Hibike Euphonium 8.1 – Or How Hard is Shuichi in the Friendzone?

This is really a beautiful episode. Probably the best one from all that I’ve watched this season.  In a sense, its also a perspective shaking one as Kumiko finally interacted with Reina Kousaka.

And it was glorious. So glorious that I can’t concentrate on any other thing. So I might as well gush about it for catharsis.

And while it is billed as HazukixShuichixKumiko, it  won’t be what I will be talking about. Truthfully, if there is a triangle  in this episode its more likely to be on the ReinaxKumikoxShuichi angle.

Not that its much of a triangle. <snort> This one is looking so lopsided until further notice.

The first half basically destroyed my belief in KumikoxShuichi. (Not that I’m much of a believer in that)  Poor Shuichi but he is really out of his league. Not to mention that Kumiko appears to not consider him a competitor.

He’s so deep into the friendzone that the episode hammered it not once,twice but THRICE.

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