Selector Spread Wixoss 03 – Setting the Stage

This episode is quite slow. But, it doesn’t mean it isn’t interesting. Quite a lot of the character motivation was explored, plus few teaser hints; as well as the awaited reunion at the end.

So let’s start with the most exploration and one that was eagerly anticipated. The question that was on everyone’s mind at the end of S1.

I. What the heck happened to Tama? 



She’s with Mayu. Crying by her lonesome on the white room.

Heh. Why am I not surprised?

I’m actually quite curious when this take place. Is this a flash backward to the past? (the immediate aftermath of the battle between Iona and Ruuko)

Because if its in the present; I find  it odd that Mayu did not instantly stalk  comfort Tama after what happened. And with the way Mayu said it, this is the first time they are talking to each other.

That and  Tama immediately falling apart, curling into a ball and crying sounds like the very first thing she would do in the aftermath.

I also found this scene to be quite powerful.

“Ruu is a liar.” 

The way that Mayu casually says that line. And the fact that Mayu used “RUU”. Its an intimate form of address. And there are only three people that calls Ruu by that. (Tama, Mayu, Iona)   And Iona might not totally count since she used “Ruuko” in her monologues.

That and the fact that Ruuko occasionally used “Ruu” and refer to herself as a third person is very very fishy. I wonder if there is some connection somehow.

… Also, if Mayu has some control on where LRIG end up. The fact that she gave Tama (someone she consider to be precious) to Ruu is pretty telling.


That said.

I also found Tama’s defense of Ruu heartwarning.  One of my greatest fear at the ending of S1 was Tama believing Mayu’s bullshit and hating her former selector. I’m glad it wasn’t the case.

Mayu’s response to Tama’s wish to

Its scary out there. 

It will constrict your feelings and your very soul.

You’ll be hurt.

You’ll find liars everywhere. 

You’ll feel pain and sorrow. 

There, can’t you here them? 

Wow. Mayu. I would have never guessed that you have a personality of a hikikomori. I have a feeling that Mayu has been hurt somewhere in the past and thus her aversion to reality.

I’m also getting convinced that Mayu isn’t quite the mastermind. Considering the teaser of the past.

The left one is definitely Tama. The middle one is Mayu. The right one… the only silhouette that fits is Ulith. But, I’m not convinced…

That and the angle of this shot is suspicious. Is there a fourth person that was being covered by Mayu’s shadow?

And it appears that they are playing a card game there? Meaning this happened in reality. Hmmm….  In the end, this scene with Mayu brought more questions than it solved. I’m really quite curious about the Tama-Mayu past now.

II. Hanayo  

Beside Tama, we also found out what happened to another dangling thread from S1. Remember that Ruuko and Yuzuki goes to the same school, so Ruu should know what is happening on that font.

On an unrelated note, I’m glad that Hitoe doesn’t go to the same school as Ruu. That would just be awkward  ^^

Anyway, to my utter non-surprise,  people are gossiping about the wincest twins and avoiding them like a plague.

Typical. ><

But, then again,  contrary to what anime-land will tell you. This is how people will react to the news or heck even rumors that you are boinking a family member.

I’m actually glad that this issue is being treated seriously here instead being fodder for fanservice (not that doing so is bad, there is a reason why its popular but so many series have overplayed it by now.)

What is surprising about the whole scene is this?!

What the hell Hanayo?

I’m with Ruu~ on this one, “why” should she battle?

Yes. She does have the “find Tama” reason and “free all LRIG” reason from Ruu’s perspective and if you subscribe to Iona’s she has “batteru-lust” going on. But, guess what?


(Devil Advocate:  But, Night, what if Ru’s light show at the end of S1, you know when Tama was about to grant her wish has more significance and all the LRIG former and current felt it and connected it with Ruuko? ) 

I will still maintain that considering the result of what happened in the selector battles, with the winners still ending up as losers Heck, Hanayo can be considered anecdotal evidence for this! It was quite clear from how she is acting with Kazuki that she doesn’t want to do it and forcing herself to fulfill Yuzuki’s wish. (This reminds me that we still don’t know if there is a penalty for not granting said wish.)

Which is why I found her advice to Ruuko odd.  “You must keep battling” has gotta be the worst advice you can give to any selector that you have some goodwill for.

And why the hell was it okay for Yuzuki and Hitoe to stop and not for Ruuko?! Does Hanayo not care for Ruu or something? (Actually quite possible.)  Or does she have some secret information that we don’t know? (Also possible)


At least Akira is transparent.

III. Akira-lovely 

And I can’t believe I’m saying this but I pity Akira.  She’s not exactly the most sympathetic person in the world. Heck, she’s arguably worse than S1. But, the way that Ulith is systematically destroying her is really painful.

“I’d even  kill Ruuko if she wants to.” 

Because this isn’t an idle boast, Akira will really do it if she thinks it will please Ulith for 3 seconds.

In truth, not falling in love, would probably have been better for Akira’s mental health. In S1, she craved attention of many and hated that Iona overshadowed her and took the only thing that gave her life significance.

Now, it appears that the craving for attention; to make people see her is focused on one individual. And this might have made it more intense.  In a certain way, its romantic

“It doesn’t matter what strangers (other people) see; as long as you see me.”

How much has that phrase been paraphrased in so many shows? In many of it, this ends happily  with the person stop seeking the fickle’s crowd attention and build a healthy supportive relationship.

But, what happens if we fall in love with the wrong person?

Akira is going to find out and its not pretty.

IV. Partnership


Truly with all this dysfunctional relationship, I’m glad to see a see a pair that was so in-sync with each other and having a healthy dynamic for a change.

