Selector Spread Wixoss 04.1 – Meeting Tama Again

Well, now that the site is mostly fixed. Its time to do some blogging. Because I’m behind by miles again. But, what else is new? lol

Anyway,  for those who are waiting for it.

Finally, TAMA IS HERE! And she can  meet Ruu!

Though, she isn’t very happy about it.  (Mayu, you suck. ><)

[su_label]The only reason to feel guilty about shipping RuuxIona (Ignoring mental sanity of course) [/su_label]

Reactions to Tama’s appearance is mixed.

  • Ruuko

“I’m so glad that you’re okay. Tama!”


Ruu’s reaction says it all. (And probably the most positive). She’s very much a softie. Even if the reunion didn’t happen in the best possible terms. (Heck, if Tama is Ulith’s LRIG, its very likely that they are on opposite sides now.) Ruu doesn’t care. She’s just glad to see Tama again.

Considering how abrupt Tama’s departure had been at the end of S1, remember she just disappeared from her card, I can’t help but wonder if Ruu thought the worse. With the way that the selector system has been presented, it would not surprise me one whit, if initiating the eternal girl vow and then abandoning it leads to the LRIG disintegration or something.  Thank god it doesn’t. ^^

Still, there is the very real fear that Ruu would not see Tama again. So yeah, even if she’s the enemy’s LRIG now, I can see how just seeing Tama is a great comfort to Ruu.


  • Yuzuki and Hitoe


“But, why is she here?”  — Hitoe

“How come Ulith is a selector now? Isn’t she supposed to be making your wish come true?” — Yuzuki

In contrast to Ruu, Yuzuki and Hitoe are more wary of this development. Heck, Yuzuki was immediately suspicious of Iona. But, then again, I’ve been noticing that of the trio, Yuzuki is the most impulsive and the most likely to not care about her opponents feeling. Back in season 1, she was willing to crush quite a lot of selectors to make her own wish come true. Heck, she even broke her fledgling friendship with Ruuko over it.

In simple terms, Yuzuki is not as carebear as Ruuko and Hitoe. Beside that from my rewatch,  Iona is very much an “enemy” in Yuzuki’s mind so she’s very much fair game.

  • Iona 

Such a tasteless game… that’s just like her. 

Iona’s reaction is a bit more ambiguous. Its easy to tell that she’s honest about what she was saying to Yuzuki. While Iona did expect for Ulith to seek her out, that’s practically part of her wish so she is aware of it. Its  also clear that she’s surprised as everyone else about Tama’s appearance.

She does voice some displeasure at the tastelessness of such action. The question is to whom is she voicing it to? Ulith? Well, even back in season 1, she did say to Ulith to stop her vulgar suggestions.

Mayu? There seems to be something between Iona and Mayu with the way that Iona later described Mayu playing with selectors and LRIGs as if they are her personal dolls.

[su_spoiler title=”Iona spoilers for latest episode (Click the + sign if you’re updated to S2 episode 7) “]This is one of the reason why I would like to call bull on Iona is the girl of black and she hates everyone and everything that Mayu would be selling on the next episodes. As Ulith puts it, Iona is far too refined to be truly the girl of black as Mayu defines it.

Because truthfully, Iona have too much pride  to stoop to the games that Mayu and Ulith plays.  And Iona doesn’t care about most things and thus won’t bother with trying to make people miserable feeling such things are beneath her. Heck, even if her wish showed traits like this. Her selector must be stronger than her. And she must have worthy opponents.

If you’re not on the above list. I have a feeling she won’t bother with you. You are simply not in her radar.


  • Mayu 

Tama you poor thing. 

You must be scared. You’ll just be hurt again.  

