have a very nice sense of humor. But, you already know that considering the extensive shot of feet on the Captain Match.



Saki outside of mahjong games is a very different beast that I feel it would be a disservice to her character by just picking “threat” as her primary OST for this season.

Thankfully, it is very easy to find it. Saki’s normal mode for Zenkoku-hen is without a doubt – 秘密  or Secret/Secrecy (link goes to the OST since I can’t get the embedded player to work).   This OST played when Saki is dreaming about her cousin, whom the fan dubbed as “goldfish”. It is a slow piece and very  melancholy.  Which fits, “Secret” doesn’t pertain to hidden menace or a surprise. But, more of a hidden pain. Quiet under the surface, but still there.

I highly suggest listening to this track and “Saki-School” from the 1st season. The similarities are quite astounding.  (If you can’t find the song, I have a post that has an embed of it from long ago here)

Both song has this sort of laidback feel to it. But, while there is some sort of calm contentment even if it isn’t that happy on “Saki-School”.  The slower beats of “Secret” allows the longing and perhaps sorrow to overpower the contentment in the new OST.

Listening to both. I’m struck by a realization. Saki is sadder while she is in the Nationals than at the start. While, I couldn’t say “Saki-School” is happy. It is at the very least at peace. “Secret” though is a melancholy piece straight up. But, then again, this is the Nationals and Saki is being confronted by things that she most likely was ignoring before the start of the series

Things that she could not afford to ignore any longer if she wants  a chance.

And Saki really want that chance.


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5 Responses to Zenkoku-hen OST – Saki

  1. Alex says:

    Saki BGM is so much more honest about the way Saki feels then Saki is to herself.
    Also is their any chance of seeing a post about any other newer songs?
    (side note) Love the BGM's in the anime though my favorite bit about the anime was a regular schedule for updating seriously how is this a bi weekly or monthly manga I'm not even sure what it is supposed to be anymore that said the vice captain match is looking interesting wonder how many more months till it ends

  2. nightsentinel09 says:

    I've reached a zen state regarding Saki and its updates quite a long time ago. Currently, I'm pleasantly surprised if the chapter comes on time rather than disappointed when Ritz will inevitably do a hiatus or something.

    As for posts on other BGM, hmmm the school tracks seem to be promising. The chibi version of zenkoku and the OP is nice as well. I'll see what I can do.

  3. k27 says:

    i like the bgm that you share thaks for sharing this ^^v

  4. Alex says:

    Hey Night you may want to get new links for the ost's here

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