Captain Quarterfinals Part IV – Toyone Attacks! And Attacks some more!

Hello guys, we are finally in the half time of this match. And the next few chapters is dedicated to the cutest Alucard clone TOYONE!

Anyway, before we dive back into the analysis.


We just ended the first half of the captain match and we are about to start the second half.

Ah… intelligent strategy. How I love you. ^^

If you guys remember, Toyone’s pursuit ability was revealed without a doubt in the first half. And as Kyouko has pointed out in the above panel, the easiest counter to that is to not call riichi in the first place. 

That is a bit annoying disadvantage for everyone but something that they can live with.

Beside that, as Kyouko surmised the pursuit riichi confers a disadvantage to Toyone. Remember to call a riichi, you must have the following.

  • A tenpai hand (That meant a hand that is only one tile away from winning)
  • You must have not opened your hand or called in anyway.

Thus, logically for Toyone to have her ability to be active. She must always have a closed hand. If she ever called a tile, she can not declare a riichi and do a pursuit.

This also meant that the key to fighting her is to call tiles as much as possible. To drag the match in a battle of speed! Toyone stuck with closed hands will be slower to form melds and if she ever decides to compete in a speed battle, she would be throwing away the advantage of pursuit riichi. Thus, negating her ability advantage.

All in all an excellent strategy.


Random mahjong trivia: 

4 calls are all your allowed in game. Once you did that, your hand will resemble Toyone’s – A single tile. Of course, this meant that you will only have one wait which is whatever the pair of the tile left in your hand.

We now have a snapshot of Miyamori’s waiting room. And we have confirmation that they really did their best to hide Toyone’s ability. I surmised that this means that in their prefecture tournament and the early round of the nationals, they are in a comfortable enough lead that Toyone doesn’t have to anything but defend in the captain round.

Its also worth noting that the one Toshi is most wary of is SAKI.


Time to practice my mahjong-fu.

Han calculations 

1 han  = yakuhai

2 han = honitsu

equivalent to 3 han

Fu calculations: 

+20 base score

+ 2 open pon of eight characters

+ 4 open pon of green dragon

+ 2 self draw bonus

28 fu = rounded up to = 30 fu

3 han 30 fu 

2,000 all since Toyone is dealer

Btw, that is important for later. Take note: Toyone drew east in the 2nd half. Thus, she is the first dealer.

Anyway, we begin the 1st dealer repeat.

Toyone began calling stuff again.

Of course, her opponents know that something is up and they are beginning to mount a counter.

Notice Kasumi’s discard there.

Kyouko: Calling the same tile she threw last turn?

Meaning Kasumi is beginning to discard tiles that she thinks are non-callable. And we also have some mechanics of Toyone’s ability. If she threw away her set, then I can surmise that one of the limitation of this ability needs is to have every meld called. 

Meaning, only one tile must remain in her hand.

Another possible limitation, maybe, is Toyone needs to call tiles from every player to activate the ability. I’ve noticed that she has called tiles from everyone here and in the past hand. I’m not confident with this theory though. It could be just coincidence since we just have two samples. 

Anyway in this hand, Toyone wins again.  But, as I’ve said that her opponents are wising up.

If you’ve taken Toyone’s ability as a given, the easiest way to stop that on its tracks is to not give her tiles that she can call on. Kasumi is on her way to doing this. I’ve also noticed that  beside the red dragon that Toyone called in the beginning from Saki. She hasn’t given any tiles for Toyone to call on as well.

Anyway, we now have the scores at the end of this:

Himematsu : 101,300

Miyamori : 111,900

Eisui : 86,400

Kiyosumi : 100,400

Miyamori has gotten 1st place. Himematsu fell to second. Eisui is fourth. And Kiyosumi is in third.

If you look at Saki vision you will get this:

Saki : 20,300

Kyouko: 20,300

Toyone: 39,100

Kasumi: 20,300

Noticing the score for both sets. This exchange of points is good for Saki. Since she needs to get +/- and be first. Any score exchanges which decrease the difference between first and her without increasing her point gain is a plus.

Remember we began with 28,000 points difference on Saki and first place. Now, its a mere 12,000.

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4 Responses to Captain Quarterfinals Part IV – Toyone Attacks! And Attacks some more!

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  2. Salamander says:

    I've recently found this blog and I think it's great. I really liked this match when I read the manga but your analysis here makes me enjoy it even more.

    Just two minor issues:
    – Kasumi's score is given in the manga as 86400 from which I deduce that Saki's should be 100400, right?
    -The scores in Saki's mind can't be right. I get Saki: 25800, Kyouko: -1300, Toyone: 51200, Kasumi: 24300. So please double check them.
    If I'm not mistaken, in Saki's mind, Kyouko goes into negative points!

    Anyway, keep this up because I like reading your in-depth posts about the world of Saki.

    • Salamander says:

      Oh, sorry I just realized that at the start of the 2nd match everyone's score should be reset at 25000 to see the score in Saki's mind. So then your scores are absolutely right.
      Kasumi and Saki's (normal) scores should still be corrected to 86400 and 100400 though.

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