Hibike Euphonium 9.4 – On Not Knowing Ones Feelings

An analysis of this episode would not be complete without mentioning the most controversial part of it, I suppose.

That’s right.

The infamous assertion by Hazuki that “Kumiko doesn’t know her own feelings.”  

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Hibike Euphonium 9.3 – Kumiko on Hazuki and Midori

For this post, I want to talk about the first year trio of Kumiko, Hazuki and Midori’s friendship. To be honest, even if it only amounts to just background detail on most episode, I really like the trio’s camaraderie.

And I really like how its demonstrated in this episode, with all its up and down.

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Hibike Euphonium 6 – Motivation Problems

As I write this, I just recently rewatched episode 11.

God damn.

That episode was amazing and here I thought nothing can top episode 8. But, episode 11 is perfectly on par to said episode if in different ways.  I really want to write some freaking analysis on those.

…. But, meh.  I blogged enough to know by now that if I skip something even if I intend to cover it someday, I’ll lose interest or it will somehow mutate to something else.

So yeah.  Let’s try to catch up on the airing episodes. And write faster.

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Hibike Euphonium 5.2 – Breaking New Grounds on Character Interaction

As I type this, I just watched episode 10 which confirmed one thing that many have been suspecting for awhile. That Reina does know Taki-sensei and he’s the reason why she went to this unknown school.

Which sounds right given all the foreshadowing involved in it.

As much as I love the Kumiko-Reina relationship (and still do ^^ ), Reina is a bit too blase in the early episodes to Kumiko for her to  be the reason she chose Kitauji.  Not to mention that Reina has no way of knowing what school Kumiko is going in the first place. Remember a much closer friend/acquaintance – Azusa – in this episode didn’t know Kumiko went to Kitauji.

If you read some of my past posts, you’d know that I’m of the proponent of the theory that Reina’s “intense” fascination with Kumiko is a “new” thing and I have been attempting to track its development  while keeping in mind the new information brought by  episode 8.

While I’m sure that Reina’s interest is piqued by Kumiko’s innocently insensitive remark on the prologue and it may even have caused a  worldview shakedown similar to what happened to Kumiko. Its the events in episode 4 and 5 which will make Reina want to aggressively pursue a relationship with our cute MC.

So yeah, nothing really has changed for me due to episode 10 except some more character insight which I’ll get to once I managed to reach that episode.

Now onward to more late Sunfes comment!

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