Shokugeki no Soma 201 – Chess Motifs

Yeah. That cute image representing the team battle. ^

I noticed how strangely appropriate the character pieces are.

  • Knights – Soma and Takumi

It is often said that Soma and Takumi are almost the same character so it’s nice that they are depicted as the same piece. In chess, knights are the unconventional ones. The ones who can cross obstacles impassable by other pieces. Because of their unique movement, they are a threat that someone unfamiliar with chess cannot see coming. Also, the only piece that can threaten the queen without being threatened in turn.

  • Bishop -Megumi

Early game, bishops aren’t useful. But, if you position your pieces correctly (i.e not obstructing the bishops path), the bishop can shine better than even the knight. On the other hand, improper positioning of other pieces could lead the bishop getting stuck.

Between bishop and knights, some people have a preference for one or the other. In chess literature, they have a value of 3 with the bishop getting a .5 if properly developed.

  • Rook – Erina

In the early stage of the game, the rook is the piece that you use to strategically castle to protect your king. But, its the later stages of the game where the rook shines. It is the only piece (other than the queen and king) who can be placed on every single tile in the game. And also, the only piece other than the queen wherein one can single-handedly win the game.

You can’t win a game if you have is a single knight+ king. Ditto with a single bishop+king. But, it is possible if you have a single rook+king.

In chess literature, Rooks are worth 5 points compared to the knights and bishops 3 points. Which is appropriate for Erina who even now is still considered the strongest of the first years. Also freaking relevant because like the rook, Erina only gets to be in play at the endgame.

  • King – Gin and Saiba

King which is Gin and Saiba could denote how they are the leader of the respective team. Also, could show how the game would be already lost without them since the rebels lack any authority and Azami would not have agreed to the bet.

Finally, kings even though they are the most importantly pieces have the weakest board presence. Perhaps, it denotes that Gin, Saiba and Azami can’t really affect the victory condition much due to regulation, friendship or stuff. And its up to the rebels – the other pieces in the board game to move and seize victory.


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  1. Marc Meacham says:

    I like this thread. I happen to be a fan of both anime and chess! Just finished reading some chess tips on and and Google brought me here. No complaints, found a new site to visit!

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