<smiles happily while watching Tama get hurt>

Speaking of Mayu, I take back all of the positive thoughts, I have of you last episode. I actually thought that you care for Tama. But, nope. (Or if you do care for Tama its probably in the unhealthy sense of the word. )

Though, I begrudgingly can see some logic on her actions. Mayu did fulfill her promise to make Tama and Ruu meet. She just did it in the worst circumstance and one where Tama is guaranteed to get hurt meaning Tama would be less likely to want to go to the outside world. Which begs the question of why Tama managed to get out to the outside world in the first place.

Still that is not how you care for someone.

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[su_label]Lifeless Tama[/su_label]

Speaking of Tama, she’s barely reacting when under Ulith. Its as if she’s just going through the motions. Quite a contrast to when Tama was under Ruuko where Tama reacts to everything and is a bundle of fun all around.

The only time that Tama reacts is when Ulith accuses Ruu of abandoning Tama. Like with Mayu, Tama vehemently protest that fact. Of course, Tama can’t do much protesting since she’s under Ulith’s control though.

Ulith in contrast is visibly enjoying herself. She most likely is enjoying the havoc she’s causing around her.

[su_spacer size=”100″]

[su_label]Iona declaring that Ruu is her one and only.[/su_label]

Of course, Iona isn’t to be left behind. Seeing that Tama appears to be not responding to Ruu, she pounced. (Well, Iona certainly does not lack initiative).

It seems that Tama is doing fine without you.

She seems to be having fun too. 

She hasn’t changed from the days when she was still your LRIG. 

But, I’m different. You must know Ruu… 

That you’re the only one for me. 

… Seriously, Iona. Why does everything you say feel like you’re enticing Ruuko into a romantic relationship. lol

Also, I wish that Iona stops this tack. Because as I’ve said in the previous post, driving a wedge between Tama and Ruuko has a low chance of happening. That and since you want Ruu to fight so much. You need Tama so Ruu can have motivation.

Also now that Iona said it in the open, that Ruu is the only one for her. I’m beginning to wonder what would happen if she didn’t have her preferred selector. She’ll probably less involved and act like Iona would in the real world i.e. perform well without giving a damn to anyone.

On another note, its really apparent  to me that Mayu only gave Iona to Ruu because Iona have no chance of fulfilling Ruuko’s wish. Right now, Iona wants Ruu as her selector and only Ruuko … 

So yeah…  I imagine getting a wish fulfilled and gaining a body is not on the cards. She did gave up her body just to be Ruuko’s LRIG after all. Not to mention that said wish, is against Iona’s paradigm.

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[su_label]Poor Tama[/su_label]

Btw, am I the only one who found this whole scene weird? Not in the weird, it doesn’t fit the mood weird but in the weird, holy hell is Ruu hearing Tama’s thoughts weird?!

No, I’m serious. This whole scene reminds me of episode 1 where Ruu inexplicably names Tama. Here, she was thinking about Iona’s words. Then, she hears “bells” and misunderstanding cleared as if Ruuko can hear Tama’s innermost thoughts.

… And she probably can, since she reacts exactly to that.

As I’ve said weird, or probably a plot point.

[su_spoiler title=”Tama is a bad girl (Click if your updated on S2 episode 7) “]Btw, does anyone caught on the fact that Tama used bad girl in describing herself. Its what Mayu used when Iona displeased her on the latest episode as well.

A bit babyish and fit Tama’s character to a tee but I can’t help but wonder if this is more of Mayu’s influence.[/su_spoiler]

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[su_label]Awww… how heartwarning.[/su_label]

And there goes our answer to one of Infected’s mystery.  Ruu does think that she will be trapped in a card once her wish goes through. But, she thought it was worth it if she can free Tama, Yuzuki and other LRIGS that suffered their fate.

The dream sequence with Tama, Ruuko, Hitoe and Yuzuki all together is probably just wishful thinking.

More than the plot implications though, I’m kinda glad that Ruu finally have a heart to heart talk with Tama. And I’m more glad because said talk addressed a lot of Mayu’s manipulation and Tama’s insecurity.

