When I play the original Saki psp – part 1

I was struck by inspiration and freetime yesterday. So I recorded one of my game in the Saki psp.

Here is the video.

I took the liberty to change the soundtrack to a more Saki anime feel. Anyway, I just took the first row of characters as my opponents which also means I’m playing as Saki.

Playing as Saki, I’ve noticed that I get ridiculously good starting hands. Beside that, there is always a quad somewhere in her hand facilitating her rinshan kaihou. The triplets/quads seem to be also attracted to her so I assume you will come close to suu ankou several times.

Oh yeah, if you are in tenpai and if you called a kan chances are you are going to win a game by rinshan kaihou. If not, you will receive a useful tile that will advance your hand courtesy of the dead wall. Talk about free useful draws. *sweatdrops*

At the end of the playthrough, all I can say playing as Saki is really really tanoshi. I recommend it after you got clobbered in tenhou.

It will immediately cheer you up. ^^

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9 Responses to When I play the original Saki psp – part 1

  1. overdue123 says:

    The video is blocked D:

  2. Solar Turkey says:

    They blocked the video? Seriously? That is so stupid I can't even see straight. Make sure you challenge the DMC claim. There's a guide on how to do it online if you don't know how.

  3. Is it blocked as well for you? I don't even….

  4. Thanks, I disputed the DLC claim. Let's see if they will unblock the video or ban my account.

  5. Cytrus says:

    Kaori is the best though xD. Yakuman galore.

    • Ah yes. That she is. Btw, have you seen the latest video about Ryuuka and Toki. And I thought Saki's gameplay here is overpowered. ^^

      • Cytrus says:

        LOL at Ryuuka xD. Toki is fine. Without seeing the opponent's winning tiles, she's not even that overpowered. But I'm not sure if Ryuuka even counts as playing mahjong if that power is on every turn xD.

        The first PSP game seemed to me to have an overly big gap between the really good abilities and those that barely did anything. Achiga seems like it will be a circus of messed up abilities all over the place xD.

      • Yeah. I want the new version. Its has more available power as well. Its a bit expensive to ship and if I wait for the local stock. It will take forever sigh…

        About the new powers, what I'm curious about is how they will demo Teru's . If they will just use her demonic mirror its a bit useless since everyone probably already knows how the opponent's powers work. ^^ On the other hand, her increasing points. I wonder how they will do it. And there is also the Marui-Himeko power… ^^

        As for Ryuuka, they should limit that. 3 times like the manga should do it. It will still be a terror on matches for just East wind though. 😀

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