Hibike! Euphonium OP – Dream Solister

I’ve watched the current episodes of this show through the urging of a friend and was very pleasantly surprised. So much so that I went and made a video  with english subs here. 

Since I’m not the most Japanese literate person in the world (understatement), there might be some errors

But, meh, it should be close enough? Heh. The lyrics itself are interesting. Very catchy.  I wonder if it has some plot implications, its a bit too early to make any analysis though.

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Zenkoku-hen OST – Saki

I have been listening to Saki Zenkoku-hen OST (Check it out! It rocks!)

When, I had the urge to blog. So sure why not?

If there is one thing I unconditionally love about the Saki, it is  their soundtrack. Normally, reading the manga first and then watching the anime makes it feel less thrilling. I have to say that I haven’t felt this on the Saki franchise, simply because the music makes the anime worthwhile. (That and the flashy special effect).

I really believe that the music in Saki should have a special place in a fan’s heart. And this blog post is dedicated to it.

First up is the title character ost of course.  ^^

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Moon Pride! Fangirling edition!

I’m supposed to be working on episode 2 then I saw this.

First thought while watching that? Who the hell animated this and why aren’t they working on CRYSTAL?!

Because seriously, this is simply marvelous. The moment I knew of its existence, I’m a couple thousand yen lighter courtesy of Amazon. It’s just that awesome!

Which is why I’m going to be fangirling on the song.  And bitterly wondering why isn’t the rest of the series animation like this.

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Saki’s Hax Mahjong Music Part 1 – Miyanaga Theme

Disclaimer: I didn’t upload those video. A big thanks for victorpresti and ventuzas13 for uploading it. Have some internet cookies guys. Anyway on to the post itself.

I don’t know what drew me to Saki since at first glance I thought of it as a pleasant time waster. But, after a few episodes this unassuming anime got my complete devotion. And after a few years and several re-watch of the series later – I still manage to find something new about it that manages to capture me.

The new thing I managed to notice about Saki is the awesome battle music. It may seem a bit generic at first glance but when you go with the context that Saki anime and manga provides – its just perfect.

First, I’ll review the awesome OST of the Miyanaga siblings. They are both very very strong players but their way of playing is drastically different and it reflects on their Monster theme. Second, their character theme is also noticeably very different.

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