Ruu lied?

Yep. Ruu admits it which is good. But, she only did that because she thought that it will save Tama. Ruu also admitted that she’s wrong and should have considered Tama’s feelings. More than that, she also affirms that Tama’s feeling is shared by her. That Ruuko is also lonely without Tama. Because TAMA IS RUU”S PRECIOUS FRIEND!

<Take that! Mayu! Ruu doesn’t care about Tama, my foot.>

Though, I’m a bit worried. They are really closing the Madoka ending at this point with Hitoe and Yuzuki making Ruuko promise to not sacrifice herself and now this. But, to be truthful, Madoka ending is looking like the only way this series can end happily. Because the selector system at its current form has to go.

Beside that, we also have a brief shot of Iona pondering the word “friend” again. I’m getting the feeling that Iona never had a true friend in her life… And well, this also smashed her theory to bits as well. Because with the way that Iona structured her argument in the last episode and just now, she didn’t think that parting with Ruuko is going to affect Tama one whit.

Considering that she’s Ruu’s current LRIG and she says that Ruu is the only one for her, that’s a very interesting point of view to have.

But, quite supported by Iona’s ego. Remember how Iona is complaining that Ruu does not belong to you people meaning Hitoe and Yuzuki just last episode? This is just an extension of that. I really believe that Iona has latched on to Ruu as her one true soulmate kind of deal. The only one who can understand her and appreciate her. Of course vice-versa has to be true as well,  Iona’s the only one who sees the true Ruuko and the one who can appreciate her.

That I believe is the reason why Iona says that Tama is having fun and dandy without Ruuko around.

And then, she gets evidence that this isn’t the case. And you know, Ruu does understand Tama and Tama understand Ruu very well.

… Ouch.

I think this is when Iona’s certainty is markedly shifted.  And its slowly getting eroded in the past few episodes.

The next scenes is just  the show twisting the knife further in.

[su_spacer size=”100″]

[su_label]Team “We have no chemistry with each other whatsoever” [/su_label]

I just have to screenshot this for future posterity. Because wow, Ulith do you have to put it that way?

And I just like the sound that Tama makes when Ulith says this line. There is a forceful breathe there almost as if Tama is thinking, you’re still here?

And you’re one to talk Ulith…

[su_spoiler title=”Ulith kettle (Click if your updated on S2 episode 7) “]Considering you’re doing the SAME THING when its your turn to battle Ruu-Iona pair. Pot calling Kettle black!


[su_spacer size=”100″]

[su_label]Well at least, Ruu met Tama silver lining[/su_label]

In the end of the the inevitable Tama-Ruu meeting, Ruu finally got some much needed catharsis. Trust me the unknown is more scary than knowing. At least, I suppose Ruu knows Tama’s location now.

Next post, is about the mechanics of the battle and about Chiyori. Its kinda hard to fit those in this post when she’s such an outsider to the ongoing Tama-Ruuko-Iona conflict that is the heart of this episode and season 2 for that matter.

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  1. chaos says:

    Sweet new look and nice new post. BTW, are you doing match analysis like you do with Saki? How are you going to do that? Wixoss skips and gloss over all its matches.

    • nightsentinel09 says:

      Its true that Wixoss skips and gloss over most of its matches. But, thankfully, takaratomy releases supplemental information regarding them. And also thankfully, someone translated all of those already. ^^

  2. Alex says:

    did this series get abandoned to?

    • nightsentinel09 says:

      Not really. Wixoss has its own page now in the site which meant I'll slowly add entries on it. Currently tentative plan is to rewatch season 1 and season 2 and slowly reblog from there. Some of the things I was banking on never materialized and the ending went somewhere I didn't expect. Still, I like the TCG game for itself so going to try to work out enthusiasm just for that.

      Anyway, site will get once a week blog now starting 2015 now that my life finally stabilized hopefully. Real life stop giving me curve balls. T_T

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