Saki – What do you see? (Part II – A comparison with Onee-chan)

This is in response to a question posed by kappa145 about Saki’s senses. And yes, she does have a sensing power. Its blatantly obvious by now in the manga. Of course no one actually notices or they look at it as unimportant because hey! look a this! Flashy amazing lightning spewing flower blooming Rinshan!

So yeah, Saki’s other abilities often went unnoticed. This will be an exploration of her sensing ability. 😀

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The Nagano Individual Tournament Part 1 – What does Saki sees while Playing Mahjong?

This would be my first post and the start of my analysis of the individual matches. I I will starts with one of the most contentious things that are debated… why can Saki see Momo in her stealth setting?

Warning: WMG ahead (or Night just took a psychology unit which is why she is a little crazy… ) 


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