Selector Infected Wixoss – BD special 01

I’m supposed to be reviewing episode 3 today. But, I’m not on the right mind-set to write depressing stuff. So instead let’s review something funny.

Wait. Funny in WIXOSS?!

Night have you drunk some cool-aid recently? Have you watched the latest episode? Akira just got more psychotic ( yes, its possible).  And the world has once again confirmed that it enjoys fucking with Ruu~ just because.

Are you sure you are describing the right setting? How can WIXOSS be WIXOSS without the schadenfreude derived from watching it?

Night thinks it over.



The BD special does enjoy poking fun at Ruuko so equilibrium restored.So  yey?!

(Note, I didn’t draw this nor did I translate it. This is a video special from the BD and credits go to Asenshi for the translation. If you want the video, you can get if from their site.)

What is this for then?

Me. Having too much fun and messing around for the heck of it of course.

In any case, let’s enjoy the Midoriko-san and Piruluk-tan show!


A. Greetings from our Sponsors


B. Damage Control!


 C. Piruluk-tan reveals shocking truth! (Executive Meddling!)


D. Clashing motivation! 


 Lol. I had too much fun on this. Maybe I should continue it more?

Night looked at the bad typesetting. On second thought….. .

Anyway, the video goes further poking fun at some of the premise of the show like the big deal S1 made about Ruuko’s lack of wish and why doesn’t anyone knows how much wins one need to grant their wish. Also poked fun at Ruuko’s “emptiness”.

…. Yes. Ruu, you’re an Okada MC, you’ll get bullied every time its possible. ^^

Even if its short, I kinda like the meta-awareness that went into it and the amount of references they managed to pack.

Also, if you’re wondering what the heck is “Peeping Analyze.” Its a manga-spin off starring Piruluk! The latest chapter is very “enlightening”. Be careful of spoilers though, the whole thing isn’t scanlated yet.

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