Manaria Friends 1 – Introducing Grea and Anne with some Game Lore

Manaria Friends as said in the title is about the “friendship” between Anne and Grea – the two most iconic characters of the Mysteria faction. (Manaria is the English localization. Please note that I’ll use the original Mysteria for this post).

With eight episodes airing and only two more to go, I could state with some confidence that Manaria friends is mostly slice-of-life. If there is any plot, I haven’t seen it yet.

That said, I think it is still worth watching for the cute interactions between Anne and Grea (their gayness is oft the chart!) If that is not enough, you can taste the eye candy here because the visuals are gorgeous. And finally, if you played some Cygames product – you might like the anime simply for the lore expansion.

While Rage of Bahamut is sadly not available outside of Japan, Mysteria and the characters associated with it had appeared in many other Cygames product. Notably, GranBlue (which is considered the spiritual successor of Rage of Bahamut) and Shadowverse. As a casual Shadowverse player myself, Mysteria is really hard to forget especially with the way they dominated the meta for the past months. ^^

Anyway, on to the show.

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