Selector Spread Wixoss 04.1 – Meeting Tama Again

Well, now that the site is mostly fixed. Its time to do some blogging. Because I’m behind by miles again. But, what else is new? lol

Anyway,  for those who are waiting for it.

Finally, TAMA IS HERE! And she can  meet Ruu!

Though, she isn’t very happy about it.  (Mayu, you suck. ><)

[su_label]The only reason to feel guilty about shipping RuuxIona (Ignoring mental sanity of course) [/su_label]

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Selector Spread Wixoss 03 – Setting the Stage

This episode is quite slow. But, it doesn’t mean it isn’t interesting. Quite a lot of the character motivation was explored, plus few teaser hints; as well as the awaited reunion at the end.

So let’s start with the most exploration and one that was eagerly anticipated. The question that was on everyone’s mind at the end of S1.

I. What the heck happened to Tama? 


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