Selector Spread 02 – Ambivalent Pairings

We begin this episode with talking about a “MASTERMIND”.

Naturally, they meant Mayu, the mysterious girl in the white room. Unfortunately, the only known way of corresponding to Mayu is to become an LRIG. Something which is kinda a no-go. (unless your wish is to be an LRIG in the first place, then please do so and give us the juicy hints.)

As for me, I think there is an easier solution to their problem. WIXOSS is a card game right? It even have an official novel guide which is suspiciously true to life. Why don’t you girls  investigate the company making this cards. A simple google will at least get you the higher-ups. And if you’re lucky you gals might even be able to pull some publicly available information regarding said higher-ups.

<psst> Remember, be on the look-out for trips to foreign locales such as Egypt or some tragic event in their background.

…. Oh wait. Wrong series. ^^

Still, I’m suspicious of the company making these cards. And some of the dropped information in the novel is starting to look ominous. Like the seven loses bursting-thing due to WIXOSS factor that has been stated.  Considering the fact that failed Selectors can become Selectors again. I won’t discount that.



This game is looking more rigged by the minute. Fortunately, Ruuko is aware of this as well as we can see from her monologue.

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