Hibike Euphonium 3 – Band Dynamics

Before I go to the meat of the episode, I would like to touch on the reconciliation of Reina and Kumiko.  A terribly understated event given the hurricane that is Taki-sensei’s entrance on episode 2.

But, perhaps reconciled isn’t the right word. Because  its apparent that all of Reina’s perceived “animosity” is just Kumiko blowing things up out of proportion. On the previous episodes, you have to wonder if Reina actually remembered Kumiko at all.

Still, at the end of the last episode, we get this scene which I believe is important for Kumiko (if only for herself).

Reina: You’re still playing Euph in high school? 

Kumiko: Yeah…. 

Reina: I see. 

Narration(Kumiko) : That was all we said to each other. But, somehow, I was relieved. 

As I’ve said understated but I believe that this is Kumiko’s answer to  – Taki-sensei’s question – to Reina’s tears of frustration at the beginning.

Kumiko might not know on which side she is leaning on the “fun” or “nationals” side.  But, Kumiko  is playing the euphonium still. 

And perhaps that answer is enough.

I also think that its important that Reina is the one who asked this of Kumiko. Not only because sort of acknowledgement that Reina noticed Kumiko at all. But, because Reina’s opinion matters a lot to Kumiko. Heck most of Kumiko’s major decisions are being influenced by Reina one way or another.

A bit too much if you ask me.

And then there is this.

Seriously, Kumiko?

…. That dope look just for being asked to move a chair…..

How exactly am I supposed to read this any other way except:  KUMIKO DEVELOPING A HUMONGOUS CRUSH ON REINA

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Hibike Euphonium 02 – The Main Cast and Choices

Rewatching this is seriously triggering my yuri glasses. Kumiko is such a hopeless dolt when it comes to Reina.  I’m wondering if she developed some sort of serious “crush” on her in their encounter on middle school.

You know like when someone saved you when you tripped,  allowing you to see that person in a new light. (like noticing that person’s reliability, strength, kindness, etc.)

Only this time substitute “tripping” with Kumiko’s “careless remark” and the new light that Kumiko showed is how invested and passionate Reina is.  Considering how directionless and apathetic Kumiko is especially in the beginning, I think those are traits that she would admire above all.

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Hibike Euphonium 02 – Are You Destined for a Particular Musical Instrument?


You may not know it yet, but like a man and woman, an instrument and its player are bound by fate. – Asuka

This comment along with Asuka’s another one, “you have the look of a Euphonium player,” prompted me to investigate if there are certain predisposition in choosing an instrument.

And heh, what do you know?  While we laugh at Hazuki’s gullibility, there are actually a lot of studies that say that certain people would do better in a particular instrument.

I knew those stereotypes came from somewhere.  Anyway, I’ve searched about the personalities behind the instrument.

Let’s see how much of that matches, shall we?

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Hibike! Euphonium 01 – Everyone’s Little Histories

So, I’m kind of late to the party, the series is almost halfway finished but better late than never. And hey, if I’m going to be blogging anything about a show in this season better choose the most awesome anime currently airing!   ( That claim has nothing to do with my planet-sized positive bias for music *grins*)

I’ll admit though that I’m not really impressed when I  first saw the premier episode. Still, I stuck with it and each successive episodes has slowly converted me into a fan.

It helps that the freaking visuals is ridiculous as.  Its like movie! anime tier or something.

…. But, enough of my ramblings, let’s get on with the show.

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Hibike! Euphonium OP – Dream Solister

I’ve watched the current episodes of this show through the urging of a friend and was very pleasantly surprised. So much so that I went and made a video  with english subs here. 

Since I’m not the most Japanese literate person in the world (understatement), there might be some errors

But, meh, it should be close enough? Heh. The lyrics itself are interesting. Very catchy.  I wonder if it has some plot implications, its a bit too early to make any analysis though.

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