Hibike Euphonium 02 – Are You Destined for a Particular Musical Instrument?


You may not know it yet, but like a man and woman, an instrument and its player are bound by fate. – Asuka

This comment along with Asuka’s another one, “you have the look of a Euphonium player,” prompted me to investigate if there are certain predisposition in choosing an instrument.

And heh, what do you know?  While we laugh at Hazuki’s gullibility, there are actually a lot of studies that say that certain people would do better in a particular instrument.

I knew those stereotypes came from somewhere.  Anyway, I’ve searched about the personalities behind the instrument.

Let’s see how much of that matches, shall we?

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Kumiko Oumae – Euphonium

  • Euphoniums are for the responsive and cooperative people. A euphonium player who won’t listen and blend with other instruments won’t be a euphonium player for long.  
  • They have a nice chunk of self-confidence, but portrayed in a quiet way.
  • They might be a bit of intellectual as well and more than likely know a lot about music than any other section.
  • Some might have a desire for uniqueness or impact in some way. 
  • They don’t want to be the leader or the follower and a bit laidback. 

Well, that is an interesting description. Its a bit early but I think it fits Kumiko to a T.

I think it fits Asuka as well. Though, she’s certainly no character that blend in the background, the number of times she responded to the President’s S.O.S signal show a lot of awareness.  And that silver euphonium that she’s using is certainly unique. ^^

As for Kumiko’s desire for the trombone, I find it interesting in-story and from a technical perspective. In-story, because when we are shown the flashback with her sister teaching her to make music, the instrument that her sister is holding is the trombone. ^^

Beside that, switching from the euphonium to the trombone is supposed to be easy and something that might be required if one got serious with music. Apparently, there are no euphonium on the orchestra and thus the need to double with the trombone.

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Hazuki Katou – Tuba

  • Responsive and good natured. 
  • Someone who lead behind the scenes
  • Usually male
  • Has a sense of humor 

….. Somehow this doesn’t seem to fit Hazuki.  Especially the usually male and leading behind the scene part. I have a feeling that Hazuki would rather charge in the front than anything else.

….  But, then again she wanted to try the trumpet, first.  And lo-behold she does have the personality type for that.

It does fit Goto though from the little of what we’ve seen of him. Man of a few words, he is.

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Sapphire Kawashima – Contrabass

  • For people who don’t want to lead or dominate anything
  • They are quite happy to just blend in the background and get along with everybody.
  • They might have interest in jazz and other creative musical outlet. 

I need more episodes to be sure since I don’t think Sapphire wants to be a wallflower. She really showed some initiative when they are asking who played the contrabass. On the other hand,  I don’t think she wants to be in-charge of anything.

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Reina Kousaka – Trumpet

  • The prima donna of the band  The leader of the band
  • People who play trumpets are usually passionate and aggressive in pursuing their goals. 
  • They are very ambitious  and somewhat egocentric. 
  • They are usually very loud and have a habit of showing off. 

Except the being loud part, this is basically describing Kousaka specially the passionate in pursuing their goal. As for the egocentric  part and showing off, well, she did keep blaring her trumpet everywhere. Heck, her “practice” for the trumpet in this episode can be construed as showing off.  ^^

On the flipside, I don’t think this describes the trumpet section leader but then again we haven’t been given much screentime from her yet….

Anyway,  that’s all the main characters and  I don’t have much handle on the others yet to comment on them. (I can’t even say that I have a handle on the personality of these four yet.)

Still, in your experience do you think that the stereotypes are right? does this personality fits with the band members you know in real life?

Inquiring minds want to know.

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Check out these books about the link between music and personality, if you’re interested.

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