To Richer Soil (Prologue)


Where the forgotten gathers…

In front of a suburban house, a tearful goodbye was taking place.

“Saki, this is temporary. We’re not actually leaving you. You can always call us on the phone. I got one installed yesterday remember. Besides, we’re just a few train rides away. I’m expecting several visits.” At this the elder woman’s face twisted, “Even if you have to be accompanied by that useless man.”

For Saki, her mother’s soothing words did nothing to dispel her torrent of tears. It just made her try to bury herself in her warm embrace, not knowing if it will be the last time she can do so. “… This is my fault…” The younger girl sniffled.

“No, its not.” Her mother’s stern voice rebuked. “That man and I just can’t keep living with each other anymore. This is just the consequence of that. It is not your fault.”

“But, Onee-chan…”

“Teru was just stressed honey. I’m sure she didn’t mean it. She loves you.”



That was the first night Saki dreamt of the space wherein there was no light.

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