Hibike Euphonium Concert Band Incomplete: Implications with a dash of Wishful Thinking

While I was making the blog post about episode 10 (in particular about salty senpai’s comment that Kumiko is the reason that she didn’t make it in the band)… when I noticed that the numbers aren’t adding up.


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Hibike Euphonium 5.1 – Proving Grounds (Or why having a terrible personality is a good thing)

Finally finished the project, time to start my very late episodic review again. lol

As we all know the last  four episodes involve getting the mess that is the band into something that resembles “good”. This episode is about proving if its “good” enough.

This happens with the band as they enter their first serious performance together – the Sunfest.

Also, is it just me? Or does the band plot thread seem to mirror/relate a lot to the  Kumiko-Reina relationship? Granted, this might just be because I just made a review of episode 4 wherein both the band and the pair made a breakthrough at the same time.

But, its doing it again in this episode.

Its truly wonderful what nuggets one can get when one rewatch the scenes after episode 8. (Mostly because we now have some idea about Reina now, while when the early episodes are airing she’s pretty much a cipher).

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