…. Sigh. Hitoe is such a nice waifu. She’s worried about her “tomodachi” (friend). And rightfully so, even if Akira isn’t being manipulated by Ulith, there is a very high possibility that Ruuko will be target number 1.

One, Ruuko is one of Akira’s loses and the one directly lead to her third lost. Second and more importantly, Ruuko has Iona as an LRIG. With S1 Akira that’s practically a bullseye target. And Akira is worse now.

Its just a pity that Hitoe’s not pairable. Yuzuki is into wincest and Ruuko is caught between sweetly cute Tama and jaw-dropping sexy Iona and thus also unavailable


Speaking of Iona, she’s still trying to tempt Ruuko to be her partner in casual sex  responsibility free battling.   And is wondering why its not working.

On the fun side, she still managed to put my mind in the gutter again.

You really aren’t going to battle (have sex)?  

You were enjoying it so much.  

There was a fire burning inside of you, so hot it made your  blood boil and your body tingle.

Ah. Iona never change.

Let’s translate more of her monologue. ^^

Is it because Tama is gone?  (Are you still hung up on your ex?)

Is it because I’m your LRIG?  (Is it my fault?)

Is it because its not fun without your friends? (Do you want to start as friends?)

Is that why you can’t battle ( have sex)? 

Heh. Everything checks out. Iona even hits on the reason why someone doesn’t want to have a relationship. lol

I don’t understand it. 

You’re the greatest selector I’ve ever met,  

and I’m the greatest of all LRIG. 

I can’t accept that we’re not battling (having sex) even though we’re finally together.

Translation: We are totally made for each other.

 More seriously. That’s some ego. …And it might actually be legitimate.

As of the time that this post is published, Iona’s the only LRIG that has a level 5 card for one.

And I suppose this answers my earlier question last episode about Iona having second doubts when Ruuko nearly lost to Akira. Ruu~ is still the greatest selector that Iona have ever met.


They’re really making this issue ambiguous. With the Hanayo scene and then this, I can conclude that Ruu is in denial of her love for battle. But, later on, when the chat with Yuzuki and Hitoe happened, it looked like that its Iona that is doing some heavy projecting.

I really don’t understand what they are trying to achieve. Or perhaps that is the point?

Hmm…   for now let’s have more of Iona’s quotes.

You still long for battle, don’t you? 

Isn’t that why you’re always carrying me with you?

Saying that I’m a clue to find Tama is just a pretext. 

What Iona is saying sound plausible here. I’m beginning to think that Ruu’s love for battle is very real. But, to be honest, I’m also pretty sure that there is some Iona projection there somewhere – the last part to be exact.

Because Ruu has shown abundantly clear that she cares a lot about Tama. And Iona has all the reasons in the world to ignore that tiny detail and convince Ruuko of the same.

In that case… you can just go ahead and use me.     

And this is where Iona lost the argument.  From Ruuko’s expression, its very clear what she thought of that idea.

Iona if you ever want to win the Ruu bowl, you need to change your dating strategy. Its quite clear even now that Ruu doesn’t want meaningless sex  to just battle.(Even if she enjoys it or addicted to it or something.)

She wants the act to mean something. She will probably favor a “Relationship or Partnership” TM. One where the two parties doesn’t just mutually use each other.

This does shed some light on the possible nature of Iona-Ulith partnership and Iona’s mindset in general. Iona and Ulith are more than likely mutually using each other. Iona wanted to be an LRIG and Ulith want out of the card.

So yeah….

Iona does have a point though specially with Ruuko’s idealistic slant on what happened with Yuzuki-Hanayo. Ruuko does not know anything about Hanayo and her motivation to say such things. Its highly possible that Iona’s pessimistic take is the right one. Hanayo is not exactly looking like a saint with how she urged Ruu to battle again.

And we come at the crux of the differing perspective between the two of them.

And to this I would like to sigh loudly.

Ruu. Iona.  I really wonder which one of you are more in denial. I’m beginning to lean on BOTH.   

Here is the current theories, I’m working on.

  • Ruu, you like battling for the sake of it. Not just when Tama is there. 
  • Iona, your selector isn’t exactly like you. Ruu doesn’t find fulfillment solely on the battlefield. 

I do understand why they find it hard to admit this things though.

For Ruu, selector battles is something of a guilty pleasure. The whole system is bad. If she participates, she hurts someone and she also hurts herself. There is no gain there. Its quite understandable that she feels guilty for liking/enjoying it and thus she comes with all this rationalization.

For Iona, Ruu is kinda like her long lost soulmate that she found after a long search. One that she has invested, quite a bit.

What are you saying? 

Ruuko, you do not belong with these people. 

I turned into an LRIG just for you. 

Just so I can become one with you in battle. 

And thus, the two of them are in a stalemate for the last three  episodes. Neither acknowledging that the other has a point.

With the appearance of Tama though, I expect this status quo to be shaken. Because, if there is an acceptable reason to battle for Ruuko – that’s Tama. And if there is someone that Iona would like to very much go away – That’s Tama as well. 

Considering that Tama is the best button to push in getting Ruuko to battle. (Seriously, Ruuko outright says that she’ll do anything to find Tama in this episode.) I find it a bit telling that Iona doesn’t ever press it. In fact, Iona is quite discomfited when Ruu is telling her this.

Translation: Iona really wants Ruu to let go of her ex and have fun time with her instead.

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    I wish I have some idea of your otp.

    • Can I pick ALL?
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      The only ship that I don't like is UlithxAkira and HanayoxKazuki. They don't grab me for obvious reason.

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