Selector Spread Wixoss 01 – Black and White Shadows

When people dared you to do a make some posts about the one of the show that you are anticipating this season but is embarrassed to let people know, the right answer is to say no.


Sure, why not?

But, of course, my impulse control sucks so there we go.

Not that I believe Wixoss is embarrassing. Its one of the interesting TCG anime out there (Though, I suppose, it’s not really a TCG anime since the card battle appear to be superfluous …. which may or may not be the reason why I like it.) Still, I do believe, I’ll enjoy blogging it solely for the pathos and the atmosphere.

Plus, I think I threw my pride out of the window a long time ago when I publicly admitted to watching Saki and Sailor Moon. But, between Psycho Pass, Log Horizon and Unlimited Blade Works, this is probably the odd one out of the bunch. ^^

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